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Oil Filter

Discussion in 'References' started by mgheques, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. mgheques

    mgheques New Member

    I am fixing to replace the head gasket in my 1990 Suzuki Carry 660. We had put in so many supplements in the oil & radiator to see if we could stop the leak that it was turning the insides of the engine to muck. Someone suggested that I flush the engind & radiator and replace the fluids before we began work. I flushed everything, but had keep the same oil filter on it because I had bought the wrong one. Someone had suggested I put on a Wix 51344, but it was way to big. When we complete repairs, we will flush entire system one more time and put in synthetic oil. Can anyone tell me what oil filter I need from my local parts house? My information is:
    1990 Suzuki Carry 660
    Model: TK-524-P121
    Type: M-DB51T
    Chassis: DB51T - 146097
    Engine: F6A - 657cc

  2. tmikewww

    tmikewww Member

    I had the same problem with the "wix 51344" being recommended. I took it back to "car Quest" and they did a little cross referencing and came up with one that has seemed to work. I (we've",my wife and I) put about 6 miles on going up and down the road @ 70kms per hr, and no leaks. If you want I could go and get the box it came in and email the #s on it. I might add, ours is a "96" Sambar with the 660cc.
  3. mgheques

    mgheques New Member

    That would be great, thanks!
  4. tmikewww

    tmikewww Member

    Sorry about the delay. Had to get psyched to go outside. It was 54 degrees yesterday, and now it's like 8 degrees windchill! Anyway, It's a "Car Quest" oil filter # cfi 85358. It cost me $5.00. Hope this helps.
  5. mgheques

    mgheques New Member

    Thanks Tom, now go back inside and get warm!
  6. DRW

    DRW Member

    My F6A engine has 3/4-16 threads on the oil filter adapter,the Carquest filter mentioned has 20mmx1.5 threads,I would sure verify this before losing an engine.I use an AC PF1233 or a Wix 51394.Understand I am speaking of my truck and my experience with it.
  7. tmikewww

    tmikewww Member

    OK, help me out. The only thing I know about my engine, is that it is a "clover" something. Because of the different threads, does this mean a loss of (leaking) oil? I' am a real neophyte when it comes to mechanical "stuff".
  8. DRW

    DRW Member

    If the wrong thread, say slightly larger (20mmx1.5 will thread on to 3/4-16) oil filter is screwed on the engine there is a possibility of oil pressure causing it to leak or worse blow off completely.If you have any doubt about having the correct oil filter on your truck I would contact a reputable dealer.
  9. mgheques

    mgheques New Member

    good advise everyone! Thanks!

  10. djmoe

    djmoe New Member

    Here are the numbers I used for everything (the first one of each, but all were suggested to me)
    Oil filter:NAPA 1360/ WIX 51360
    Fuel Filter:WIX 33470
    Air Filter:FRAM CA568 / NAPA Silver 22143 / WIX 42143
    Sparkplug: NGK 3932 / NGK DCPRE7E
    hope these help
  11. Dan

    Dan Member

    I think the 1365 by napa/wix is the little 20mm x1.5mm spin on that you are looking for. it is only about 2 1/2" tall and not much wider than the gasket. or 1334 same size gasket and thread, slightly bigger canister. both are interchanged from the mitsu service manual
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2008
  12. mgheques

    mgheques New Member

    My parts store had the FRAM CA568 in stock and it worked perfectly. The Fram is nice also because it has the hand grip on the casing making it much easier to take on and off when it gets oil on it.
  13. TMB FARM

    TMB FARM New Member

    Oil Filter Too Big

    In what way was it too big? Was it too long, was the thread diameter incorrect, or was the outside diameter too big to fit in the available space? The 51344 works for my 1989 Suzuki, but not all of these trucks are the same. I recommend going to the WIX page, looking up the 51344, then looking for other filters that better suit the dimensions for your truck. http://www.wixfilters.com/

    UPDATE OCT 2015 -- OK, now after putting my truck on a lift and spending more time checking things out, I can verify my F5A engine has 3/4 threads, not 20 mm. So, I have changed back to a filter with the 3/$ threads. There are several with the right diameter and length to fit these trucks on the WIX page.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2015
  14. John Canfield

    John Canfield Member

    Oil filter consensus?

    Okay - I have read about several discussions about what oil filter fits a particular engine. There seems to be no universal consensus about the proper filter for the Carry (I am taking delivery of a 1990 Carry soon.)

    One camp: Napa 1360 (Wix 51360) with a 3/4"-16 thread

    The other camp: Napa 1365 (Wix 51365, or 51344) with a 20mm-1.5mm pitch

    So.... which is the correct filter (or the proper thread)? Has anybody actually checked with a thread gauge?

    Some of those replying to this thread don't identify what truck they own, nor is it in their user profile, so I have no idea if their information applies to me :confused: I'm new here so I don't have the benefit of experience with who owns what.

    Thanks - John
  15. DRW

    DRW Member

    John, I have a 91 Carry that I have verified that the oil filter adapter thread is 3/4-16.If your truck has a 20mmX1.5 thread adapter you will not be able to screw a 3/4-16 thread filter on it.A 20mmX1.5 filter will screw on to a 3/4-16 adapter but will be very loose.I use a Delco PF1233 oil filter on my truck,bottom line is that you will have to verify what fits your truck yourself.Save yourself misery and do not try and cross the air filter element in your truck,Give a reputable dealer your V.I.N. and have them sell you the correct element.
  16. myhijet

    myhijet Member

    I stuck a tread gauge on the threads of the 660 engine in a 97 hijet. 3/4x16. 3/4" is 19.05 mm. a 20mm filter will be loose. If you screw the filter on 2 or 3 turns and it still feels "wiggly", it is possible that the filter is incorrect.
  17. Chris Quinn

    Chris Quinn New Member

    We just picked up two 97 Suzuki's and a 95 Honda. I am going to try to get good part numbers for plugs, air and oil filters. I will try to post the numbers once I verify they are correct. I also have a 94 Subaru and will try to include those numbers as well. Chris
  18. Smokie

    Smokie Member

    I went to Megazip and looked up the original filter based on your given information, crossed it over in the WIX catalog to a 51360. There other filters with the same specs that will work (having proper clearance), but the 51360 is a direct cross over. Also the WIX catalogs lists this as the proper filter.

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