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Newbie over here

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by charles123, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. charles123

    charles123 New Member

    hey guys. Super new to this. I don’t even own a mini truck yet. Had my eye on a few actys and I was about to pick one up but reading about the restrictions in Ohio stopped me for a second. Can anyone help clarify the Ohio regulations? If a acty gets imported under the 25 year rule do I still have to follow the 35mph road rule or does that only apply to newer ones/non titled ones?

    Thanks in advance as I know literally nothing on this subject or much about mini trucks at all.
  2. Dmscar

    Dmscar Member

    Welcome to the site!

    I don’t have one either but slowly gaining knowledge in this as I go so I can hopefully import a Suzuki Carry in the 6 months or so.

    So the first thing to be very clear on is if you buy from a dealer if it was imported before it was 25 years old you will never be able to get it registered as a regular car and legally be allowed to go above 35mph.

    Now if the dealer if you buy one from a dealer has the appropriate import documents and shows where it wasn’t imported as a “arc off-road use only” then you should be able to get it registered. I would google “how to import a Japan car with the 25 year old rule” and it’ll explain all the forms you’ll need.

    Now the 25 year old rule is a federal rule which supersedes the state so what rules they have on mini trucks don’t matter if it was legally imported under the 25 year old rule. Some dmvs I have read will fight you due to their possible ignorance so you would have to show them the legality with federal law that you can.

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