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New owner in NW PA.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by sleepystevenson, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. sleepystevenson

    sleepystevenson New Member

    Hello all!

    Just bought a Mitsubishi MiniCab on Friday. I am guessing based on pictures I have seen that it is an early 90's model. I really like her so far! Has 50k km on her. 4x4 low/high 3" lift, 4 speed. Seems to run like a top! Even found the owner's manual in the glovebox....but all in Japanese! Has a few issues, including:

    broken speedo cable (previous owner caught it on a stump last week....)
    temp gauge not working
    4x4 light on the dash is always on (even though 4x4 does engage/disengage)

    What's the easiest way to figure out the year???

    Thanks, and looking forward to participating in the forum!!!:)

    BTW - will post pix tomorrow!!!
  2. Mini4WD

    Mini4WD Member

    There should be a small white tag on the seatbelt strap that has the truck information listed along with the year built.
    I wouldn't worry so much about the speedo cable right now but I would get the Temp Gauge fixed as soon as possible. Running it hot could destroy the engine.
  3. sleepystevenson

    sleepystevenson New Member

    Yeah...I will have to take a look at that temp gauge. Guess I better learn my way around this site....!

    and the search function!


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