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Newer Model Mini Trucks?

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by MattyB39, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. MattyB39

    MattyB39 New Member

    I'm strongly considering buying a newer model Suzuki Carry (hopefully 2010 or newer) with the longer wheel base. Does anyone have one of these newer beasts and would you recommend it? Pros and Cons?
  2. kilgoja

    kilgoja New Member

    yes i'm interested in a newer model as well. one that has efi. at least a 2000 or newer.
  3. TRAX and HORNS

    TRAX and HORNS Well-Known Member

    suz 91 1.jpg Ive only had a few efi models. One had a computer problem and the used box was about 800.00 by the time it arrived from over the big pond.
    I can say, they tend to run a little bit smother and gets there a little bit faster and the cabs are a little bit bigger.
    I can have my pick between a number of trucks, carb. or efi's, pretty much anytime and I chose the carb. trucks. Call me Old School. My current truck is a 1991 DB51T Suz.
  4. kilgoja

    kilgoja New Member

    that is weird. i would think an efi would have zero problems ever which is why i would want one. i had a 1988 toyota truck with efi and i sold it and it's over 500k miles still going strong and has never needed any work done with the efi or computer or anything. diahatsu and toyota are the same company so a diahatsu with efi should do the same.

    the carbs on the other hand always have problems eventually and need to be rebuilt and so forth which is why i want to stay away from them. especially with today's ethanol fuels and such.

    carbs cheaper to work on yes but they will need work. efi not as cheap but it shouldn't have any problems. the engine will be worn out before the efi goes bad most times.

    you must have just had a bad egg or something.

    what brand was it?

    i wouldn't buy anything but a diahatsu or honda. they will be the most realiable. mitsubishi 3rd. suzuki and subaru would be last on my list.

    everyone seems to want a suzuki or suzuki is the easiest to find? it's because they have easy available parts i guess?

    look on the road though. how many 1980's or 1990's suzukis do you see driving around? probably zero or maybe 1 if you are lucky. now how many 1980's or 1990's hondas and toyotas do you see driving around? alot of them.

    same thing in atvs. how many older suzukis you see on the trails? not many. how many older hondas do you see? tons of them.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2014

  5. I bring in all brands of trucks, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Subaru, and Mitsubishi, I also bring in each of those brands in EFI and Carb and they are all pretty much bullet proof. The most asked question we get is "which truck is more reliable" and my experience is one is no more reliable than the next. The differentiating factors on these trucks really comes down to things such as Suzuki's having a manual pull handle to engage 4WD where as Daihatsu is push button, Subaru's having HUGE cabs and 4 cylinder engines but no way to mount a hitch or front receiver, Mitsubishi's having a forward wheel design where Daihatsu is still directly under the driver, etc. As for Honda's, there haven't been any of those imported for a LOT of years and unless someone spends some serious cash to certify the engine you're not going to see any more coming in.
  6. kilgoja

    kilgoja New Member

    Last edited: Jun 11, 2014
  7. To be imported every engine has to be EPA certified and no one certified a honda so until they are tested and certified (about 20k) they are not allowed in
  8. kilgoja

    kilgoja New Member

    that's rediculous. a honda engine would surpass any epa regulations by far.
  9. TRAX and HORNS

    TRAX and HORNS Well-Known Member

    You are missing the point. After the USA Fed. EPA came after japanese mini trks.(2009/2010) the only trucks that went through the USA EPA certification process was Suz.(mazda) Daihatsu Mitsubishi. So these trucks with epa certifications can be imported into the USA legally.
    Honda trks. will pass the epa certification process no doubt but no one wanted to spend the $$ to do them.
  10. Jim Nelson

    Jim Nelson Active Member

    You think this is ridiculous, the EPA is what is ridiculous.

  11. We also certified both efi and carb Subaru sambars
  12. kilgoja

    kilgoja New Member

    so why was honda not done and the others were?

    the others were cheaper?

    why should there be a difference in the cost? it should cost the same for any brand of mini truck.
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2014
  13. kilgoja

    kilgoja New Member

    i agree 100%
  14. No, costs of certification testing are the same for every truck, Honda's were notorious for having a lot of front end problems due to be AWD so given the pool of resources was not unlimited only the most popular trucks were certified.
  15. kilgoja

    kilgoja New Member

    looks like i'll get a diahatsu then. lol
  16. You can't go wrong any way you go, I've handled dozens of every make model and year and have found every brand of these trucks is bullet proof.

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