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POLL..... Why Did You Buy A Mini Truck??

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by Mini4WD, Oct 20, 2008.


The "NUMBER 1 REASON" You Bought a Mini Truck

  1. Highway Commuting

  2. Farm or Ranch Work Vehicle

  3. Hunting Vehicle

  4. Weekend Mud/Desert/Trail Toy

  5. Other

  1. Mini4WD

    Mini4WD Member

    I know that most of us use our Mini Trucks for all sorts of things. I am just curious as to the "NUMBER 1 reason" everyone bought their mini truck. Was it for Highway Commuting? Property, Farm, Ranch work? A Hunting Vehicle? A Weekend Mud/Desert/Trail Toy? or Other?
    The reason I bought mine was to use around the yard and farm. I live on a small farm and have a 5 acre yard to maintain...mainly to haul mulch and shrub trimmings, firewood, etc..

    But...now that I own it, I also use it for hunting, cruising around the neighborhood, and a weekend play toy on the trails..
  2. Colin

    Colin Member

    All of the above. It looked like a fun little truck to have. Capable in the woods, yet also comfortable for the drive to work. :)
  3. oldsnowman

    oldsnowman Member

    i bought mine just for fun:D i wanted something to go driving in on sunny days in the summer...i looked at a lot of cars and trucks and just about bought a porsche 911 targa but i wanted something that no one else had. now you are all saying that i must be crazy, maybe a little :). but i have never had so much fun driving as i do in my little mitsu. i call her my pavement princess :D
  4. Rural

    Rural Member

    Our car is a Honda Civic, but I was able to drive in and out of our pastures (enough to get to the livestock) last winter without getting stuck. I figured that my luck wouldn't be so good this year. We're also hoping to move onto our rural property next fall. So something that can get in and out in our worst winter conditions was looking necessary.

    I'm not really a truck person, so my lean was towards a Subaru Forester or Legacy. Stumbled across a Sambar van on the web and that jogged a memory of a kei van that I saw while touring a green house (as in eco-house). Started looking for vans and realized that a truck would fulfill most of our needs and be damn handy while around the farm and especially while we're building.

    A few weeks later, I drove a Sambar truck into the drive-way.
  5. kalmac

    kalmac New Member

    i wanted a 4x4 but could nolonger aford to run a landrover at the uk fuel costs.
    i did not want the other members of my of roading club to be able to have anything to laugh at laugh with me but not at..
    and my truck from ebay is purfect it is 850cc and has pulled jeep cherokies and landrover discovery's out the mud.
    my pasengers always seem to have a smile as i drive between the ruts the others have left..
  6. Ravk

    Ravk Member

    Eco friendly, cost effective, and a hoot to drive (scares the sh__ out of the wife when she is in the left seat without a steering wheel)
    My Acty is my daily driver since the diesel pump went out of my '87 Benz.
    City 38 mpg, highway 28 mpg. Gotta love it!!!

    BIGSTEVE77 New Member

    Mini Tow Truck

    I sold my race car, but wanted to stay involved in Dwarf Car racing. So I bought a Sambar pick up to make into a tow truck for our club races. Installing a push bar in front and a tow boom with an electric winch out back. The truck is about a foot longer than our cars. It makes a perfect match.
  8. Jakester

    Jakester Member

    I'm in northern Maine and I was looking at a side-by-side i.e. Rhino and stumbled on these trucks. I bought a '95 ACTY with a dump for 1/2 the price with all the stuff, cab, heater, wipers, radio etc that I would have to added to the UTV. I have it registered as an ATV with the blessing of IF&W and most of the side roads in my town are ATV accessable. I own 80 acres and I haul wood, gravel etc in comfort.
  9. walkguru

    walkguru New Member

    i hav'nt bought mine yet, but im hoping to soon.
  10. oldsnowman

    oldsnowman Member

    i think its kind of funny when my wife and i are driving around in my mitsu and she is in the left seat...she is always telling me which way to go and when to stop...so now she can sit in the driver seat too :D:D
  11. myazel

    myazel Member

    Bought mine to use on the farm with hopes Indiana will get them back on the road if the EPA doesn't so us in befroe that can happen. Had a Kawasaki Mule and was looking to updaye but this so much nicer as I will use it during the winter and I need the heat and 4 wheel drive. Already broke her in hauling wood and it works great! Most bang for the UTV buck I could find!
  12. WVTrailseeker

    WVTrailseeker New Member

    We bought our Suzuki for a farm truck, have something better than a four-wheeler to get about our farm, work on fence, cut firewood, check on the horses, etc.
    Our dog really likes it for now she is more comfortable than on the back of the Honda, and I don't worry as much about her, she can see, without being on my back while we are going around the farm, doing chores.
  13. Rickster

    Rickster Member

    To drive 10 miles to work each day and in my business. Expecting to divert around 10,000 miles per year away from my full-size pickup to this. Oh, and to hunt and fish with of course.
  14. rayallen

    rayallen Member

    We use ours every day. I start out going about 4 miles to the local coffee shop each morning. I check my cattle 2 times a day with it and use it in the hay fields ( i am a custom hay baler person) . My only problem was getting in the wrong door to drive for a while, lmao. People would laugh at me when I got in and shut the door. I really get good gas milage, about 37 mpg, even using it in the pastures. I think it would get 50 mpg on the highway driving 50 mph. I will know what it gets after I tag in Nov 1. ray allen
  15. rmay635703

    rmay635703 New Member

    Mine isn't traditional. I bought a Daihtsu Happy Messenger AKA Miles ZX40 because it was electric and cheap to run, not to mention legal for in town use. A few cents a mile is much better than my Dodge or even Buick.
  16. confuzed

    confuzed Member

    fun fun fun what else can you say sold a house wife said i cold buy a toy hmmmmmm motorcycle for 6 months a year or my subaru blast to drive
  17. gregw98

    gregw98 Member

    Bought my HiJet Jumbo for road use. Lately it has become my daily driver. My truck is licensed, inspected and insured for roaduse. Love the attention it gets, but usually makes me late because everyone wants to stop and talk about it, which I always do. A very fun vehicle.

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