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Please help, tatou tracks

Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by snowmanutah, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. snowmanutah

    snowmanutah New Member

    Hello All,

    Im looking to buy the new Tatou 4S tracks for my 1994 Suzuki Carry.
    The problem is,,which track do I buy???I assume it will be different Spacing and bolt patterns. I can get custom made spacers for it. I just need to know which Tatou Track to buy, AS SO I get the gear ratio right for my Suzuki.
    Please don't tell me to EMAIL or Call Darc at Samuria, as I have left several Emails, and phone messages with him, and with no replies.

    I have already built a custom 3" adjustable lift, with Caster, Camber adjustments. And added some heavy duty AFCO springs. I would like to have bought some of Darcs extended struts, but can't wait until Xmas for service or reply.

    I would like to thank HuntIdaho, for his PICs on the "drop" lower control arms. It gave me some good Ideas how to approach eliminating CV bind when lifting the suzukis over 2"s. I made my Stut rods adjustable, and rebent the lower part to line up better, as so I didn't have to lower the strut rod mounting holes. I will have some PICs soon.
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  2. Ironraven

    Ironraven Active Member

    Not sure about the tracks, I'm sure a dealer could tell you what you need based on the weight of your truck though. I' love to see pics of your adjustable lift that you built though!!!
  3. snowmanutah

    snowmanutah New Member

    Ya, already tried twice. no list for it. I noticed Darc has tried lots of different ratios to get it just right. Hell, if he would be willing to help, that we be nice.
    I'm looking for help, the camoplast dealers even called the manufactor(camoplast) they tell us there is no aplication for my 94 suzuki Carry.
  4. woodhe1

    woodhe1 Member


    pm me and I may be able to help. I've installed them on several trucks

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  5. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

    Always ask before spending $, you never know what you will find out.

    I can read into your post only because I have researched this for myself. Next mod :)

    You already have a lift, so...
    Do you have the 4speed with hi/low? Then go with the 18 toothed "UTV 4s" /2" lift rec
    Drive around in Lo on the transfercase.
    Do you have the 5speed with EL? Then go with the 15 toothed "UTV 4s" /1" lift rec

    Universal mounting on the drive sprocket lots of clearance laterally no offset required.
    You will have to make up a custom set of control bar mounts for the lower control arm but I don't think it's anything you can't handle.

  6. snowmanutah

    snowmanutah New Member

    Spaner, woodhe1,

    Woodhe1, I PM you.
    I have the hi/lo 4sp. When you say universal mounting, does that mean it fits several different bolt patterns??? Mine is 4 on 115MM.

    Spaner, did you drain that GL5, and put GL4 in it???
    I noticed the GL5 Royal Purple, has a note on the bottle that there product is safe in GL4 applications, "Non corrosive". The only downer is,,$20/qt.

    Finishing up my bumpers, tool boxes, gun racks in the next few weeks. Camo Stencil, and rino liner to boot.

    Getting my AG lug 6ply tires this weekend. Cant' wait.

  7. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member


    HEY, you do nice work man, don't be afraid to post some pics...more, I mean..

    #1 this IS the best system you can get for your truck and you will not be dissapointed, BTB, don't fuc* up cuz this is my next mod and I'll be looking for your custom A-arm mounting; so I can copy it..:cool:

    If you have the Hi/Lo, you want the 18 tooth, so you can drive around in Lo and still have the option of Hi for some Hi speed "get to" driving.

    #2 yes this is a universal mount and will bolt right up to your truck...

    #3 a custom A-arm mount will be needed..

    As far as the GL-4, I want the best and there is only one place in town that can order it for me so I have to wait...

    Quaker State 100% synthetic GL-4

    Bastar* Venders are still trying to tell me that there is no differance, but one vendor, Part Source, looked it up on his magic box and admitted that it clearly states that GL-5 does not reverse cover GL-4; and that GL-5 specifically, is not sutable for yellow metals...but they cannot order it cuz it is not in the top 10percentile for demand/sales..fuc*** Canadian T***:frustration:

    HuntIdaho (I totally agree) has never taken the proper credit for his intuitive solution; (Hunti-Bar)
    A double hand-clap and a moment of silence please....

    N.B. Came back to re-enforce, cuz I noticed you didn't mention..."UTV" 4s....there is a difference...weight class...
    And yes, these pics are up-to-date and accurate...this IS the "UTV 4s", this IS the system that you want...


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    Last edited: Aug 7, 2010
  8. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member


    I wrote you a long reply on the PM-Email, and the system dumped it on me and will not forward, I hate that.

    As far as I know you will have no problems.
    If you like; go to a shop that has a set and take a camera and a measureing tape with you, they will give you access if you infer a future sale.

    Good Luck


  9. snowmanutah

    snowmanutah New Member

    Just found out that the multi mount, is 10mm studds, as so my 4 on 115mm is 12mm stud dia.
    As so it looks like some drilling out will be required too.

    Gosh dang...anyone out there have the suzuki hi/lo, 4 spd, and have gone through all the brain damage to figure out which Tatou 4s track to buy???

    I've been told:
    Buy the 18tooth, multi mount. OK which application do you buy??

    Ive been told:
    Buy the Kawasaki Mule rigid axle kit. Comes with the 16tooth, 4 on 137mm bolt pattern. Have to get spacers made.

    Ive been told:
    Buy the Yamaha Rhino, independent kit. Come multi mount, 18 tooth, just drill out the 10mm dia holes--too 12MM holes, then fabricate the anti rotation mounts to work with my truck.

    OKKKKKK,.....NOW, I have no problem welding, as so I can make the Independent or the Rigid axle kit work with my truck. I was hoping someone out there might have the "Best" answer for the sprocket set up for my 4spd trans with the hi/lo transfer case.?????? 50% say 16tooth, 50% say 18tooth. Im about to pull my hair out man.!!!!!


  10. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member


    Yes, there is a differance in the stud size but it should not cause a problem.
    The factory Arctic Cat 4x115 rims I sourced were also for 10mm studs, they bolted right on....there was some space there to allow for camfor...this is not a press fitted part.

    I, suggested the 18 tooth(after talking to Darc some time ago) so that you will have no power problems (in low) in deep snow or on grades, but can still shift into hi for on flat clean terain. Do you want a "Bulldozer", than get the 15. I have a 5speed, so will go with the 15, having no Lo gear selection. Don't forget that you will need MORE power in ALL gears to drive the tracks. Otherwise you would bog down shifting up. Low selection will take care of this for you.

    Don't worry about what application will cross the closest to your application. Request a custom order. UTV 4s, 18tooth drive gears, 4x115 or 41/2" application. Any anti role setup, as there are few differances and your's will have to be highly modified anyway.

    If you go to a retailer willing to spend 5 grand, they WILL process a custom order. It's the camoplast product that you are buying, not the application. As if they can't pull up a PFD and cross referance an 18tooth-4x115; common:sly:

    I think you're reading too much into it, but then again it is a good chunk of change. If you want to go sidways on this, there are vendors on the net that will sell you an out of the box application for the DD51t, but it's going to cost you something more, and they won't provide any free information...no sale, no info.

    That's why their not speaking up.:eek:

    And that's all I have to say about that...

  11. snowmanutah

    snowmanutah New Member

    Thank for your reply Spaner.
    I spoke to another retailer, and felt the 18 tooth would be yhe best bet.

    Next question, what do you think about Darcs long travel strut. Does it make a huge difference? ?

  12. bekkers

    bekkers Member


    So I have the same Truck 1992 Susuki Carry bolt pattern 4X115

    What are these track kits worth or wheres the best price to buy? I have one price of 3850.
  13. Azada

    Azada Member

    Tracks etc.

    Hi SnowmanUtah, my apologies for not responding to you. We have been extremely busy. I travel to Japan, buy,export/import, lease,retail, build custom parts, setting up an autocross race club etc. etc. Some days I loose the messages I get cuz so much going on. Again, no excuse, and my apologies. Re the long travel suspension struts, they aren't necessary on the tracked trucks but do make a nice difference. It all depends on what your intended use is. For the majority of my trucks we build they are used in the oilpatch and abused hard and heavy loads. The struts we built are much stronger than factory and can be adjusted for load and overhauled. They work great in that setting for extreme use. If you are looking to come close to the ride on for example a Rhino and not spill your drink going over the pothole/bumps, then they are the best thing to get-also with the longer travel of course you can keep the rubber on the ground better through a wider variety of terrain. I know they are costly, as they cost me alot to build but I saw there was a need for it with the industrial customers and extreme offroaders I have as customers. I would start with the stock struts and see if you are happy with them and if not look at another solution, or give me an email and I PROMISE I will respond. We are actually in the process of patenting a track system specifically for the kei trucks and have two systems we are working on-one being a full crawler type set up with the possiblility of an amphibious unit also.
    Samurai Trucks
  14. prjohnson

    prjohnson New Member

    Just throwing this out there....How well do these tracks hold up in the longrun?
  15. snowmanutah

    snowmanutah New Member

    Bought the 18tooth

    ATV tracks.net shipped to my door $3750
    Can't wait to get them set up on my mini
    Photos to come soon.
    Fabricated custom 2" reciever bumpers front and rear.
  16. bekkers

    bekkers Member


    I have the same racks, Had to spin the center where it bolts on to hub so studs would line up. Ordered 1.25 inch spacers. Have 2 inch body lift and 1.25 inch lift ontop of struts. Still have to make adpters for A Arms and back leaf springs for the anti roll bars.
  17. racewrks

    racewrks New Member

    Tatou tracks

    We have put a set of Tatou UTV 4s tracks on our snowmobile clubs 91 Suzuki Carry. We are pulling a drag to groom our trails. We out yesyerday with it to work the bugs out of it. CAme back after about an hour of grooming(truck worked flawlessly) and I found that ice had formed around the outer ring of the drive sprockets on the front tracks to the point where it was lifting the track away from the drive cog. Rears did not do this. Any ideas why?
  18. Acerguy

    Acerguy Moderator Staff Member

    This might be a hair brained idea but I wonder if spraying it with some sort of antifreeze/lubricant before going out might help? Something that might help keep the ice from "sticking"?
  19. Sheperdale

    Sheperdale Member

    Just Wondering

    With cross-over Suzuki/Arctic Cat (AC often uses suzuki parts as well as the wheel bolt pattern being the same from Carry to Arctic Cat 4wheeler after market rims) I thought that the 4S for the Prowler UTV would be the closest to bolt on. Has anyone loked into that? If so it would be great info. If I get some time, I will try to track it down, because this will be my next major purchase also. If anybody knows all ready that would save some time. Thanks
  20. I_boondock

    I_boondock New Member

    Front mount

    Just ordered a set of tracks.

    Does anyone have a picture of what they did for the lower control arm mount?


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