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Please help

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by bmwr71, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. Ohkei Dohkei

    Ohkei Dohkei Active Member

    I would call. I think that some companies are open to them. If they say no, then you can call the General or JJ. Hightail, they don't turn down anyone's money!
  2. bmwr71

    bmwr71 Member

    I emailed another State Farm agent and got no response. I had kind of given up on hope, but maybe you guys have lifted my spirits. Will keep trying and hope the one I want doesn't sell.

    So does the paperwork from Japan tell what model the vehicle is, like say Jimny on it? I spect it would, but if it didn't, I think I would say it is a Samurai as it almost is.
  3. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    Yeah, the export cert has the model on it... you might better pop into an agents office yourself.
  4. bmwr71

    bmwr71 Member

    Thought i would tell my new mini truck friends that I called the "General" today. Was told by the guy that he looked at his guidelines and saw nothing that would prohibit him from selling insurance for a right hand drive Japanese import vehicle. He wanted to make me a quote and I needed to be gone out the door, so will do that soon. Hopefully that puts me back in the game. I did get an email from Be Forward telling me that the Jimny I was ready to buy had sold and was given the sage advice to next time just go ahead and buy one when I see one I like.
  5. Reese Allen

    Reese Allen Member

    I had no trouble convincing Progressive to add my Sambar to my existing insurance (liability only), but it did take a phone call and I had to speak to a couple of reps before finally getting transferred to the person who knew what they were doing.
  6. bmwr71

    bmwr71 Member

    I plan on getting a more firm answer from an insurance company before hitting the buy button, like get an actual quote on an example vehicle.

    Will the engine for the Samurai bolt into the Jimny? How about the transmission and the differential?

    Looking at Be Forward, seems most of the Jimnys I have looked at lately don't have the inspection sheet. I do see where one can pay for an inspection that is kind of like buying a guarantee. Seems most also don't show pictures of the underside of the vehicles, but I did send an email about the one I wanted to buy asking about the underside and they added several pictures to the listing. Predicting the prices of the vehicles seems tough as some with really low mileage are cheaper than some with higher mileage, but I know part has to do with the features of each vehicle, but some with low miles would seem to be worth more to me. And After seeing the one with the replaced speedometer that showed low miles, makes me wonder about other low mileage vehicles. I want to buy a good one.
  7. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    Yeah, if you had an engine faliure or wanted more power. You could swap in a G13 or G16 out of a Samurai or a Tracker/ Sidekick with the right mounts. Pretty sure you need the Samurai transmission. I'll have to look and see if the Jimny shares bolt pattern. The Differentials are different ( wider track width ), but it could be made to work. You might need end links and stuff for a JDM Sierra. The only hangup to this is because of the RHD. The SJ413 uses the same axles and is pretty easy to get parts for as they came to Canada..

    Most BF vehicles have the inspection sheet, but some do not have the link button for the PDF version. You will find the sheet as a picture in one of the last pictures shown. It's almost always there unless the vehicle is so new there is only auction pictures.
  8. bmwr71

    bmwr71 Member

    regarding the inspection sheet and choosing one to buy, I received an email from Be Forward in response to my questions that said something about getting a better vehicle with a "BF' versus a "BG" vehicle. Was that some sort of typing mistake on BF verses BF causing me to misunderstand what the guy was saying? If it was no mistake, what is the difference and how do I know a BF from a BG?

    Happy Thanksgiving fellers. To celebrate the day off, go cruise in your cool machine before the traffic gets too bad with crazed shoppers. Over the river and through the hills to Cracker Barrel or IHOP we go.

    I read an article that supposedly told the origin of "Black Friday". Some people said in the past that the name had to do with a day of high profits. This article claimed that the name was put on the day by the New York City police due to a day of heavy traffic and many accidents. Might want to leave your baby in the garage on that day.
  9. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    I used to work retail. 'Black Friday' was created to put profits in the 'black' or profitable.. I've never heard of a BG vehicle so I'm not sure
  10. bmwr71

    bmwr71 Member

    I do wonder if the BG was a typing error as G is next to F on the keyboard. And I suspect whoever answers their questions doesn't speak English as a first language as some response I have received on a few questions I did not understand. An example, was told on one that had a replaced speedometer that it was probably "clocked". I have no idea what that means, assume maybe that it had gone as far as it could so it was replaced or that it had gone passed the full range of the odometer and had started from zero and the mileage was much greater than shown???? Always heard that called "rolled over".
  11. bmwr71

    bmwr71 Member

    I looked on Be Forward and found another Jimny I would like to buy. And the one I had planned on buying that did not show up in the search and I received an email from the company saying it had sold was back on the search again.

    I called the General insurance today to get a quote. Had the info up on the Jimny of my desires. We got to the part for the VIN number and I gave him what was listed as the chassis number and it is too short and he didn't know what to do and said he could not find the Jimny on his list of vehicles and also couldn't get the system to recognize the number ansd added zeros and it didn't work. Any suggestions here?
  12. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    He would have to call his supervisor or underwriter to manually accept a VIN.. Usually they get them through by entering zeros or x's to make up 17 charecters. In my case, State Farm allows the short vin

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