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Oil type & How Much

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by agswin97, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. Anne Sweeney

    Anne Sweeney Member

    I remember using 20w60. It felt like there's a Sumo wrestler in the passenger seat.
  2. funbard

    funbard New Member

    The manual I have says 4 liters of 5W30 SE to SJ grade. I suggest running a minimum SJ synthetic 5W30, check your stick after 3.5 liters though.

    Also Fram PH3614 or a Wix 51348 filter fits my F6A 1999 DB52T.

    Here is some useful info for the DB52T:

    Part Brand Part Number
    Spark Plugs NGK DCPR7E
    Alternator Belt Dayco Top Cog 15300 11A0760
    AC Belt Dayco Top Cog 15310 11A0785
    Engine Oil Filter Fram PH3614 Wix 51348
    Engine Oil 4 Liters of 5W30 SJ SE to SJ
    Transmission Oil 3.5 Liters Int AXC API GL-4 75W90
    Front Differential Oil 0.8 Liters API-GL5 80W90
    Rear Differential Oil 1.3 Liters API-GL5 80W90
    Brake Fluid DOT 3 Oil
    Coolant 4 Liters
    PCV 9GS 73G10
    Ignition Coil Mitsubishi 33400-76G1
    Fuel Injector (Blue Injector) INP-772 (one side) K799277 (other side)
    Starter Mitsubishi 12V 31100-78A0 0 / 9726 TYPE - M002T13481
  3. milmor88

    milmor88 Member

    51348 - WIX is what my 1995 F6A DD51T took for those loooking
  4. Wheelie

    Wheelie Member

    x2 on the WIX 51348. Here is some clarification on oil filters at least regarding the 90's model F6A motors. I used my handy thread gauges and measured the thread pitch on my filter housing on my 1995 Carry 4x4 and it was a standard 3/4x16 pitch and NOT M20x1.5 metric threads like mentioned earlier in this thread. You would think so but its not. Even though I measured the filter housing threads I bought both a metric and standard threaded filters and when I threaded the M20x1.5 filter it was so loose there is no way you would think it was right. It would have definitely blown off! The proper 3/4x16 threaded filter threaded on perfect and went on tight. Its a little larger diameter filter but the seal fits perfect on the filter housing and similar flow rates as the stock filter and more filter capacity. I used 3 qts. of valvoline 10w-30 regular oil and a WIX 51348 filter.
  5. julio

    julio New Member

    On oil there are Atv oils that don't have to meet epa standards, that's what I put in.
  6. deshet

    deshet Member

    I have heard this before and switch my Toyota Camry to 15w40 earlier this year and it would barely start and struggled to perform. Once the oil was drained and 5w30 went back in the problem went away. I wonder how these small 550 or 660 engines do with it. I heard of people running 15w40 in lawnmowers also.

    Not saying that you are wrong or right just sharing my recent experience.

  7. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    Diesel oil should not be anywhere near these engines. They are roller cam, OHC. The zinc was needed to keep flat tappet cam, pushrod engines lubricated. These do not require the zinc and the oil is much too heavy.

    It is also a misconception these days that Rotella is best for ZDDP. Rotella complied with modern ratings quite a few years ago and ZDDP is below 800 PPM now. Valvoline VR1 has 1,200 PPM but is only available in 20W50 and bars leak sells an addative that will make 1,5-800 PPM depending on base oil content. But again, is not needed/ recomended for an F5A/F6A/K6A engine at all.
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