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Motor Vehicle Department NIGHTMARES!

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by Mighty Milt, May 22, 2008.

  1. MichTrucks

    MichTrucks Moderator Staff Member

    I believe in some areas you can request a VIN number. I'm told that's how it is in Michigan...but I have no intent on doing it. Then you get a new 17 digit"legal VIN'
    But Off-road is fine for me.
  2. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Moderator

    you can do that in arizona too, but the thing is the vehicle has to pass the import inspection for motor vehicle safety standards, which this hasn't. i've been told that i have to take it back to the port of entry and give it to the customs people and have it inspected for on road use. i started off just trying to get it inspected and registered as a golf cart. they keep putting it in the 1/2 ton truck category. my next step is a class 2 inspection, which is taking it to MVD and having them look it over, if were LHD it wouldn't be a problem to get off hiway plates to take it to BLM recreation areas, but unless i get lucky and find some RHD and just send me home.

    it's just absolutely unfair that these can be imported for "OFF ROAD USE ONLY" but i can't use it off road legallly.
  3. glenn

    glenn Member

    you might want to check out the rear bumper....there is none....they might want you to put on a bumper....daylight running lights cost about $50 to install...clean air emmisions of course....I never heard about the neutral safety switch wtf?

  4. A neutral safety switch means you can't start the truck in gear...
  5. MiniBrutes

    MiniBrutes Gold Supporting Member

    Neutral safety switch is for Automatics not manuals. For a standard it is then called a clutch safety switch, and are not required.

    Rear bumpers are not required on trucks in Canada.

    Daytime Running Lights are required everywhere. Whoever passed it in Alberta shouldnt have done so without the Daytimes.

    Taillights do not have to be marked DOT. They can be E-Coded or marked JIS (Which they are)

    What you DO need if you dont have them, is side reflectors, front and rear. As well, side marker lights front and rear. Your 91 Suzuki is not equipped with that from OEM. The signal light at the top of the cab does not comply as a marker.

    These are national vehicle equipment regulations and are not a provincial thing. This should be consistant across the country, but is certainly not, as you have found out.
  6. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    I agree 100 % as I have just done this with mine and it passed fine.:)

  7. unclejemima

    unclejemima Member

    Great info MiniBrutes!
    I was speaking with a guy yesterday who has a mini truck, and he was asking me about the non-DOT tail lights, its good to hear they dont have to be DOT approved. Anyone know if a 91 honda acty's tail lights are E-Coded or marked JIS? Is there anyway to find out?
    The headlights HAVE to be DOT approved though, right?
    Thanks kindly all,
  8. MiniBrutes

    MiniBrutes Gold Supporting Member

    Headlights can be DOT marked or E-coded with a left hand steering country code.

    All Japanese lights are JIS coded. (Japan Industry Standard) It has been proven that JIS lights are equal to, or better than CMVSS/DOT/SAE Standards. That parts that are not up to par are headlights, (Beam cuts to the left) and the fact that Japan does not require side markers/clearance lights or reflectors.

    So, Yes, your Acty is fine for taillights, but its a bit of a process to make something for headlights as of course, there are no drop-in DOT comliant lenses.

    The upper signal lights beside the headlights need to be wired as a marker lamp. (Or add auxillary lights) There is no comlian reflector front or rear on the sides, and of course no side markers in the rear at all.

    It takes us 2-3 hours to get the Acty (And any other composite headlight truck) ready to go for the inspection. Anything with round lights or Hijets only take about an hour to get ready.

    It is bloody amazing at how each inspection station is different, and none of them seem to have read their certification manuals. I get places trying to tell me you need a 3rd brakelight (Which you dont on a truck) and others passing vehicles without reflectors or daytimes or DOT headlights.

    It's baffling. Some people take their vehicles to the "lienient" shops for inspection, which is simply bad news. We have vehicle compliance checkstops here, and I have seen Skylines and the such pulled off the road due to non-compliance. I bet the shops that certified some of these cars will get their pee-pee's slapped, and stand the chance of loosing their certification.

    We try our best to comply with everything, all the time. I dont like the inconsistancy in this industry at all....
  9. Samurai9

    Samurai9 Member

    I had to replace one of the rectangular headlights on my 1993 Hijet. It was an off the shelf item, less than $10, at a local auto parts store. The replacement headlight was an exact fit into the old frame.

  10. MiniBrutes

    MiniBrutes Gold Supporting Member

    Yes, the Hijets and any "round eye" truck are off the shelf units. But, the Honda's and other trucks that have composite (molded) headlights, you cannot simply go to the parts store and get a legal headlight.

    You have to do some creative activities to make something else work.
  11. lzpoor

    lzpoor Member

  12. MiniBrutes

    MiniBrutes Gold Supporting Member

    Yes, plow lights are a very good solution. I would like a grill guard to mount these to, but I havent found anyone making anything at a mass-production level. All the ones I have seen to date are one-off's by truck owners....
  13. Samurai9

    Samurai9 Member

    My truck came with a nice grill guard (see photos in the gallery), apparently salvaged from some prior use. It was rusty in places and lacking the side pieces which cover the headlights, but it fits the truck well, is quite robust, and bolted to the frame. It also serves as a front bumper. I think it was made by Grizzly. (My truck also has a Reese hitch receiver at the rear, also bolted to the frame.)

  14. unclejemima

    unclejemima Member

    Yes, this I found out. My Acty's headlights had to be cut out and some DOT approved rectangular lights were fitted. It looks kinda hacked, but it works!:D
  15. Lug nut

    Lug nut New Member

    The red tape adventures

    We got our truck passed and into service, however the folks who wired in the daytime running lights hooked it so that you can not shut the engine off with the head lights on. :sly: I guess if this is my worst problem I am at least on the road. As far as different inspectors looking for different standards, a lot of it seems to be coming from reading the book once and then tossing it aside and supposing they know what's what. I have everything from tandom axle dump trucks to fire trucks to 15 passenger vans to street sweepers that get inspections at least yearly and they like to try and change the requirements for those units. Most of the confusion around the mini trucks is the fact most people don't know the classification for them, and or have never heard of one let alone had to inspect one.
  16. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    If you need to fix your headlights your self then the easist way is to get a standard Bosch 30 amp relay and bring a wire from the radio +12 volt to the relay trigger and ground the other side. Then use the exsisting +12 volt headlight supply to power to the load side of the relay. What messes up alot of people when doing DRL's on the Subies is that the power is live at all times to the headlight and it is the ground that is switched at the headlight switch.
    Read of more than one person frying the DRL module when not knowing this.
  17. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Moderator


    i've been working my way through registering this truck for 4 months now. and have finally come to my wit's end. friday was my final attempt and i have bad news to share with anyone in arizona.

    i tried to register it as an ATV with registration obtained in south dakota. unfortunately south dakota revoked the title which put me back to square one with arizona, in fact, a step behind since i used my original export certs to get the south dakota registration i had only an invalid registration and nothing more.

    i ran into the same problem of "it's too much of a street vehicle to be an atv, and it's not been through federal inspection so it can't go on the road". i was also informed that it is against the law to sell, buy or title a grey market vehicle in the state of arizona. so if i'm a law abiding citizen i have to just let this thing rot in my garage because i can't legally drive or get rid of it. THERE'S GOOD NEWS!!

    i actually had a very helpful vehicle inspector who took my number and called me back a couple times throughout the day to let me know his findings. his reseach yielded this: every vehicle must be inspected by federal inspectors and given a sticker to be on the road. i argued that these were inported as off road vehicles why couldn't i register it like a rhino? he told me there are federal standards set by the epa and safety issues that pertain solely to off road vehicles and they get a federal sticker as well. the guy had answers for most of my questions and when he didn't have an answer he called me back with one. he agreed that it's an awesome idea but that he just couldn't do it. through his research he found others mini trucks that were registered in the system in arizona, as atv's and road worthy vehicles. and he was trying to lobby my fight by presidence. since they could why couldn't i? he was informed that the big wigs knew some of these truck had been registered and there was an audit in motion to revoke all of their registrations. no kidding. so it just seems that if i did get it registered, it wouldn't last for long...
  18. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

  19. smoothstroke

    smoothstroke Member

    An audit, Sucks for the folks that already have a tag. :( Time to get the AZ laws changed.
  20. rayallen

    rayallen Member

    Oklahoma will send out their rules for tagging a mini truck on October 15. If they do allow a tag maybe some from other states can tag it in Oklahoma and do a registrant transfer into their home state. May be worth a try? The Oklahoma Highway Patrol told me to put a triangle sign on the back of mine, turn on the flashers, tell everyone it is a agg vehicle, go drive it anywhere but the interstate highway system. By the way I am a farmer/ rancher with a tax permit that can b e used on 4 wheelers to not pay a sales tax. They become a small tractor in Oklahoma if purchased with a tax permit.

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