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New Van in Toronto

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by DuncVan, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. DuncVan

    DuncVan Member

    Hey Guys - I just got my new van (1991 Sambar Dias II) last week. I still can't believe how much happier I was when I got this 15+ year old van than when I got my brand new Jetta. The van is all original with 63 thou on it. I still have to get through a lot of the red tape before it is street legal but I have not met any major load blocks yet.

    Apart from licence plats and maybe a full tank of gas - my van needs an oil change. I have read about oils and oilfilters here, but can't find the oilfilter yet. I'm sure it would reveal itself eventually but I was hoping somebody could point me in the right direction (or maybe one cannot see it while the van is still all together).

  2. glenn

    glenn Member

    like your truck?

    Hey Thread!

    Can't wait to see it on the road! I was looking for a sambar combi too to add to our fleet, so far I just have a little susuki for work. Bright yellow, Newmarket Glass and Mirror name all over it. you won't believe the looks we get for it on the road! People call our shop and say "I just saw your cute little truck in the road, by the way can you come over to our house for a measurement? We were in the Christmas parade in both newmarket and aurora last year and got lots of looks as well as people taking pictures of it. In fact people run out into the road to take a picture of it with their camera phones! One guy almost ran his SUV off the road staring at me. This year we will be in the Home show both in Newmarket and Aurora come April and the street fest on Yonge St in Aurora this summer too. Come up and see it at these events if you like or e-mail me at the office and I can send you a picture of our "sumpy".
    One word though, if you are a shy person don't drive your little van! You have to get use to people stopping and staring at you. Make good use of your friendly toot toot.
  3. misterturbo

    misterturbo Member

    Hi DuncVan,

    Good to hear about more kei cars in Ontario! Does yours have the electric glass top and is it S/C? I have a Mitsubishi Bravo which has the dual sunroof similar to the Sambar and its quite handy when the weather is good..

    If you are looking for oil filters or brakes or what not, I usually stock them. I'm in Kitchener.

    And to Glenn, I think I know where you got your minitruck from! haha

  4. glenn

    glenn Member

    Hi Chris, knew you would show up soon!
    What do you think about the oil light going on from time to time? Pressure or faulty sensor?
  5. DuncVan

    DuncVan Member

    Glenn - I was up in NewMarket on both the 23 and the 24. If you saw a red van, it was me. And ya, not a Van for the shy. My right hand spends most of the time trying to shift gears or waving to people.

    Chris - It has the dual sun roof and the S/C. I love all the light in the Van. No blind spots anywhere except down. Thanks for the note on filters and such because I'm going to need those things eventually.

  6. steve_nagoya

    steve_nagoya Member

    Great to have more mini trucks and vans in my home province. A friend of mine saw the Newmarket Mirror and Glass truck and is convinced its only a matter of time before mini trucks are more plentiful on the road. I hope we're a part of it!
  7. misterturbo

    misterturbo Member


    I'd guess most likely the oil switch itself, possibly dirty contacts from the salt and what not. Tried to give you a call on the cell again today.. Give me a call in the evening sometime.


    Is your van a 5 speed or automatic? I've always wondered how the S/C compare to the regular carb N/A versions. I guess I'll find out soon, I'm getting in a Subaru Vivio RSR with the same S/C engine as in yours in a couple weeks!
  8. glenn

    glenn Member

    Hi duncvan,
    I saw a mini truck on the 404 a few days ago, was that you? I was driving my dakota in the other direction. Just to let you know that I have all the bragging rights north of 7 eh?
    Hi Chris
    Thanks for the info on the oil light, as for the upholstery, it was done at www.autoglassplus.ca ask for larry. custom or just a repair, larry is your man! as for the tires, I ordered some from Tire Rack in the USA 165/70/12 yokohama y372's. if you don't want to change to 13" or 14" rims and tires these are rated good for all season including snow and ice. I'll let you know how they are after I get them.
    Hi Steven,
    Do you miss the big smoke aka hog town? Glad to see people are taking notice of our little "slumpy".
    BTW... the slumpy name is in honor of slump glass which is a special pattern that we offer on our frameless showers. with high hopes we will have a fleet of them each named after a special pattern glass, Flash, Coral, Ice and Bubbles. my guy sez he will not drive any truck named bubbles cause of the trailer park boys! "come on ricky, stop kidding around!"

  9. steve_nagoya

    steve_nagoya Member

    Hey there Glenn,
    My friend, who lives in Aurora, mentioned your vehicle to me. He got all excited thinking I may have exported it to you, but it wasn't us :( . But, I'm glad to hear you got it from Chris at Kei Cars.

    I think its just a matter of time before there are more on the 404 and 401!


    PS: I do miss TO. My family all live in TO or around (Durham). I was going to be back for a visit last week but had to cancel. I hope to get back soon!
  10. DuncVan

    DuncVan Member

    Hi Guys - I gut busy for while and had to keep my nose to the grind-stone.

    Chris - The Van is a 5speed - it also has the extra low which turns out to be great for crawling in and out of the snowbanks/parking spots that nobody else has dared to use. I can't compare it to the non S/C version, but it certainly has enouch pep to move around. Having said that - it is a little buzzy at 110 and above. Here's a question. There is a S/C switch on the dash. I'm not exactly sure what it does. The switch is to the left of the steering wheel. (This is my first S/C vehicle and the S/C was not really a selling point for me, more of an added bonus).

    Glenn - I suspect that it was me you saw on the 404. As for bragging rights north of 7, they're all yours for now... I'm having enough fun in the Van down here.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2008
  11. bumbo

    bumbo Guest

    Hi all

    We are getting a 1993 Subaru Sambar Combi from Chris in Guelph. Arranging insurance now. Can anyone help us out with which insurance company to call?

    Thanks. By the way, we are from Thornhill, Steeles and Bathurst area.

    Henry and Carolyne
  12. glenn

    glenn Member

    greetings bumbo,

    try Wayne Mcgill, state farm insurance in oakville provided this is not your only vehicle and primary vehicle of transport...he can insure it

  13. bumbo

    bumbo Guest

    Thanks, Glenn.

    Hope we can meet up in the near future. Are there quite a few Subaru Sambar owners in the GTA?
  14. bumbo

    bumbo Guest

    Thanks, Glenn.

    Hope we can meet up in the near future. Are there quite a few Subaru Sambar owners in the GTA?
  15. glenn

    glenn Member

    I'm easy to find, newmarket glass in newmarket of course, we will be in the christmas parade again this year, not too many mini owners in the gta area most are suzuki, some hi jets and one or two honda's, I only saw one other sambar so far....
  16. bumbo

    bumbo Guest

    We are a rare species ........................

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