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Parts New and Used for all Makes of Mini trucks

Discussion in 'Parts Sales' started by chadhite, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. Shoot1000

    Shoot1000 New Member

    Chad sent you a PM regarding parts.
  2. Sorry Chad

    If you sent a PM you may have been swallowed whole by my spam/junk filter. I'll put you in there so you make it through. I am not real swift with these things, but will give it my best shot.

  3. Cartier

    Cartier New Member

    Cylinder head

    Do you have a complete cylinder head including valves, cam and cam caps for a '83,'84 or '85 Mitsubishi Mighty Max SPX 2.3 turbo diesel engine 4D55 or 4D56?

  4. gumballf355

    gumballf355 Member

    ashtray for a 94 Daihatsu Hijet shipped to 95120 NorCal.
    Dashboard looks like this.
  5. chadhite

    chadhite Member

  6. CHAD S.

    CHAD S. New Member

    Sliding Back Glass

    I Have A Suzuki Carry And I Would Love To Find A Sliding Back Glass For My Truck. Do You Have A Source?

    Chad Stevens
  7. chadhite

    chadhite Member

  8. Gigum

    Gigum New Member

    Door latch for 1990 Suzuki

    Do you have passenger door latch for 1990 Suzuki. The door closes fine, but after a few small bumps it rattles loose. Door does not open but rattles a lot. I am going to try and adjust the latch but wonder if the latch may be broke becuase the door had small dent in the area of the truck when I purchased. Any advice you could offer up for trying to adjusting the latch is also welcome
  9. gumballf355

    gumballf355 Member

    I have a 94 Daihatsu 2wd Hijet Jumbo... I was wondering if you have all the parts to convert my hijet to 4wd with decently low original mileage. If so, I'd like to buy it.

    Email me at jonsitf355@hotmail.com.
  10. gregw98

    gregw98 Member

  11. max ofindiana

    max ofindiana New Member

    speedometer cable

    help, i need an cable f:frustration:eek:r my 1993 mitsi tore or broke mine hauling out a deer in the woods outside cable seems okay it had a bad crook and i straightenen it thanks max e.
  12. MichTrucks

    MichTrucks Moderator Staff Member

    Try these guys they can fab a new one.


    good luck,
  13. We can help with lots of your Used & Rebuilt parts needs, such as Engines, Transmissions, Windshields, Door Glass, Rear Windows, Doors, Interior Parts, Exterior Parts, Struts, CV Axles, and many many other Mini Truck Parts..... We ship daily....UPS Ground. Ask for Jimmy or BJ. www.MactownMiniTrucks.com 618-643-3373 9:30-5:30 M-F CST.
  14. missminis

    missminis New Member

    Hey maybe you can help me find two cv axles for a s83p hijet, best shape possible if you can please! Thanks.
  15. GR.mike

    GR.mike Member

    we have axles that will work
  16. We have S83P CV Axles for you....Used or Rebuilt

    We have those axles in used or rebuilt....Thanks.....Mactown Mini Trucks www.MactownMiniTrucks.com 618-643-3373 9:30-5:30 M-F CST.

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