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New tires on my Carry

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by keithluneau, May 16, 2013.

  1. keithluneau

    keithluneau New Member

    I haven't been around much since I got my truck running good last year. I finally got a new set of tires on it, and wanted to post some pictures. ;) They're 25x8R12 Sedona Buzz Saw radials. They work pretty good on here! They're on the stock wheels obviously, with a 3" lift. Before this it had some worn out Swamp Witch mud tires the same size that came on it. It drives SO much better with these new tires, looks better too. :)

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  2. Deanclean

    Deanclean Member

    Looks good!
  3. TamiPaulus

    TamiPaulus Member

    It looks good, but I want to know something about Suzuki Carry as I want to buy one for me and I am not sure, which are the models that I should try to select from. Do you think I should go for Suzuki Carry or you will suggest something else.
  4. keithluneau

    keithluneau New Member

    I honestly don't know, this is the only Carry I've owned, or even driven... lol I think the newer models with the front axle farther forward are easier to lift and run larger tires. The older ones like mine really only allow for a 2" lift to be safe, or 3" if you're willing to stress the front axles a bit more. Mine is a 5 speed plus "Extra Low", with a locking rear diff. They also came in a 4 speed with separate high and low range. I'm not sure which is the best setup, but with 25" tires mine lugs in 4th and 5th gears on the highway. I can use 4th, but not 5th. It still has plenty of torque in 1st, and EL is even lower. You can only use EL in 4WD though.

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