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Munched Suzuki Van.

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by olddatsunfan, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. olddatsunfan

    olddatsunfan Member

    Well, bad news guys, I got rear ended this morning in my Suzuki Van on the way to work. I don't know if ICBC is going to write the guy off yet, but, it doesn't sound good .... Wish me luck with insurance!

    On another note, does anyone local have listings for a 1992 Suzukin Carry or Every Van with a Combi kit on it and a 4 wheel drive 5 speed with A/C from BC? I have a feeling I'm in for a long argument with the Insurance adjuster :(!
  2. zardoz

    zardoz Member

    Now thats just a shame :( I feel yer pain, good luck with the battle that is sure to ensue.

  3. That's bloody awful news!! Hopefully they don't write it off, my fingers are crossed for ya.

    If there's an option to buy her back, make sure you do!
    check PM as well.
  4. olddatsunfan

    olddatsunfan Member

    Thanks guys, I hope they don't write her off, but, I'm not optimistic. I don't know about buying her back either, if I have to go buy another one, I'll probably get a Subaru Domingo this time around ....
  5. fupabox

    fupabox Active Member

    Sorry about your luck.:(..at least you are ok...if you were rear ended and there's no mechanical damage you may make out well by parting it out..good luck
  6. Coast Steve

    Coast Steve Member

    Sorry to hear that Jason.

  7. olddatsunfan

    olddatsunfan Member

    Thanks guys, it's in the hands of the appraisers now!
  8. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Active Member Staff Member

    i hope it comes out in your favor!
  9. erixun

    erixun Member

    Not to sound morbid or to rub salt in your wounds... but do you have any pictures of the damage? What was the other vehicle? Speeds? Just curious. And I hope the insurance people are good to you after all the money they get from us!
  10. olddatsunfan

    olddatsunfan Member

    Well, I didn't take any pictures of it guys, I was too depressed, I'm thinking that since they've said that it's going to be at least $4500 to fix so far without looking at anything beyond the surface damage, I'm hooped .... Guess I have to wait and find out what all they'll give me for it now.

    Anyone interested in parts from a 4 wheel drive, 5 speed Suzuki Carry Van?

  11. zazenmaster

    zazenmaster Member


    Is that $4500 figure from an actual auto body shop, or just from ICBC?

    Given the recent scandals regarding ICBC employees selling written-off vehicles cheap to friends and family, I'd be inclined to question the objectivity of any figures they give you.

  12. olddatsunfan

    olddatsunfan Member

    That's the figure from the body shop so far. They are removing the body kit to see what of damage is beneath it now ....
  13. zazenmaster

    zazenmaster Member

  14. zazenmaster

    zazenmaster Member

  15. olddatsunfan

    olddatsunfan Member

    I printed out that every from terra2, could work for me!

  16. Coast Steve

    Coast Steve Member

    Now you get to test drive new ones at least.
  17. olddatsunfan

    olddatsunfan Member

    Yay TEST DRIVE! Wait, the dealers hang out here right, there not gonna let me go for a boot then are they ?
  18. olddatsunfan

    olddatsunfan Member

    Well guys, bad news, I got back from holidays to find out that ICBC has assessed $7700 worth of damage to the van and have decided to write it off as total loss :eek: ... I haven't found anything for sale less than $8000 and no 4 wheel drive ones at all, I guess the fun begins now with valuation :frustration: :( ....

    Wish me luck!
  19. anthill

    anthill Member

    Jason, sorry to hear your sweet van got written off. Best of luck with a fair valuation. And if it's not too soon, I hope a well-priced 4WD VW-kit Domingo comes your way. ;)
  20. Coast Steve

    Coast Steve Member

    Good luck Jason!

    Hope you find one,

    Ask if you can buy yours back?

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