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New EV Owner in Encinitas- 2009 Dymac Mini Truck

Discussion in 'Dymac Electric Mini Trucks' started by KurtsTruks, Mar 13, 2021.

  1. KurtsTruks

    KurtsTruks New Member

    Hey everyone! Kurt here, Located in Encinitas, CA.

    Came across an ad on Craigslist I couldn't ignore. After doing some research I was very interested and went to go check out the vehicle. She's in rough shape but I see the potential.

    A bit I can tell you about the past owner- Was mainly used for property Maintinence for big properties through out the San Diego county. The truck was regularly serviced along with all other vehicles. Eventually she ended up sitting for a year and it was time to make some space.

    I was able to make a deal with the owner to take home my new project!
    I plan to use it for my around town commute. Our highways speed limit is mostly 25-35mph for the general area.

    2009 Dymac EV Mini Truck

    Needs some TLC but I can't stop thinking about all the custom things I want to add on.

    She can start up and drive away no problem I made sure to test drive it on site and asked to take laps to get a feel and really get an idea of what's going on.

    Separate electric charge start key and one key to unlock the steering wheel? is this correct?

    It runs on DC 72 v/ 12 - 6v Lead acid batteries
    The owner mentioned they installed an updated charging port to take a 220 v Charger, the other is still attached. Unsure if its still functioning

    the brakes definitely need to be replaced.
    ( I believe they are front disc brakes and rear drum brakes.)

    Things that don't work when turned on-
    windshield wipers,
    some lights,

    Things missing:
    forward /reverse switch (at least what I can tell from photos of other previous models) there is an alternate unit installed on the radio dash.
    tail light unit,
    some head lights,
    glove box,
    dymac - side text
    mini truck - rear text

    other things-
    the key locks can't lock with the key- ( need to be replaced to fit current key)
    the doors don't close all the way - looks like they just need to be lifted and tightened on all ends even the hood could use some tightening as well.
    the front plastic bumper and grill are mangled

    But this quarantine has taught me to just go for it and learn new things. Please any suggestions will help or any friends you have that live near by and believe in the dream to get this on the road again!

    I really have no idea where to start.
    I figured get the brakes replaced and find a tail light unit and replace some lights.
    Theres and auto shop down the street that only does electrics on cars so was gonna have him look at the radio/ac/ speedometer/windshield wipers.
    Get the batteries looked at maybe sold to purchase an updated EV unit for a longer range, or look into purchasing an electric D/C generator / range extender/

    Once those items are taken care of , I plan to sand it down and to remove as much rust as I can. Bondo up the rough spots and get a fresh coat of paint on there.

    What output solar panel would I need to keep the truck going on solar around town.
  2. DC/Dave

    DC/Dave New Member


    I found an ignition and door lock set on AliExpress, the parent company of your Dymac EV is a Chinese company Dongfeng or DFM.

    Dongfeng Auto Parts: 3704000-11 Ignition lock starter switch for Sokon Mini Truck K01

    Note: Shipping is very slow with these people, the order I placed March 1st, today stated it would be delivered by May 30th of this year, at $27.90 for shipping I was forced to make other arrangements, IE FedEx

  3. DC/Dave

    DC/Dave New Member


    To clarify here are two pic's of my Dymac EV truck.

    upload_2021-4-8_11-2-5.png upload_2021-4-8_11-2-54.png

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