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motorcycle engine

Discussion in 'Performance' started by sylster, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. slimbad

    slimbad Member


    I stared at the photo of your Panther for 20 min and I still don't get it. That's the weirdest ATV I've ever seen. Down here in Florida our ATV's have BIG knobby tires and a lot more ground clearance:D. It seriously looks cool. Never been on a snowmobile.....one day though.

    Wasn't that you that posted a video of snowmobiling a long while back? If it was, I was thoroughly impressed with your "whoop-da-whoop" skills..........later, slim
  2. pale horse

    pale horse New Member

    Bloody Aussies are nuts eh mate I thought playing dead while the cop went by sort of shined a bit. That geo sounded bad as I think it needed a shaft and twice the motor size it would get up there but needed to jump and could here flex in the power band just like a bike with a chain. Great vid and I to would like to tranplant a 4 cyl venture cycle motor or GSX.Kim

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