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Pictures are not posting

Discussion in 'News and Site Support' started by GR.mike, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member


    Hey, pebble. Yea, I read that post of yours. You can make it happen, listen, learn, reconfirm. Given enough time, we can all figure anything out. Even so for this picture stuff. You see how I dragged your post over here...

    How to make a picture work.
    Add infinitum. There are a thousand ways to do anything, this is no exception. A few things to become familiar with:
    File type, file size, file hosting location, local vs global
    Start with the basics and learn from there.

    Here is a place to start from.
    View your picture file in a viewer with an "actual size" button. Like "picture viewer". You want to have an actual "file size" "formated" that is the size of the screen (your computer screen) or smaller. There is no need for bigger, bigger than the screen..right?
    You can do this a few ways, one would be at the time of taking the picture with the use in mind. Snap a few at the different quality settings on your camera. 1STAR, 2STAR, 3STAR etc. then put those on the viewer (on the computer) and view at "actual size"...one of those settings may work for you. #2...you can resize the "actual size" in a simple program like PAINT, very powerful program if you know how to use the "tweeks", it works at the most basic level of pic files, and can also load a pic file as one type...and save it as another...bit to j-peg...always use j-peg.
    Now that the pic fits on your screen, and is of the proper type..j-peg (faster image loads..etc)
    Now you want to "host" it. Basically means to have it out on the net somewhere, where it can be referenced or cashed, by means of a URL, or address. In this example HERE, I have a double host...use the insert image button at the top to upload to the posting page for hosting..that's that little guy down there at the bottom...this will now get auto referenced to your albums section. If you go to manage attachments, you will see it listed there via thumb-nail. This is how you pull up the hosted URL, ether or, but usually I just use the little guy down there, open him in a new tab, and copy the tab URL...cu'z that's where the file is being hosted...come back to the posting, insert image again, this time from URL, local reference (no check)....

    Starting to bore myself now, but hopefully that's enough to get you started, and you can learn some tricks from there...again, there are a thousand ways to do this pic stuff.


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