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need help isnt runnin properly think its the carb

Discussion in 'Mazda Scrum' started by garrett, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. garrett

    garrett New Member

    ok so my truck (mazda badges but has suzuki id plate) was running pretty good then my water pump started acting up so i replaced it. ever since this happened the truck will start up when cold and have a high idle. i can rev it up and it runs fine on the high end. when i try to let it idle it will kill and then i cant get it started again without letting it sit for a while. to me i think it is something in the carb like the float is stuck. has anyone every experienced this? if so what are some options of getting it to run properly?

    all input greatly appreciated thanks: sidenote this thread is awesome for trouble shooting and i have fixed many things from using these forums!!
  2. prairie mini truck

    prairie mini truck New Member

    You said that it started after you changed the water pump. its possible that you have an air lock and the choke is not opening and flooding it. There should be bleed points at the top of the motor on the thermostat housing. I had to bleed the system on several of my trucks after installing in line water heaters.
    The carb water lines can also plug up, they can be blown out with low pressure air. Hope this helps.
  3. eddy

    eddy New Member

    I changed the valves due to skipped timing, since i was already there i changed the water pump too. I also bleed the water system too

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