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New Subaru Domingo (to me)

Discussion in 'Microvans' started by olddatsunfan, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. olddatsunfan

    olddatsunfan Member

    Hi Glasstech, glad you got her back OK! Yah, should have dropped me a line when you where down! Shogo and service are pretty good still, Kevin in parts, well, he isn't as good as the fellow he replaced. Took almost a month to get the correct parts in to repair my Suzuki Kei van which is being worked on now finally ... Mind you, Shogo did drop off the parts at my house on his way home from work so that has to count for something! Glad you like your truck, I love the Domingo, except for the cargo area ... My Suzuki is better in that respect, but, the 7 passenger part is hard to beat ...
  2. fupabox

    fupabox Active Member

  3. Kix

    Kix New Member

    Ohh man I wished I'd stumbled across this forum sooner, as I would have probably done more research before buying my Domingo. I too bought a sweet looking 1996 Sambar Domingo off of Japanoid. When I saw the thing, I fell in love. And the lead up service to walking me through everything and having it shipped and even them putting in a new deck and tires etc was really good. Then once I paid for it and drove it off the lot, that was pretty much it. I drove it back to Alberta, put about 1000kms on it and the water pump was done, transmission was done, and upon closer inspection there is a rod going ;(
    I familiar with it being a used van, so I'm not too upset that things do go wrong. However I’m super unimpressed that I called there and Shogo wouldn’t take my call, so I left two messages about if he had any suggestions about service or diagnosis as this would be there area of expertise not my local mechanic. And no return call, previous to the sale he'd call me back within the hour. So I wrote and email to him and nothing. So then I waited a couple of months and wrote him anther emails, explaining how unimpressed I was, though I doubt it would get a call.
    Hell I would have even ordered the parts through them if they'd given some advise on what to get.
    As for now, I’m looking for a new tranny for the 1996 Sambar 1200cc AWD 3cy or any advise on part swapping with another model or if there interchangeable with the Subaru Justy. If got some info, though not enough to make an educated decision.
    Any advice would be grand, and I saw some poor follow up service comments about Japanoid posted here other then me, so buyer beware.
    Thnx a million!
  4. anthill

    anthill Member

    Kix, sorry to hear that, that sucks big time. The water pump is known by Subaru Justy owners as a weak point on the EF12 engine, and the auto transmission is notoriously fragile as well. Hope this doesn't turn you off all kei vehicles.

    I don't know if the transmission is interchangeable with the Justy! Good question.

    I've always told myself that if something really goes wrong in my van's powertrain, that I'd gut it and put in an Electric Vehicle conversion (with "all that spare money" I have floating around). Seriously though, the Domingo is a perfect candidate - you could build battery boxes where the spare tire, gas tank, and radiator sit, bolted to the frame rails, and there's plenty of room in the engine compartment for a all-in-one motor/power controller/transmission unit...

    Sorry I don't have any more practical advice. If you learn anything please share it and I'll update this thread:

    Last edited: Apr 10, 2012
  5. Kix

    Kix New Member

    Baha! From a cheap way to interchange the guts to a full blowin electric van! Might be a long shot in this weeks free time & budget!
    Anywhoo thnx for the info, I'm not turned off the van just the after sale service i got, the vans super Kool and it's all decked out in advertising for my company so I'd like to hang onto it for a while.
    I'm sure somthing will turn up in the near future!
    Thnx a million
  6. _meat_

    _meat_ New Member

    Hey Folks!

    I'm new here but thought I'd come direct to the source - I'm searching for a Kei Van myself, and deciding between a few options that have been online/at Japanoid in the last little while. Between Subaru Sambars, Domingos and Suzuki Every's, I think my real question is how people are finding the vans for occasional highway use. I'm a woodworker, run around town mostly (Vancouver) and would like to do the occasional camping trip out to Idaho. Should I avoid 660cc Turbos because driving that far would be terrible? Or is a 1200cc a "gas guzzler" for most of my in-city?

    Anthill - I appreciate the Fuelly account you have set up! It really clears up some of my questions! I suppose the handling is still the big one!

    Hoping to find a balance between in-city and out!

    Is it wholly inappropriate to post an craigslist listing on here and see what you guys think of it?

  7. firejonny89

    firejonny89 Member

    post ur craigslist post ur not the first i have done it many times to see what others think but as far as the vans i dont know a thing about them i have a kei truck sorry
  8. _meat_

    _meat_ New Member

  9. anthill

    anthill Member

    The 1200cc will do fine on the Lower Mainland's pokey highways. On the eighteen lane 401 here in Toronto my van feels a little... exposed, but I've been driving it around for 2 years now and still feel OK.

    High crosswinds is still the only thing that gets me nervous.

    Took the Domingo for our first overnight trip a few months ago, managed to rig up a magnetized stick-on mosquito netting and crammed a Double air mattress in there. Snug, but worked just fine!

  10. _meat_

    _meat_ New Member

    It's been a while since I wrote in last - we picked up the Domingo in August and have done some pretty substantial trips since then. From Vancouver to Yellowstone National Park, and return of course, with some detouring into Oregon from Cour d'Lane. We only slept in the van one night, the windows are so huge, felt like all the wilderness was lurking! I like the magnetic mosquito curtain idea as applied to a privacy curtain.

    Here's a shot of the little guy out in Montana, and loaded with bikes ready to roll to Seattle for some cyclocross racing.





    Sidewinds were for sure a challenge, as was doing 120 all through Montana... but it seemed to like it.

    I'm also keeping track of my gas milage on Fuelly, which is a neat little web-app.

  11. marinemech

    marinemech New Member

    I am looking at buying a Domingo (from maxoverdrive.ca). I was wondering if anyone has tried to tow with this little van. I have little cargo trailer I take camping, I tow it with my car. The trailer only weighs 700lbs total when loaded with gear. Think the Domingo could handle that? I live in Victoria, need to get over the malahat then its all 80km/h and mostly flat.
  12. franck2cv

    franck2cv Member

  13. marinemech

    marinemech New Member

    Sweet, I am 99% sold.....just doing my normal overthinking everything...where to buy parts...cost of parts...etc,lol

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