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Need starter manufacturer and part# for Cushman White Truck with 4G82 motor

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by Fritz Moore, May 22, 2020.

  1. Fritz Moore

    Fritz Moore New Member

    Hello have a new to me Cushman White flat bed truck with 4 cylinder.
    Its 2wd 5 speed 4G82 motor.
    Does anyone know or could snap a photo of the starter make and part# for me? Id really appreciate it.
    I'm also interested in buying used:
    bed latches
    Carburetor (its currently propane)

    Sticker designation G 898611 898613 (W/AC)
    Chassis stamp 60 1906
    Wheel year 96
    I'm not sure what all that means but there is no sign it ever had air conditioning if that's what w/AC means
    Any information or decipher of the sticker numbers would be appreciated.

  2. deshet

    deshet Member

    if you physically have the starter it will probably be cheaper to get it rebuilt locally, and it should include a warranty.
    I think some toro mowers shared the same engine.
  3. Fritz Moore

    Fritz Moore New Member

    Thats the problem I dont physically have one or Id rebuild it and be done. I think the Toro cross reference is for the 3G stuff and the starter must be different or vendors couldn't get $350 for a 4G fitment.
    I have a new starter that came with the truck that looks like the right one but its just a bit smaller everywhere and the snout is too short to get the pinnion into the ring. So I'm guessing the 4G starter is in fact an upscaled fitment.
    The minicab references u14T etc you gave me do seem to have a longer snout than the "too small" starter I have here so maybe all minicabs did use the 4G type trans/bellhousing and those will work fine.
    But the number you gave me off your 4G starter is a definite fit and may be a game changer in asking the ebay vendors for a cross reference. As well there's got to be somebody in the country with used parts Ive contacted all I found on this site.
  4. Fritz Moore

    Fritz Moore New Member

    Sorry deshet I thought you were another person that responded. Yes thats the problem no starter to start with for a rebuild!
  5. ttc

    ttc Active Member

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  6. Limestone

    Limestone Active Member

    If nobody has used bed latches, there are new ones on ebay for about 20-35 bucks, plus shipping! I know not a great deal, but I got lucky last year and found two, for mine @ 15 bucks each, plus shipping! It wasn't worth making my own!
  7. ttc

    ttc Active Member

    All the Denso starters appear pretty much identical from the motor back. Just the front housing that bolts to the engine is different. I just got a new in box Subaru Denso starter for 30 bucks. I couldn't get a solenoid that cheap. I plan swapping my front housing to see if it fits. Not sure if the Bendix drive has same tooth count yet or if they will swap between Subaru starter and my hijets starter.
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