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My Sanfu Project truck, Solid Axle, Honda Swap

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by Dezrik, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Dezrik

    Dezrik New Member

    Traded for this little truck a year ago, Supposedly only needed a starter and it could run well after months of searching for a starter I found one, however that wasn't the only issue with it. The Timing belt was stripped because the head was seized. Anyway no parts available for this little truck so I decided to make it into something fun.

    Project Plans:
    Samurai axle swap
    Honda D16y7 with matched manual trans
    28-29" Tires (May go smaller)

    KIMG0329.JPG KIMG0321.JPG
  2. Dezrik

    Dezrik New Member

    First things first, remove the engine/transmission and rear suspension. The stock tire size on the sanfu is 20x10x12. This truck is a 2WD. Lots of Quirky things on it, one being the drum brakes and the wheels making it difficult to find new wheels/tires.

    20180131_184957 (Custom).jpg 20180131_180801 (Custom).jpg 20180131_191820 (Custom).jpg 20180131_191945 (Custom).jpg
  3. Dezrik

    Dezrik New Member

    The frame on the Sanfu doesn't have a Square frame at any point, that made things difficult. I'm not mounting anything permanent until I get everything mocked up, so i can move things as necessary. I want to make sure all components fit and work well with each other.

    20180131_204111 (Custom).jpg 20180131_204119 (Custom).jpg 20180131_204148 (Custom).jpg
  4. Dezrik

    Dezrik New Member

    This kinda brings you up to date, Started this little project End of last Week, Today I tackled the front. I had to remove the front independant suspension, went pretty smooth i have to cut the spindles out eventually. Things currently planned is to do a spring over conversion. Hopefully it won't look like a monster truck at that point. The bigger the tires I have, the "faster" it will go.

    20180204_104816 (Custom).jpg 20180204_104830 - Copy (Custom).jpg 20180204_111052 (Custom).jpg View attachment 16154
  5. Dezrik

    Dezrik New Member

    You might be wondering, how the steering works on this little jewel so heres a picture of that, It goes down the steering column, under the floor where there is a 90 degree gear box that shoots towards the rack and pinion. The Gear box changes the direction of the input rotation. My plan is to mount the Samurai gear box input forward and with it being backwards it should turn the right direction.

    20180204_102833 (Custom).jpg
    20180204_112720 (Custom).jpg
  6. Dezrik

    Dezrik New Member

    The stock front suspension is complete removed.

    20180204_115658 (Custom).jpg 20180204_115706 (Custom).jpg 20180204_115717 (Custom).jpg
  7. Dezrik

    Dezrik New Member

    Now the Samurai front axle can get mocked up, I had to move the axle back 4 inches from stock, because of clearance issues. I can't really make the "wheel wells" any bigger going forward so i have to move the axle back, and the plan is to cut the rear portion of the fender and either rework it and make the oem fender work, or maybe down the road build a new fender to cover the rear portion of the tire :), Thats all I got for now, Project will continue further once I get the parts for the spring over conversion.

    20180204_120842 (Custom).jpg 20180204_132314 (Custom).jpg 20180204_132324 (Custom).jpg 20180204_135802 (Custom).jpg 20180204_140026 (Custom).jpg
  8. Tuskano

    Tuskano Member

    Tall beast you have there! Will be watching this build with interest :D
  9. RCCruiser

    RCCruiser New Member

    Glad you decided to make a build thread. Whoever came up with that idea must be a pretty smart guy. :D

    I see you outboarded your rear leafs.
    Would it not be just as easy to mount them under the frame rails, and put the perches closer together on the axle? This would give you a bit more articulation.
  10. RCCruiser

    RCCruiser New Member

    Also, you say you may run 28-29" tires. What size are the ones you have under it now? They look fairly proportioned for the amount of lift it appears you will need.
  11. Dezrik

    Dezrik New Member

    The frame is narrow right behind the cab and it gets much wider as it goes back, so it didn't really matter if I aligned the springs with the frame much. They are stock samurai spring perch width. I will make proper supports for the hangers when I pull the cab and bed off.

    The tires in the pictures are actually 29s (235/70r15)
  12. RCCruiser

    RCCruiser New Member

  13. Dezrik

    Dezrik New Member

    None at the moment, been too busy at work to play with it, I did order a Spring over kit spring mounts for the samurai axles, then I can really finalize where the axles will be and actually work the suspension a little bit to see what the clearances are. I still have quite a bit of work on the front, because the frame is completely flat up there, I have to lower the spring hanger so my caster/pinion angles are correct. Still having second thoughts about the Honda Civic motor/trans, I wish I could find a cheap UTV motor that was complete that would clear up a lot of room :)

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