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Point me in the right direction before I buy!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by codytaylor, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. codytaylor

    codytaylor New Member

    Hey guys. I am planning to buy a mini truck/van just for personal fun/use.
    Ive only been around one of these before. My dad bought a Suzuki Carry about 6 years ago. we lifted it, put some 29.5" mud tires on and welded up the rear diff.
    After he bought it i seen a mini truck i have never seen before for sale locally. i went to check it out and they let me test drive it. It was a 2 door supercharged 4x4 SUV type truck. it had no bed and it had a full hood over the engine. It had back seats also. it basically looked like a shrunk down Suzuki Samurai the best i can remember.

    I am trying for the life of me to find another one of those. i regret not buying it back then. i cannot even find a picture of it on google. i dont know what brand it was at all.
    Do any of you have any clues as to what i am talking about?

    if i have to give up on that, i do have a few picked out that would like to own.

    DAIHATSU deck-vans? seems like the newer models that you sit behind the front axle as compared to the older ones where you sit on top

    Daihatsu Hijet van S320V?

    MITSUBISHI mini cab vans?

    Looking for 4x4, A/C, heat, and capable of hauling 4 people. Which models come with superchargers or turbos?

    What should i be looking for or staying away from? Lend me some experience, i will put it to good use!!
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  2. TerikImports

    TerikImports New Member

    Hi Cody Please contact me at rjantz@airenet.com I would like to discuss this with you. Thanks Rob
  3. codytaylor

    codytaylor New Member

    Mitsubishi Pajero Mini is what i am looking for. Thank you Rob.

    I am in Louisiana, whats the chances of me getting one of those down here??
  4. mdm5371

    mdm5371 New Member

  5. S.Hiro

    S.Hiro Member

    mini Pajero is a good choice, i can look for one if you want,

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