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Please, somebody back me up!

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by likwyd, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. cletus

    cletus New Member

    I had the same thing happen to my u42t. I installed an aftermarket radio and now the low beams or tail lights do not work. The high beams work fine. The instrument panel lighting also does not work anymore. The radio works fine considering only 1 speaker. I am not worrying about it since I only use it off-road during the day
  2. Army86

    Army86 New Member

    Similar issue

    Funny, just bought a 94 Suzuki a couple of weeks ago....LOVE IT!! BTW...and immediately started making it mine. As soon as I added a stereo, my right blinker quit working?! Checked all the bulbs and grounds and everything seems to be as it should. I'm out of town on business, but as soon as I get back i'm pulling the stereo out of the loop and see if the problem goes away. Thanks for all of the great info and tips!!
  3. fupabox

    fupabox Active Member

    When checking stock stereo wiring for a ground or power source (when you don't have access to a wiring diagram) you need to test the wires with the vehicle running and the headlights on/as well as with the vehicle off..you are basically looking for 3 things...1;constant power at all times(batt+) 2: switched power (power only with key on ) and 3: ground ..many radios have a display that brightens when the headlights are off (engineers assume no lights means daytime/sunshine and a brighter display needed) also with headlights on some radios will be hooked to the dimmer switch to dim the instument panel lights..these will become a ground when the headlights are off and a power source when on/or vice versa depending on the complexity of the originally installed stereo(aka floating ground).....so before installing any aftermarket stereo you first need to check how the headlights and dimmer affect the stereo..then test the wiring(with a multimeter) while started,lights on and off,and all off truck not running,key off...then there will rarely be a problem...hope this helps.....:)
  4. RavineFire

    RavineFire New Member

    I've been reading all the post, and I saw a few people had problems installing an after market radio into their vehicles, what is the proper way to install a radio into a 99' suzuki???
  5. Meansealvel

    Meansealvel Member

    All right see if anyone wants to input here..... Ive just done a stereo install of my own on a 94' U42T, went through more or less the same issue thats been discussed here. However since my harness appears to be quite different from the ones discussed here, i wanted to run this past the group. I have 5 wires:

    These two go to the speakers
    Wht w/ blue stripe
    Blk w/ blue stripe

    These three im not entirely sure of
    Grn w/ wht stripe
    Blu w/ wht stripe (Heavier guage wire??!!)
    Red w/ blk stripe (Tested and is always powered up)

    Soo after testing the wires i connected the red/blk to the "power in" wire on the stereo harness and the blue/wht to the switched wire on the stereo harness and the grn/wht to my ground, seemed to work fine until i turned on my lights and crack! Replaced fuse and repeated same result... Now here is where i get confused!! After all is said and done ive ended up leaving the grn/wht wire unhooked, its not connected to anything.... but the part im even more confused about is my ground from the stereo is also not connected to anything and everything is working fine. I know i know everything is working fine so i shouldnt be posting, but im just really confused and kind of nervous that my stereo is not grounded, well i should say the ground wire is not grounded to anything.

    So any one have any thoughts or feelings, should i just say good enough and crank the music or is it a problem that the grn/wht is not connected and the ground isnt either? Thanks for the info here too! I half remembered reading this thread when i hit the problem and immediately knew what i had to do, at least i thought i understood anyway!
  6. MiniBrutes

    MiniBrutes Gold Supporting Member

    Green white is your illumination/dimmer wire. Makes the backlight come on for the factory radio. Many aftermarket radios do not need this. This is why your fuse pops when you turn on the lights. You are feeding 12v straight to ground!

    It works because you are grounding through the chassis to something metal, or through the ground shield on the antenna.

    Just take your ground wire and mount it to any metal part of the chassis. Or just leave it alone and enjoy.
  7. Meansealvel

    Meansealvel Member

    Saaaaweet thanks man, piece of mind is a beautiful thing! Its pretty much what i was planning to do, ill leave it for now and maybe connect the ground to something like the cig lighter. Either way thanks so much for the feedback MiniBrutes! You da man!

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