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Parts/Service/workshop Manual for Daihatsu S110P EF-NS Info

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet References' started by dragonslayr, Jul 29, 2021.

  1. dragonslayr

    dragonslayr New Member

    Hi,,, new here and new to Mini-trucks but now am up to my ears in a 1995 Daihatsu Hijet project. I (thought) I had done a thorough research job for manuals and have learned that I HAD NOT been thorough enough! I was first CONNED by somebody called "successmaker" and had to include a Credit Card as security for a "free trial" and could not download anything! I followed this up with an "English Factory Service Manual"...Nice manual if you didn't expect ANYTHING in the way of Description or even actual names of Parts, etc. Anyway, I am searching still and am hoping that I can get some help here. I also took a look at a couple of pages of the "Danko" version and it looks allot the same as the G&R Disappointment. Any input here would be very much appreciated. Thank you all for tolerating my rant but I would also like to help anyone else who may be in my position from wasting their money too.
  2. MrJPolito

    MrJPolito Active Member

    Posted this here last week: Need a s110p Service Manual

    It's the S100-S140 manual available on ebay, and also the S85 manual, both made searchable with PDF editing software for ease of use.
  3. dragonslayr

    dragonslayr New Member

    haha!! Thank you very much !! I DID just take advantage of your generosity to this site and downloaded both!! Wish I had seen your post before I bought but that's the story of my life!! Excellent work and thanks again for sharing; I will dig in and get myself educated and then tear into this little project. You happen to have worked on Cylinder Heads?
  4. MrJPolito

    MrJPolito Active Member

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  5. shogun

    shogun Active Member

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