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Ontario Insurance, let the fun begin!

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by packrat, May 11, 2011.

  1. Wedge

    Wedge Member

    Just dropping my 2 cents here. In quebec we can still insure the rhd because the compani has an obligation to insure you if no one else will but they will charge a premium rendering it non useful. They only way out of the loop in Qc is coverting to lhd cost less then premium. Their is a way to do the conversion right I am sure of it.
  2. MiniBrutes

    MiniBrutes Member

    Mini4x4.ca has LHD trucks in stock in Quebec.

    And yes, others will insure in Ontario the same way.. Facility Risk for $4000/yr. I did finally insure mine as a commercial vehicle for the business, but that sure does not help the vast majority of people.
  3. Wedge

    Wedge Member

    Id have to call mini.ca about the lhd because I don't want the chopped up Philippine minis.

    For Ontario if you convert to LHD do you have the insurance monkey of your back? Id be willing to do it if it would mean I can keep driving my things.
  4. Jessf

    Jessf Member

    I gotta say, if the insurance companies would insure a RHD converted to LHD then they're nuts. Not that I think it's necessarily unsafe, but come on, that's major surgery on a vehicle just to move the steering wheel 3' to the left. Insane. Make sure it's done properly. Last thing we need is a converted RHD crashing and killing a bunch of people because the steering rack, or something else, failed.

    bad press is not good for us.
  5. MiniBrutes

    MiniBrutes Member

    For flying out loud.

    I am having troubles with this forum since the change. I had a whole long thing written out, then go to post and it disappears. I have had this happen several times.

    Anyhow, i agree with jessf. A factory RHD is better than converted LHD any day.
  6. MiniBrutes

    MiniBrutes Member

    Mini4x4.ca LHD trucks are PH units, I am sure.
  7. Wedge

    Wedge Member

    Thanks for comfirming they are PH units Minibrutes. I must say I pretty sure their is a way to convert it and be 100% safe it's only on the choice of parts and the execution of the build. I come from a family of car enthusiasts and I can say that anything you plan right is doable and safe.
  8. Gotrek

    Gotrek Member

    A show of hands please: who thinks the insurance companies will be happy to insure you just because you have converted your rhd to lhd? All the insurance companies are concerned with is if your vehicle is on their list of vehicles that they are willing to cover. "I'm sorry Mr.Gotrek I can't find your Diahatsu Atari on our list". "It's a japanese import"? "That's a right hand drive correct"?" "I'm sorry, we don't cover rhd". I heard that enough times. Now are you going to spend $1000- $2000 changed to lhd just in the hopes that companies unwilling to cover the vehicle before will now do so and under a few thousand dollars a year?
  9. dim101

    dim101 New Member

    My understanding when dealing with Dejardins (which never materialized) and others was that the vehicles would have to be 'unmodified'. I know this can mean a great deal of things especially when being compared to the drifter cars being brought over but I'm sure LHD conversion would be taboo.
  10. Wedge

    Wedge Member

    They just dont want to insure them at least in QC they blamed the safety and then plain bluntly banned them in ON they seem to be just teasing and dancing around the ban.
  11. packrat

    packrat Member

    well, just an update. Desjardin told me when I finally got insurance from them last year, that it was only for one year, period! Well, the year was up yesterday, and apparently they had a change of heart (doubtful), or they forgot about me, and let it slide. As far as I know, my policy was renewed, and with a 15%discount to boot. I'll just stay quiet about it....
  12. Jessf

    Jessf Member

    glad to hear you got it.

    I received my renewal a few weeks back as well. 3rd year in a row. I think the fear of being dropped was exaggerated by us and missrepresented by the brokerages. It's utter nonsense anyway. I am a much safer driver in my mini.
  13. Gotrek

    Gotrek Member

    Sorry it's taken so long to post this, I must have been in shock. Got a call from an insurance company back on December 3. They said I had requested a quote for car insurance from them back IN FEBRUARY. Told them if they don't cover rhd vehicles then they are wasting my time.
  14. Stinky

    Stinky New Member

    In Ontario, researching kei trucks and microvans and getting stoked about picking up a Subaru Sambar and then this.... I hate to say it but this sounds like a game killer.
  15. anthill

    anthill Member

    I'm on my 3rd year with Desjardins as well, the renewal just comes in the mail. They've pocketed $7000 from me already with zero claims, here's to many more.
  16. SpikeFiend

    SpikeFiend Member

    Don't mention that it's a RHD import, that will red-flag them and get them saying 'no' before they understand what you want. "RHD" translates to "I'm a teenager who watched too much Fast and Furious and need a 300 HP Supra so I can street race with my bros". Don't lie if they ask, just don't bring it up.

    Give them details that describe how small and under-powered these vehicles are, like it's 0.6L engine producing 54 HP (or 64 if you get a supercharged version). Draw comparisons like calling it a "smart car with a truck bed off the back". You can mention that it's imported from Japan (and will probably have to when they ask for the VIN, since it won't match the number of characters we use).

    Definitely talk to your insurance agent/company before hand though. If you can, send them some pictures of it. Even if they can see that's it's a RHD vehicle, they should be able to see by that point that it's not a budget street rocket. I've attached some pictures I took of my Sambar that you could use as an example, comparing its size to a Smart car, a sedan, "normal" truck, and a van (it's taller than the Smart, but narrower and lighter weight).

    SSPX0190.jpg SSPX0425.jpg

    If all that fails, move out west!:p
  17. marinemech

    marinemech New Member

    Has anyone tried insuring as a kit car? Stick a VW symbol on the grill. Say its a replica of a 1970 ish vw rabbit truck.... LOL
  18. Borg

    Borg Member

    I'm running into trouble guys, I'm getting $6,000 a year, or a big fat no, thinking of threatening to report them to the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario, because they can get slapped with a huge fine, and lose their brokerage license.

    I'm 24, with a G2, and 1 minor ticket, my wife has been trying to get quotes on her behalf, as if it's her truck, and she has zero tickets, and still nothing.
  19. packrat

    packrat Member

    not sure what to say, I had mine renewed after being told it wouldn't be (Desjardin). Try asking some of the Ontario dealers who they deal with, or hopefully someone else on here has some ideas, because there has been recent purchasers and they seem to have gotten coverage. It has definitely become an issue here in Ontario. Good luck in your search
  20. Borg

    Borg Member

    I've looking on other forums, such as RX7 forum and JDMvip, sounds like lots of people are running into big issues with RHD insurance.

    I found a really helpful post though, you basically have to bully the insurance company into giving you insurance.

    My wife is looking for quotes while I'm at work, so I think she may be too nice to get stern with them on the phone, and tell them what's what.

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