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Nova Scotia's newest Minitruck owner :)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Harvy50, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Harvy50

    Harvy50 New Member

    Hi Folks,
    Same story here, always interested in the minitrucks but until I stumbled across this site, never had the nerve or knowledge to buy one. However, today I put a downpayment on a 1990 Susuki Carry Dump from BlockhouseMinitrucks in Nova Scotia....many thanks kirk, its going to be a long wait until Friday.

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  2. cabinmini

    cabinmini Member


    Congrats Harvy50

    Great looking wheels. Welcome and I'm looking forward to hearing about some of your Maritime adventures.

  3. Medway

    Medway New Member

    Way To Go!

    Looked at that truck 3 times. Its a beaut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. jtpc

    jtpc Member

    Hey there,

    That is one cool lookin' truck. Didn't know they had these in Nova Scotia.
  5. Windmill

    Windmill Member

    Welcome the forum from Oklahoma.
  6. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    Welcome from the Wet Coast of Canada except this year it's been more white than wet :D
  7. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Active Member

    that green is AWESOME!!!!
  8. mike o

    mike o Member

    I gotta say that is one sweet looking ride. I'm only a few hours away in Saint John. Maybe we'll get a chance to do a ride-a-bout. Congrats on the truck. Again SWEET RIDE:D
  9. bumpas toy

    bumpas toy Member

    harvy 50 where are you from ,i knew there were a few people looking it ,nice little truck .I bought one my self back in oct.nice peaple to deal with.I will see you on the road ,that truck you can not miss, good luck and happy motoring
  10. Harvy50

    Harvy50 New Member

    3 more days until I get my truck! I am from the Tatamagouch, NS area. The ride-a-bout sounds good..we going to get the trucks dirty?
  11. boatman

    boatman Member

    Yo Harv - Congrats on the truck - I droooled over that one already too...

    I'm in HFX area and also picked up a '92 carry from Kirk in October. There's another one on Joe Howe Drive here in the city (he uses it for plowing and maintenance work), another out in Sackville; and I see that Pete's Frootique (local fruit and Veg wholesaler) has just got two of em all detailed up with nice black refrigerated boxes on the back. Don't know if he got em from blockhouse or not - he usually runs larger Hino's but you can't beat these kei's for attention grabbing.

    I'm loving my little beasty - just this morning I pulled an F150 out of an icy steep driveway... not a hiccup - hauled that POS without a whimper! mighty hamster indeed...

    Kirk sent me a pic of that truck when he had it in the showroom - darn nice ride.

    If you're doing some trails, or just in town to get together - drop me a PM or an email bgarvey#eastlink.ca (change the numbersign to an @).

    Safe driving -

  12. boatman

    boatman Member

    One more tiny piece of advice for ya - when you pick up the truck and are driving it home...

    ...watch out for potholes. They HURT. Pretend you're driving a motorcycle and you'll be fine.

    ...we're getting some nasty frost heaves and winter potholes here and the roads are a mess. makes it a little more challenging...

  13. confuzed

    confuzed Member

    Nice truck ..... our town is considering buying a 90 subaru dump for the parks.... and they laughed when i bought mine lol only took a guy to total our dodge dakota lol now they need to replace it oh blockhouse mmmmmm beeen many years since i vacationed there Mahone bay love it
  14. Harvy50

    Harvy50 New Member

    Thanks for the advice Boatman and yeah we gotta do some trails or just show them off. I didn't get the truck yet, but man am I ever getting rude comments about this purchase from friends. One guy said that they were always either broke down or stuck always abused, but couldn't supply me with a website or any other documentation. Another comment.."you are crazy, you will never get parts and you will need parts!" One guy said, "Well if you are going to drive that POS, you better have your seatbelts and helmet on..Its a deathtrap!"...and this guy owns a freakin motorcycle??
    Anyways, glad to hear that you are having success with your Mighty Hampster, and I believe that I am going to pi** off my co-workers when I pull in with it next week :)
  15. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    Kei trucks are just as reliable as anything else on the road and are just as safe as a Geo or like size vehicle of the same year IMO.
    The one small car that has a real advantage for safety is the Smart car due to it's advanced construction but I digress.
    I picked up a higher mileage unit [121k] and have not had any nasty suprises to date and have found working on it way easier than
    my domestic vehicles that I have owned over the years and the parts have not been a issue at all.

    I would say that you have to plan a bit more for vehicle maintanence i.e. if the water pump is making noises
    or the timing belt is due to be replaced then start by getting the parts ordered right away while it is still running
    instead of waiting for something to break.

    I think the meaningless drivel that comes out of some people's mouths regarding Kei trucks
    is purely based on ignorance.

    Kind of like me saying that all motorcyclists are law breakin Hell's Angel's - totally rude and wrong BTW

    Have I ever owned a motorbike ? No, but I am big enough and smart enough to educate myself about them
    to know otherwise than my false statement above.

    The same would hold true for Kei trucks IMO

    Enjoy your new ride my friend :cool:
  16. Meesho

    Meesho Member

    Looks sweet! Did you get a good deal? How much?
  17. Harvy50

    Harvy50 New Member

    Hi Folks,
    I just want to report that I drove my 90 Suzuki home last Friday (3 & 1/2 hour drive) and it ran flawlessly. I had a friend in another vehicle following me just in case I ran into trouble. It was mostly highway driving and the truck seemed to run nice at 90Km/h so thats where I kept it. After about an hour driving, we stopped for something to eat and after eating we checked the oil and kick the tires on the truck and we were ready to go again. I told my buddy that I wanted to see if I could reach 100km/h, I read where other guys are getting 110Km/h plus and I felt that since mine was a dump( heavier) bigger tires, and a 4 speed that reaching 100km/h would be very respectable for this little truck. I got up to speed pretty quick (90km/h) and since the road was pretty straight and flat, I floored the accelerator! (grin) She climbed to 96 pretty fast, then 97, 98, 99, hovered at 99..my friend behind me was flashing his headlights trying to tell me I hit 100km/h but it didn't show on my speedo. Then it HAPPENED!!!! It reached 100km/h!! I love this rig!! Then all of a sudden, everything went quiet. The truck was still running at 100KM/h, but it was so quiet, it was like a spiritual happening...my head was feeling light..I thought I was having one of those "Autobody experiences" where I felt I was leaving my body. (Kidding)..I reached the 100km/h and brought her back down to 90 where she likes it. (for now anyways)
    This truck continues to amaze me, the diff lock in snow is just crazy and want to thank everyone for the information and support on this forum. Many thanks!!
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2009
  18. cabinmini

    cabinmini Member

    "Autobody experiences"
    That's Hilarious!!
    Keep on :D.
  19. TRAX and HORNS

    TRAX and HORNS Well-Known Member

    Harvy50, Great story. Enjoy your little ride. They are to cool.(Autobody)
  20. Schick

    Schick Member

    Damn that's a nice truck! That green has got to be the perfect shade too.

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