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New English Service Manual, DD51T, F6A with 10% off coupon

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by Jamison Lure & Fly, Jan 20, 2020.

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  2. kip thompson

    kip thompson New Member

    I just ordered one thanks for the info
  3. t_g_farrell

    t_g_farrell Member

    I ordered one too and the electrical as well. I know the manual has the electrical but figured, why not.
  4. Dcwarpath

    Dcwarpath New Member

    Really wish they had a version of this for the 2002 Carry DA62T.
  5. artacoma

    artacoma New Member

    I just received my manual , lots of info but what a crappy print job, looks like it was photo reproduced in 1960, blurry drawings that you can't read dimensions on, feels like I'm wearing the wrong glasses when I'm looking at it, electrical schematics are so reduced in size to be impossible to use , with a magnifier its just blurry ..... if anyone finds a good printer please share
  6. photogdave

    photogdave New Member

    Hi Rik, nice to see you here!
    How long have you had your Carry? Still have the Syncro?
    I have a DA62T and I can't find any repair manual aside from the engine service manual.
  7. artacoma

    artacoma New Member

    Hi Dave!, the manual I have is the James Danko one quoted above, its got lots of good info and covers all 1990-98 models but all the fine print is totally blurred .... sad..
    Luckily my Carry seems to be rock solid right now, but Ya still got my Syncro for playing, Doka for working and the Carry for farting around the yard, hung a back wheel over 4' drop off today trying to show off to a buddy and we got out picked up the back and swung it on to solid ground with a small grunt and Carried on , ha!
  8. photogdave

    photogdave New Member

    I got my Carry to be my winter DD, driving to the mountain bike trails and for yard work. The other day I was able to drive around the property in 4WD lo and pick up all my piles of yard waste and cruise right to the dump!
    Mine is 2001 so no Danko manual it seems. I hope something comes out...
    Syncro is basically off the road right now. Hoping to get Nathan to do some transaxle work once I have the $$ saved!

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