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open air K N filter

Discussion in 'Performance' started by mini me, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. mini me

    mini me New Member

    here's a pic of what i did to my air box on my 92 Suzuki it sounds really good louder then my exhaust. it didn't effect any thing else but im sure it gave it more power.

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  2. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Active Member

    it looks like a good IDEA, but the execution could use a little refinement. first of all i wouldn't trust my internal engine components to a piece of bailing wire. if that lets go you'll ruin your engine in the dirt... and then there's the susceptability to water being that it's under the truck, if it rains our you hit a big puddle you're gonna gulp water :eek:

    i'm sure it sounds great, but you might want to think about a cover for it, or building a snorkel to get it up to a safer location... JMHO (based on a lot of similar mistakes :D)
  3. mini me

    mini me New Member

    the filter is clamped on like a normal KN air filter with a hose clamp, the wire is there just in case. It is wired all the way around the other side. It's on there good i didn't want to use the wire cause of the looks but better safe than sorry. I don't plan on going swimming with it, there is lots of plastic and metal shielding it from any splashes of water, i have had it on there for three months with rain and snow and love it. It comes stock with a cover on it that's y i took it off and made it to be an open to air air filter. I Have the same set up on my jeep and Mustang but it came as a kit with the hardware no hay wire included. Increased more air flow and that's what sounds so good cant explain it but i like.

    thanks milt for your input this isn't for everybody's truck application but for me i drive it on the pavement 98% of the time. I wouldn't use this if i was to go 4x4n .

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    Last edited: Jan 22, 2009
  4. danish

    danish Member

    What part number is that?? I got an E-0870 K&N filter for my '91 and with a little trimming on the outside edge of the filter gasket to clear some 'nubs' on the inside of the box and got it to fit perfect with no gaps. It was a very worth while improvement.:)
  5. mini me

    mini me New Member

    not sure i can find out for you it was off a quad originally. So you got yours to fit in like the stock one did??
  6. danish

    danish Member

    Yep...and cover fits back on. Yours looks to be the same canister that I have on my '91 (check your part number) so it might work.
  7. mini me

    mini me New Member

    Yeah I could of put one in there like that and it would allow more air flow then the stock filter but it still has the restriction of that canister. I can hear a huge difference it makes when its like this it sounds like a performance cold air intake on a civic real throaty. Like i said you hear that over the exuast inside and out even after i punched my cat out of the manifold. I can go 110kph with two people on 14" rims no problem. my top speed 118 with 4spd thats with no wind or hills. but maybe thats normal
  8. connector

    connector New Member

    Try to find the filter can out of a 90-94 eclipse,talon. It looks like that would fit also.
  9. mini me

    mini me New Member

    they are Michelin X ice 180x55x14 tires On a Core Racing rim model EVO-7 14x 6 35 offset and they come in 4x100 - 4x115 for around $85 Canadian at Kal tire and they do not rub.
  10. Tom Notch

    Tom Notch New Member

    I have a 2000 Suzuki Carry with the EFI engine. I purchased a K&N Part number KNF 33-2242 from AJ-USA, Inc. for $34.50 including shipping. The filter was supposed to fit; however, I had to cut about 1" out of it with a band saw and then glue the perimeter frame back togerther with silicone adheasive. I found an increase in top speed of about 10 kph (from 110 to 120 kph).
  11. Killer Mini

    Killer Mini New Member

    K&N Filter

    I bought a K&N #RC 4890 $31.00 for my 91 & 95 carrys. Fits right to carb w/ hose clamp (included)
    you dont have to but I used 2 1/8 hose to extend it on one of my trucks. I also ran a staight pipe w/ glass pack and took out the cat. Runs and sounds sooooooo good. I will run it later to the bed behind my back seat.
  12. oldsnowman

    oldsnowman Member

    Cool wheels i just got my tires in yesterday and mounted today, what size of tire? mine are 165/55VR14:cool:

  13. Schick

    Schick Member

    I don't know how truthful it is, but a local filter shop warned against K & n filters. They said taht the performance benefits were due to very large opeings that essentially let in too many particles of dust and debris.

    They seem pretty knowlegeable but may just be trying to push there own products and bashing K & N to make a buck.

    Any opinions?
  14. Killer Mini

    Killer Mini New Member

    K&N Filter

    You can use an outerwear cover or an old nylon stocking to fit over your K&N
    if your in fine dirt and sand. Been using K&N for years.
  15. lightforce

    lightforce New Member

    The outwear is what i'd use. they do a good job of stopping water from hitting the filter.

    As far as letting in lots of dirt into your engine, when i got my diesel (01 duramax) the guy before me put on a K&N intake and the filter was literally caked with mud, dirt and whatever else but i put a new one on. Don't know how long it was like this but 60000km later and its still running strong

    And Ive used the K&N's on all my quads and have yet to have a problem, i like them because they are easy to clean and they will last a lifetime. The people that complain about it letting in dirt when they look in their intake are the ones who don't know to properly clean and oil the filter
  16. Its generally the cheaper pod filters that let the dirt in. Ive seen one that you could see daylight through in about 20 spots around the outer edge.

    I ran a K&N in my old Starion with ok results. I wouldnt recommend an oiled K&N for a AFM equipped car as sometimes the oil coating can fault the AFM.
    I run a DRIFT brand filter on my Hijet at the moment, no problems.
  17. Killer Mini

    Killer Mini New Member

    Thanks for the responses. The K&N I use is #RN-4890 ($31.00) and Outerwear #201570 (water resistant) $16.45 and it attaches right to carb.

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