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Need interesting advice...

Discussion in 'Mini Lounge' started by unclejemima, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. unclejemima

    unclejemima Member

    I'm working on a small project, converting a Piaggio Ape (3 wheel mini truck) from a 50cc 2stroke and swapping in a quad motor from a Honda Recon 250cc 4 stroke. The Recon motor has shaft drive and a rear diff, but from the info i can find, the rear diff from the Recon is in full locked position all the time, not an open diff like a regular car. Because the Piaggio Ape is for street use only, turning would be a very tippy experience without an open diff. The Piaggio Ape has 2 rear wheels, and one front wheel. Factory, the Piaggio Ape also has a rear diff similar to the Honda acty, where it is housed with the engine, but not an actual seperate rear diff.

    I was going to get a rear diff from a suzuki samuri, but i need the smallest open diff i can find. I have a honda acty, and because the motor is in the back, there is no real separate diff to speak of, its connected to the motor so that wouldnt work, BUT Suzuki Carry's and Mitsu's have a front motor, so they must have a traditional rear diff, with a drive shaft running back, just a mini diff!

    My question, if i get a rear end off a non diff lock model suzuki or mitsu, would it be a full open diff like a regular car? I'm assuming its probably smaller than the Suzuki Samuri diff, but does anyone know for sure?

    Thanks kindly, this will be a very fun project!
  2. gbrad

    gbrad Member

    I know it is a completely different and smaller rear end than the Samarai. The Suzuki mini rear ends do come apart out the front like a Ford 9". I have not taken mine apartyet, but I plan to this spring or summer to find a locker for it.

  3. pudding

    pudding New Member

    hunt round for a yamaha moto4 as a donor bike, i know they are old, but they had a optional locking diff, 229cc yamaha engine, not too sure if they had rear suspension though

    i think the old yamaha bullfrog trike (yellow) maybe another contender

    the same engine diff arangement was used in the yamaha prohauler also, but they had a reduction ratio that mean it would only do about 50km/h on the road

    another one with optional diff lock was the kawasaki bayou 300 2wd......but it was semi independent rear end,

    honda reckon was a locked axle

    either that
    or find a diff from one of the above at a ATV wreckers and make it fit........or even the front diff from a 1986-88 honda trx350 4wd atv, the early ones had a solid front end, pivoted forwards like a swing arm.........
  4. unclejemima

    unclejemima Member

    Thanks for the posts guys!
    So the recon is fully locked, is there any way to open it up? Any shaft drive quad would have to have a diff, right? Isnt it impossible not to? Perhaps i could change it from locked to full open?

    I looking at getting this brand new recon motor with the rear end, it would be a shame to to use it.

    Chain drive would probably be easier, but more maintenance...

    I think a suzuki rear end might be the best/easiest to find way...those old quads are hard to find...
    I know i had a 83 yamaha tri-moto trike with front and rear suspension and shaft drive, thou i was to young to really know how it operated and if it had a diff or not...

    Keep the advice coming!
  5. DRW

    DRW Member

    Unclejemima, my son tells me that an older Kawasaki Bayou 300 2wd has a selectable rear diff w/shaft drive.Might be what you need if this is so,hope this is good info.
  6. unclejemima

    unclejemima Member

    Great! I'll take a look...

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