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Mitsu Front & Rear Bumpers

Discussion in 'Mitsubishi Minicab' started by Kmart, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. Kmart

    Kmart New Member

    Does anybody have good pics & plans on front & rear bumpers? I am thinking about trying to fab up some with receiver hitches. I would like to hear from some of you out there that have experience in fabbing up these bumpers to get a better idea of what I need to accomplish. If anybody has any pics of what your Mitsu with the bumpers installed please post them.
  2. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Active Member

  3. dwink

    dwink Member

    The rear is easy and the front is a little tougher. I'll post my mount pattern if I get a chance. These are my bumpers. http://www.minitrucktalk.com/galleries/member.php?uid=66&protype=1 I have another I built for a 93 mitsi I will post if I get a chance. Build the rear first and then you will have better idea on how to conquer the front.
  4. Kmart

    Kmart New Member

    Milt, thanks for the info. That rear looks pretty tight. I may have to go with the C-Channel for the rear bumper.

    Dwink, that front bumper on your '99 is killer. That has to be the best design I have ever seen, Awesome. Did you fab everything yourself? Let me ask, if you were to make somebody one exactly the same, what would you charge? I am in no way a machinest nor do I have access to the kind of tools needed to make something this ellaborate.

    I appreciate the ideas fellas. I will let ya'll know what I get done & post pics in a couple of months.
  5. dwink

    dwink Member

    I originally thought channel was the way to go, but I would recommend 2 x 4 tubing in the lightest gauge you could get. It seems too thin , but by the time its all welded up it becomes stout. I am starting another rear bumper for a 99 mitsi in the next few weeks and I will take pictures from the beginning to the end and will post.
  6. zbadboy

    zbadboy Member

    Here is a nice front bumper. The rear bumper will probably be a popular item next month.:eek:

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  7. gbrad

    gbrad Member

    I think I've been permanently damaged by that rear bumper.

  8. Yote223

    Yote223 New Member

    Did you ever get that rear bumper fabbed up - would like to see how it worked out Getting ready to start on my own. What size tube/pipe did you use for the front bumpers
  9. Mack90

    Mack90 New Member

    I have been looking for bumpers as well...my welding skills are somewhere between sucking and non-existant. Does anyone make bumpers with winch mounts incorporated?
  10. Kinda hard to see, but the rear tubestyle bumper is just welded to the chassis using sidebars.


    I've used it to pull tandom axle campers without issue :cool:
  11. mitsu911

    mitsu911 Member

    I am making front and rear bumpers for my 1999 right now; front one is tubes with a 4000 lb winch built into it. couple more weeks and maybe I'll have some pics
  12. 3banger

    3banger Member

    You mind if I ask what year that little fella in the pictures is?

    I like your bumper skills.

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