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New York State and Mini trucks

Discussion in 'News and Site Support' started by H Privetts, Jan 4, 2020.

  1. H Privetts

    H Privetts New Member

    Hello all, well, here is what happened to me in new York, bought a 1993 Suzuki Carry, had all my documents from EPA, DOT, Customs, had all my paper work for New York, Sept 6, 2019, went to DMV in Chemung County, NY, supervisor looked a my paperwork, called Albany DMV, came back and told the clerk, to go ahead, everything was fine. Ready?? On Dec 3, 2019 received a letter from Albany, that Chemung made a mistake,
    and that I am here by ordered to return my plates, called Albany, took five phone calls to finally got to the Technical Department, don't ask, don't know, never knew they had that department, anyway, Mike, informed me that NYS was following the following law 400-A , Article 13, dated 1970, for not registering and titling, mini trucks in NYS. ????? So, the end of the story is, I returned my plates, received a form for a refund, not sure how much I will get back out of my $ 255.00, plus $14.00 registration fee. I give up, anyone one want to buy my truck? Happy New Year
  2. H Privetts

    H Privetts New Member

    UPDATE: Was told today by DMV that i would be getting back 23.50. ?? Called DMV, was told that there was a note on my file that i was not allowed to talk to anyone but the supervisor, Shawn. Period. I must have gotten on their nerves,
    LOLOLOLO, well I'm waiting on a phone call from Shawn, it was at lunch, at 12:30, its now 3:30, and no phone call.
    So the game plays on. Have a wonderful day, everyone, it's cold here in New York.
  3. H Privetts

    H Privetts New Member

    UPDATE: Have gone around and around with DMV in Albany, I've sent all the required forms to get back my money, they charged me $50.00 for the title, which I never got, sent me a check for next years registration, filed forms to get sales tax back, we shall see. As much as I have liked to have this mini truck, it has cost me a large amount of money.
    New York has said they are working on this problem, but, people in DMV refuse to talk about anything that relates to
    this law. When this is all over, I will update this rant, and sign off. What a waste Later
  4. mr.mindless

    mr.mindless Member

    Interesting and unfortunate

    I had no issues other than confusion with mine, but it was a NY title and reg from a NH transferable registration. Has been I think 4 years, no kickback from Albany.

    It never sees street use, have never done anything more than renew reg and get it inspected every other year (for renewal - since again, it never gets used...)
  5. H Privetts

    H Privetts New Member

    Hey Mindless, thanks for the update, have talked to several people here in NY state, and found that eight out of ten times, there's not problems. it does make a difference if the truck is white, or blue, joking, there is no law in the state that says we can't title or register a mini truck, but there are some people in the DMV, that are enforcing laws that are not there, they say that code 400-a, article 13, is the law, but its really a trash can for junk mail junk information that DMV, doesn't know where to put it. lolololooll I just Love NY later
  6. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    Mine was a fresh import, in NY. No issues. Truck passed safety inspection, drove it for over a year. And now new owner is having no problems with it. I see it all the time on the road. BUT my insurance agent insured it as a Suzuki Swift as she felt that is what it most matched. They later had modified the insurance to more what the truck was, but when I put plates on it, it was a Swift... Catskill Auto LLC in Walton does a ton of them through the Oneonta office.. He's a dealer that is pretty local to me although I do not know him personally.

    400A article 13 is so vague it isn't funny. But the argument is, they are good enough for federal standards ( through exemption ), which according to DOT regulation is good enough.

    If all else fails, these guys can get you a title through Vermont. You could do it yourself, but they know exactly how to do it. http://www.titleservice.us/ I do a bunch of work for them through my employer, and they have done a lot of mini trucks, for people who didn't want to jump through the hoops

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