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my 1998 cushman truckster is powered by a 850cc Daihatsu

Discussion in 'Performance' started by Dan, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. Turfspray

    Turfspray New Member

    The Daihatsu engine used in the Cushman was a 47 hp at 7500rpm. It was restricted in two ways. The governor controlled the speed. It was a Cushman exclusive called a ground speed governor. It was accurate + or - 25 rpm. It kept the speed accurate for spraying, top dressing, etc. The truckster used models also had a small resticter bracket on the trottle arm that kept the carburator from opening no more than one third. This was because the rest of the drive train was only good for about thirty HP. I was in the first service school in Lincoln NE when it was introduced. I just purchased a 93 turf truckster with that engine Saturday. It is different in important ways from the On road truck and the off road truck imported in the same era. Breater, carb, intake differences make it very difficult if not practical to swap parts. The 327 was 3 cylinder 27 hp at 3600 rpm.
  2. mikewinship

    mikewinship New Member

    I have a 327 and I cant find out what fluid goes in the transmission as mine is a 3 speed standard trany.
  3. Turfspray

    Turfspray New Member

    Old thread but it seems to work, EP 80-90 in the modern fluid groups. Nothing special. turfspray@aol.com if you have other questions or need some parts. I have 4 of these for spares.
  4. GaryC

    GaryC New Member

    Just picked up a Cushman Police truckster, it has the 3 cyl engine, I have no manuals. I was wondering where to locate the engine serial numbers, for parts ordering. I may be needing a water pump, or a thermostat. It hasn't run in over a year, the previous owner said it was overheating when he last used it. I just ordered a "hijet" rebuild kit off eBay, hope that'll get it running. ( it would only run with my hand over the carb intake) Gary C
  5. fmartin_gila

    fmartin_gila Active Member

    Don't know if this is what you have but worth a shot. Go to Jacobsen website. They have (downloadable) Parts list and engine service manual for the Suzuki K6A engine used in their Cushman Truckster. If you do determine that you have the K6A engine, parts are available at a number of sites. This may be for a later unit than what you have.
  6. GaryC

    GaryC New Member

    I actually bought manuals on-line from "all things mechanical. The thumb drive didn't work for the model I needed, I emailed them, they sent a downloadable file to my email. I printed them off today, used three black print cartridges, but now I have two paper manuals to read and reference. I haven't looked through it yet, but it looks like the service manual covers both the Susuki and the Diahatsu engine. Always great to have reference material
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