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New Mitsubishi Front Strut, Shock & Spring

Discussion in 'Mitsubishi Minicab' started by minitruck.ca, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. minitruck.ca

    minitruck.ca Member

    We now stock new Mitsubishi minicab Front Struts, Rear Shocks and Heavy Coil Springs

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  2. akguy09

    akguy09 Member


    don't need the springs, but do you sell the struts for 88 U15T JDM?
  3. minitruck.ca

    minitruck.ca Member

    If you measure from the bolt hole center to center where they mount to the steering knuckle and measure the width of the mount on the steering knuckle I can see if they will fit
  4. minitruck.ca

    minitruck.ca Member

    Mitsubishi Minicab Front Shock, Strut, Coil Spring
  5. 1995 mini cab

    1995 mini cab New Member

    i have a 1995 mini cab u42t and was wanting to upgrade to heavier springs and struts. i was wondering if these will bolt right on and how much they were. also if i could get a contact phone number that would be helpful thanks.
  6. minitruck.ca

    minitruck.ca Member

    Mitsubishi Minicab front Struts bolt on. Heavier springs Both in stock
    Call for Price
  7. minitruck.ca

    minitruck.ca Member

    Mitsubishi Minicab Front Coil Spring Front Strut

    We have performance 175lbs coil springs and heavy duty front coil springs 225lbs for Mitsubishi Minicab
    We also stock new replacement front struts for Mitsubishi Minicab
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  8. minitruck.ca

    minitruck.ca Member

  9. minitruck.ca

    minitruck.ca Member

    The Mitsubishi minicab is a cool little truck. I really like it. I am more than happy to help customers with troubles. Feel free to email or call with your parts requests or problems. take a look at our new shopping cart http://www.minitruck.ca/mini-truck-parts

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