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Need help !!! Please

Discussion in 'Performance' started by Michel Leclerc, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. Michel Leclerc

    Michel Leclerc New Member

    I have a 91 Suzuki Carry (standard 4speed carburated 660cc engine) today I started my truck and it all went fine except that the revs stayed real high (as if the choke was still on) for the whole 10minutes drive to my destination. Then about 15 min later I restarted the engine which still rev too high by then the engine should have been at a lower idle and it wouldn't reset itself even after many repeated voluntary reved up of the engine in an attempt to disengage the choke. Then when I shut down the engine it continued on for turning for about 30 seconds. I decided to go back home right away to try to find out what was the problem then it wouldn't start even though the smell of gas was pretty obvious so I thought it was flooded then someone suggested to give me a push since it was on an incline so after few attempts at compression start it finally ran again but very week at first taking 10-15 secs to get back to high idle again but the same overeving problem was back. So when I got home I left it in neutral and let it run for awhile trying to unstick the throttle (which was fine) and finding an adjustment for the choke and finally shut it down because I could feel the exhaust getting very warm and the engine was starting to stem although the temp gage was normal (little below 1/2 way)
    ps: when I first got the truck a little over week now I had to bleed the heater but the temp gage always seem to be in the low normal range.
    i have read something about the choke engagement being influenced by the cooling system ? Is that the case and if so could my problem be related to bad coolant circulation cause only the top (bigger) hose from the rad was slightly warm the bottom (smaller one) was cool to the touch even though the engine was quite warm.
  2. fmartin_gila

    fmartin_gila Active Member

    Sounds like you may have a thermostat stuck closed or only a small amount partially opened. This would also effect the coolant flow through the choke setup on the carb and keep it on hi idle. the run-on after you shut it off also indicates it was "dieseling" which usually indicates it is hot. You need to check your temp gauge & sender cause you say it indicates normal when your problems indicate it is hot. Another possibility is that your water pump needs replacing as the water is clearly not circulating as shown by the difference in the upper & lower hoses. Are you sure the belt tension is right to drive the water pump?

  3. Michel Leclerc

    Michel Leclerc New Member

    Well it looks like I have a busted hose (I hope it is only that and not a crack engine) cause I checked the coolant level and that thing was almost emptied so I opened the rad cover since it was still cool to touch and when I poured some more coolant in it came out right away down at the bottom front of the engine... It looks like the hose that goes to the heater core has had it. I will have a closer look at it this morning. But thanks for the suggestions.
  4. KCCats

    KCCats Member

    Or a water pump?

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