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Oklahoma Tag Agency news for Nov1

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by jtpc, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. jtpc

    jtpc Member

    :) good job buddy. Glad it worked out for ya.
    I also had to hunt around for insurance, but state farm worked well with setting it up with the original vin#. They had to override their computer system so it would accept it.
    I was curious buddy, are you going to have 2 sets of tires, one for on and one for off-road? If not, let me know how your tires do on treadwear. I went with the 14" wheels so I could get small truck tires that would have a long life, but am curious what others will be doing.
  2. Rickster

    Rickster Member

    Why did I have to pay excise tax ($157.00) when I bought my truck back in September? My buddy bought his at the same time and had to pay excise tax as well. I called my tag agent on it and he said everyone was supposed to pay the tax.
  3. b_eastep

    b_eastep Member

    they are wrong. if they call the head office in OKC they will find out the truth. i paid excise this morning because neither i or the tag office knew any better. they gave me a tag but would not release the title till i had it inspected. put tag on truck and drove it to another tag office that inspected it and i asked them if i was charged correctly. she looked at my papers and told me i wasnt supposed to pay excise if i bought it before Nov 1st. i called the other tag office and they called OKC. now their going to send me a check for the difference to save me from driving down there.
  4. rayallen

    rayallen Member

    Rickster..The tag office in Haskell, Okla called okc about that question. She had charged me the tax and I questioned her about why was it higher there than in a office North of Tulsa.She had not read her rules right and they told her at okc to not charge me the tax if I had purchased the truck before the 1st. I would go back to the tag office with all my papers and have them call okc and get money refunded. ray allen 918-685-5099 any time I can be of help.
  5. Rickster

    Rickster Member

    Thanks for your help guys. I will go in tomorrow and ask them to call. Does anyone have a number for the OTC that I can call and THEN go to my agent? The problem is hat my agent thinks he is right and everyone else is wrong, so I don't think he will call unless I go in there and say I called and found out the correct info.

    Another question is, will we ever have to pay excise on the units bought before 11-1-08 as long as we hang on to them? Obviously, the next person will have to pay it if I sell it.
  6. pepci

    pepci Member

    Well I am so glad for you all in Oklahoma that you are legal on the streets but that is one of the main reasons we are in the pickle we are with the importing of these trucks.
    The main market for these vehicles is and always should have been for off road use but alot of folks want them street legal and don't care about the consequences so here we are.
    I am and was perfectly happy selling these trucks for the off road and Ranch folks as they are great for that market but now I can only hope that we can get this thing turned around so I can continue selling them. I certainly don't want to sell the old crappy refurbished POS'S that some are trying to sell to the good folks that deserve good quality trucks that are and were available before this came up. Just my 2 cents.
  7. rayallen

    rayallen Member

    MY 3 CENTS......Why don't we all just leave it to the state we live in to do what they think is best for the voters/taxpayers in that state. Then we can have fun on this forum reading what each has to work on and help each other again. Only my 3 cents worth but think it is the same 3 cents others think. When has anyone seen the US Government come into a state and confiscate things from the citizens of a whole state? ray allen
  8. rayallen

    rayallen Member

    Rickster.....Just ask the one who you dealt with to call otc while you are present. I bet they will.They tell me no tax if purchased before the 1st. ray allen
  9. Rickster

    Rickster Member

    My 4 cents

    I have been biting my tongue far too long on this "it is your fault in Oklahoma" issue. I realize that this should belong over in one of the "EPA Sucks" threads, but once again another bitter person has spoiled (or tried to) a thread that has absolutley nothing to do with them. It is about tagging a mini truck in Oklahoma. Not "how do you think I ruined your business". I am sorry for using this "faceless" medium to express my opinion. Many times we read something on a forum and totally take it out of context. Just so there is no confusion, I am pissed, my face is wrinkle and my fist is clinched as I type this. That will explain the verbage and typos.

    To the mini truck dealers who think us in Oklahoma have ruined you, I have this to say:

    I find it ironic that only a few dealers are blaming a few people in a few states for them being put out of business. I realize that many of you (dealers) have spent a great deal of time an money setting up your business. It is a risk you take in any business. I myself even thought about it over a year ago, but after looking into it, it appeared too unstable for me to risk my money. I didn't think it was too unstable due to a few people wanting to legalize them. It appeared too unstable due to the potential problems with parts, shipping, customs, EPA inspections, the value of the dollar vs. the Yen, and the biggest to me was the liability associated with "off road" vehicles because I sold one to some idiot who did something so stupid they have to hire an attorney to convince the courts it was my fault.

    I could not have predicted what was going to happen, nor could you. I realize that several of you claim you have predicted this and if your sole prediction was that Oklahoma was going to be your demise, I am sorry, YOU ARE WRONG! Will Rogers once said "the success of a rain dance has a lot to do with timing". This logic applies to this situation as well. I guarantee you that the EPA did not waste 400-500 pages of legal crap to block the efforts of a few people in our state. I just read today in Fortune magazine at the doctor's office that ATV companies sales were down between 25 & 30 percent from a year ago. They also said that the ATV lobiest have deep pockets and you can expect reform in ATV and "off road" importations. Actually, I bet it was all of those dealers selling "off road" mini trucks that cut into their sales! You all should feel bad cutting into their business like that. No, I bet it was the importation of "no-name" ATVs like Tractor Supply sells. No wait a minute, I bet it was the fact that 40% of americans have maxed out their "Plastic Passport to Poverty" and are sinking in a pit of revolving debt. No, wait another minute, I bet it was so many factors that I can't really pinpoint any single one. And that is my point, you can't honestly lay blame on us in Oklahoma!

    Right now, if I was a mini truck dealer, I would:

    1. Stop my mini truck orders until the dust settles.

    2. Try to band everyone together to fight this thing. Not drive them away and blame them for your demise.

    3. I would also hope that the people who do have mini trucks remembered my quality service and still called me for parts and service. p.s. My personal list of "parts supplying dealers" is growing smaller and smaller because everytime one of them blames me for their failure I cross them off my list.

    4. Seriously look at diversifying.

    Now, don't take me wrong, there are still plenty of quality suppliers out there and most of them are associated with this forum. They appear to be pulling back for a minute and thinking about what they need to do next. That is good business! Us in Oklahoma and some surrounding states remember the "good oil days" of the 70's. Smart people made a lot of money. Stupid people made a lot of money. When oil went below $10/bbl the stupid people went broke and the smart people just made a living. They adjusted and found other ways to offer their services to people outside the oil industry. The funny thing is that a lot of them actually increased sales and market share after most of the others pulled out. (For the dealers that are using that last part in their business plan, sorry I let everyone else in on it.)

    I have my own business (an insurance agency) and I can honestly tell you that I can either set around and blame the internet and direct sales for my demise, or I can roll up my sleeves and find out for myself what my customers really want and offer it to them.

    I do think we all need to band together and if we loose, we loose together. But, that can't happen if someone keeps popping up and blaming others on this forum.

    Oh crap! I think I twisted my ankle falling off that soap box. Anyway, I am down now. Blame my anger on the OTC for charging me excise tax today!
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  10. jtpc

    jtpc Member

    :) Well written and thought out post. And yes, I agree, this thread is about sharing info in the tagging registration process here in Oklahoma. Some have gotten a little side-tracked in this thread here and there.
  11. Mini4WD

    Mini4WD Member

    Allowing mini trucks to be tagged in Oklahoma has ticked me off.... but wait, I am not ticked of at Oklahomans or the state of Oklahoma. I am ticked off at my OWN state of North Carolina that doesn't have the guts to also allow them to be tagged. I can ride my mower down the road as well as my tractor, golfcart, motorcycle, bicycle, etc... and they were NOT sold to me to drive or ride on roadways either but its perfectly legal to do so.... But still I am not allowed to drive my mini truck on a public roadway.
    Some people are pointing fingers at you for the new regulations directed at the importation of mini trucks but I don't see it that way.. I don't see any steps to ban or regulate the sale of lawmowers, farm tractors, golfcarts, or bicycles because they are on roadways. I know my mini truck doesn't meet certain safty regulations with a crash test but neither does my bicycle. With that said, I applaud the State of Oklahoma and do hope due to the gasoline situation that more states will follow your great state. All I can say is to enjoy your privilege and know that I would standing there with you in line getting my plate just the same as most of the other mini truck owners across the U.S.:)
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2008
  12. Rickster

    Rickster Member

    Good News! My agent called me this morning and refunded my excise tax. Thanks fo ryour help.
  13. rayallen

    rayallen Member

    Rickster where do you live. Us Okies need to get together in person some time with our trucks. ray allen
  14. Rickster

    Rickster Member

    Ray Allen

    Ponca City. Several of us around here are talking about getting together for the Christmas Parade here in town and driving our trucks. One of the guys had a great idea. He said we ought to get a bunch of mini trucks and dress them up like raindeer. Hook them together with bungee cord (to keep from jerking each other around) and pull a sleigh with Santa. Sounds good to me! Where are you located?
  15. Gregkabob

    Gregkabob Member

    Hey, I'm for that. I'm in Moore right now. Let me know when a get together is organized!


    Hey Rickster, As an insurance agent did you write coverage for your own truck?
  16. jtpc

    jtpc Member

    Hey guys, I created a social group for Oklahomans with mini-trucks to chat. This way it is moderated so if we have people causing hate-speech, I can moderate it for those of us who do believe in Oklahomans being able to drive them on the road.

    Here's the steps to get to it:
    Step 1: Click on the "UserCP"
    Step 2: In the Networking heading click "Social Groups" (under "control panel")
    Step 3: Click "Oklahoma Mini-truckers"
  17. rayallen

    rayallen Member

    Rickster...I live about 15 miles West of Muskogee, ok. just west of a small town named Boynton.If you ever went through the little town in the morning time you would see my hijet in front of the only store in town.I get lots of people stopping to look the truck over and ask lots of questiions. I offer to let them all drive it so they would really know how they drive. I am geting ready to drive it to Muskogee to pick up some .50 bmg shells for my target rifle. Have fun....ray allen

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