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New Australian

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Stazza_Brendan, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. Just found this site. Didnt think there was any online.

    Im Brendan, 21 live in Australia.
    Bought my 84 Hijet in May last year after seeing it for sale online. Drove it 6 hours home :cool: Only has 118,000 km on it (73,750miles)
    I use it as a daily driver as i only have to fuel it up once a month and its so handy having a small truck.

    Has a CB23 993cc 3cyl motor. Single carby. RWD.
    Havnt done much to it just. LED lights replacing normal bulbs, resprayed the tray and wheels, cd player.
    Wish it had an LSD rear but.

    Only pic i got on my work computer, Ill post some newer non-blurry ones from home
  2. cabinmini

    cabinmini Member

    Welcome Brendan.
    Nice looking rig:cool:! Pretty good shape for something that is older than the driver;). Was that a stock unit in your neck of the woods or has it been modified? Fill us in on some of the specs when you get a chance. It's neat to see something different!
    Wish I was down there right now. Just had a foot and a half of snow in the last couple of days and I'm sick of shovelling:eek:!
    You might be interested in this
    Search the site and you may find more info.
    Greetings from way up north:D.
  3. Half Life

    Half Life Member

    Hello from Virginia, Brendan!
    Nice looking truck. What part of the land Down Under are you from? When I was in the Navy, I spent a good bit of time in Darwin, NT.

    Wow, only have to fill it once a month! Your fuel consumption must be darn good. Take care.

    Kawasaki S2
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2011
  4. Thanks i might have to chase that up. Its getting annoying lately as we have had rain nearly everyday this year and my truck parks on the grass so im tearing up the grass with single spinner leaving for work in the morning.

    Hijets this old were sold New in Australia from what i know (which isnt much about these). Im basing that on the fact these have a 1L motor over the normal ~600cc units normally fitted to jap spec kei. Mine runs a 4speed Manual, has no power steering (but the steering is so light on this anyway), no AC. Its a basic vehicle but its been extremely reliable.

    Our local online car club had a dyno day and we all had bets on the Hijets output. made 43hp :D i got the printout at home and theres a vid on youtube ill find. Not that exciting though.

    I dont have that big of a commute to work, but i use to spend $30 a week on fuel in the Starion but now $35 lasts me a month :) Im from Mackay in Queensland. Which is along the northern part of the east coast.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2009
  5. Windmill

    Windmill Member

    Howdy from Oklahoma. Welcome to the forum.
  6. MeZ

    MeZ Member

    where did you pick it up from brendan?
    welcome man

    this recession is killing me by not giving me a job
    but once i get one im planning on getting a carry!!
  7. I picked it up from Townsville. Theres another one for sale in my town at the moment on ebay, same model except 5 speed. Just wish i had the space to put it.

    I jinxed myself signing up on here saying the hijet has been reliable so far. Alternator died on the way to work this morning. But i got a brand new one its way. Still managed to drive it home without problem. Last night i went and bought stuff to service it as well :mad:
  8. jtpc

    jtpc Member

    Hey Brendan, Wow, now I am no longer the youngest guy on the site. (I'm 22)
    I also have a Daihatsu. Very fun trucks. I like that yours is a jumbo cab. The regulars like mine are a little tight inside.
  9. Yea there is a few normal cab ones in town. To tight for my liking. I like i have some space to keep stuff inside the truck.
  10. jtpc

    jtpc Member

    Very cool and its awesome that you have 993cc. I'm sure that has some power. Mine is 660cc and seems to have good torque. I had to get a toolbox for my bed for hauling groceries/bags/equipment to make up for the lack of the larger cab.
    Looking forward to seeing more photos of your truck,
  11. Bit of an update. Since last posting ive, painted the dashboard, fitted a new exhaust, fitted a new intake, replaced the alternator, fitted a subwoofer and amp behind the passenger seat. Also bought some new tyres to replace the old ones. Replaced the sealed headlights with new semi-sealed ones. Front light bar with spot lights.

    I havnt gotten many pics of the updates but ill post what i have.
    Here is the repainted Dash. It was the same colour as the steering wheel (which im looking to replace) but had large faded patches.


    12 inch Pioneer Sub in a sealed box powered by a 250W Sony Amp. A Sony headunit and 2 boxed speakers above the rear windows complete the setup. I made it mainly out of old Audio parts i had lying around. Only had to buy the speakers and sub box. I run my old Ipod through the AUX input through the front.


    Light bar that bolts under the numberplate. Holds 2 55W spotlights.


    Well since im totally redoing the enginebay on my Starion (here comes 400hp) i thought it would be funny to see if the intake setup would bolt to the carby on the Hijet. Well it does and i left it there.


    When our car club had a dyno day we took bets on how much power the Hijet would make on the Dyno. To my suprise it pulled 43hp at the wheels (from what ive seen 45hp is factory) in the same condition i bought it in. After changing the position of a few vacuum hoses it felt a little better. Goes slightly better with exhaust and filter.

  12. Acerguy

    Acerguy Moderator Staff Member

    Nice. Could this be our first dyno chart? :D
  13. slimbad

    slimbad Member

  14. o8k

    o8k Member

    Great Thread! Pictures always help. Welcome!
  15. Just won some old styled 13inch wheels off ebay. Going to polish the lip on them and paint whats blue on them now a gunmetal colour. Should give it a bit of a Jap look to it.

  16. wainair

    wainair Member

    Nice rims! Good find!
  17. Cyclone

    Cyclone New Member

    hey mate, my name is Clinton, i'm from sydney australia, i've recently purchased and registered probably the first mitsubishi minicab in australia, it's 4wd with hi and low range and 2wd. what sort of led's did you put on? mine's an 88 model. it's 550cc single cab, i'll get some pics up when i get time to work out how, it's totally stock, i love it, it's beautiful, i need to find tires for it, what brand did you buy? and size? i'm thinking of getting a bit bigger ones, a bit chunkier too prolly. i bought it for $5500 and bought it for my business where i spray weeds on properties and for councils, it did it's first job the other day.
  18. I got the LEDS from stores around town and on Ebay. Just pull the bulbs from the sockets and work out what size they are, then search local stores and ebay for that size bulb in LED. Dont buy the cheapest ones either.

    The tyres i have on there now are Sime tyres. Im unsure of what brand ill get for the new wheels. If your going onto properties though might need something with a bit of off road grip.
  19. zazenmaster

    zazenmaster Member

    Looks terrific!

    Great job on the subwoofer. Crank up the volume and you can probably cure your passenger's kidney stones - for only, say, $250 per 15 minute ride/treatment. :)

  20. took the truck to the drags for a laugh. 1/4 mile.
    Best was 20 sec @ 60mph and a best 60ft time of 2.79


    All i did was remove the sides and toolboxes, otherwise it was daily driven spec

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