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New HiJet Owner in Central Texas

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by MadWoodsman, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. MadWoodsman

    MadWoodsman New Member

    Just bought an old HiJet S80LP at an auction in Llano, Texas. Still not sure what year, suspect is is 92-94. It has no seat belts so I wasn't able to check for that label.

    Replaced the dry rotted front tires with GBC Dirt Devils to match the rears this weekend. Still trying to determine the best air pressure to keep these at (10psi seems too low - too much rolling resistance and 20 psi seems too high - tires spin on launch)...currently running 17psi. I think they were at 25psi when I bought it.

    Replaced the air filter, changed the oil and cleaned the windows this morning. I have a new set of spark plugs for the tiny truck, but I need to pick up some wires. I also picked up a new filter for the fuel/water filter, but I am not sure that is a stock part and I may just remove it.

    I really need to find some new bushings for all of the suspension bits, but haven't had much luck finding replacements. I suspect that the struts and shocks will also need to be replaced so the sooner I can find the bushings the sooner I can knock that out.

    This is a two wheel drive truck and I have already stuck it in the creek so figuring out if the rear end can be locked or finding a kit to lock the rear or a locking one to swap in are quickly moving up the list of things I would like to "fix".

    I am pretty sure the transfer case is in low and it runs comfortably up to about 20 MPH. I did run it up to 25 MPH, but didn't notice any fue cut-out. I would like to try it in high if I can indeed switch that, but for what we are using this truck for 20MPH is really plenty fast.

    The odometer has about 44K currently, so I am planning to check the condition of the timing belt to see if it will need to be replaced in the near future.

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  2. harley rose

    harley rose Member

    HOWDY: 2WD does not have a T-Case . These trucks are so light that 2WD is almost useless for off roading ( I can't even get up my drive in 2WD). As far as the struts go all you need to do is pop in some 250# springs ( I have a pair of 275 # if you like) . Unless you can read the date on a timing belt replacement sticker (if it has one) Then you should change it out due to age not mileage. G&R Imports should have any parts you need BUT I bet they will add up very fast ?? Why you max at 20 MPH is strange. WELCOME to the fray....
  3. MadWoodsman

    MadWoodsman New Member

    Thanks Harley. Good to meet up with you again.

    To be honest I don't know what it will max out at, but the engine seemed to be wrapping up pretty good at 25MPH (so I didn't push it and didn't hit any limiters) and the vehicle wasn't very stable at that speed. The instability reminded me a lot of my old VW bus before I got the KYBs installed. Maybe once the suspension is sorted out I will want to go faster, but not much on our dirt roads and considerably less off the roads (or on the trails dodging mesquite and cactus).

    We bought this vehicle primarily to haul our portable electric fence parts and tools around the ranch. We usually put up about a 1/4 mile of 6-strand polywire (alternating hot and ground) for the goats when we move the electric pen (every few weeks). Since we are on granite soil we use rebar posts and a few t-posts (to hold the fence charger, alarm and reel rack) so having a bigger bed than most UTVs was a bonus. I think we will find lots of other uses for the little truck...refilling deer feeders, as a hunting platform, carrying tools and water when trimming trees back from the road and moving hay and feed in and around the goat pens are likely candidates. I guess the underlying objective for us was to improve our efficiency and I think this truck will help us do that until we expand our operation and need to cross Sandy Creek (we might need a 4x4 to make that trip).
  4. harley rose

    harley rose Member

    Same here: I'm sure it will serve you well for that.. Put your weight in the back & air the tires low BUT according to the load.. These are 660CC motorcycle engines basically & want to rev a bit BUT it is 25 Y/O with unknown timing belt ( I'd keep it under 5000 - 5500 RPMS ) till it's changed out
  5. Jim Nelson

    Jim Nelson Active Member

    If it's stuck in low range there is a snap ring that you can remove and it will shift into high.There is an old thread or 2 on this with pics and instructions. There is also a little box at the point where the speedometer cable goes into the tranny.This goes to a solenoid on the carb that cuts off the fuel supply at 25 mph.You can just unscrew the speedo cable from the box then unscrew the box from the tranny and zip tie it up out of the way and screw the speedo cable into the tranny and you're good to go.
    I know it's a pain but if you can find time to read back through the old threads there is a lot of info that is sometimes hard to find with the search function. I've put 14"RX7 wheels on mine and it still is pretty well topped out between 45 and 50 mph.
    Good luck

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