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Mits minicab/bravo "U"-series model #'s

Discussion in 'Mitsubishi Minicab References' started by slimbad, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. slimbad

    slimbad Member

    Mini-cab/Bravo U1/U4/U6#

    U11T 2CYL/2WD (truck)
    U11TP 2CYL/2WD (panel van)
    U11V 2CYL/2WD (van)
    U12T 2CYL/4WD (truck)
    U12V 2CYL/4WD (van)
    U14T 3CYL/2WD (truck)
    U14TG 550/super charger/2WD (truck)
    U14TP 3CYL/2WD (panel van)
    U14V 3CYL/2WD (van)
    U14VG 550/super charger/2WD (van)
    U15T 3CYL/4WD (truck)
    U15TG 550/super charger/4WD (truck)
    U15V 3CYL/4WD (van)
    U15VG 550/super charger/4WD (van)
    U18T 660/2WD (truck) <-90/12>
    U18TP 660/2WD (panel van) <-90/12>
    U18V 660/2WD (van) (-90/12>
    U19T 660/4WD (truck) <-90/12>
    U41T 660/2WD (truck) <-90/12>
    U41TP 660/2WD (panel van) <91/01->
    U41V 660/2WD (van) <91/01->
    U42T 660/4WD (truck) 91/01->
    U42TP 660/4WD (panel van) 94/01->
    U42V 660/4WD (van) <91/01->
    U43V 660/4CYL/2WD (van) <94/01->
    U44V 660/4CYL/4WD (van) <94/01->
    U61T 660/2WD (truck) <99->
    U61TP 660/2WD (panel van) <99->
    U61V 660/2WD (van) <99->
    U61W 660/3CYL/2WD (wagon) <99->
    U62T 660/4WD (truck) <99->
    U62TP 660/4WD (panel van) <99->
    U62V 660/3CYL/4WD (van) <99->
    U62W 660/3CYL/4WD (wagon) (99->
    U63W 660/4CYL/2WD (wagon) <99->
    U64W 660/4CYL/4WD (wagon) <99->

  2. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    Great Info
  3. Dan

    Dan Member

    Wow! i had no idea there were so many...

    what about the "D & L" models? scissor lift and dump bodys.
  4. slimbad

    slimbad Member

    Big Woops on my part:eek: --since MY truck is a U15D. So basically in the list above, all of the U##T models would be U##D or U##L for Dump or Lift - if so equipped. Good catch Dan...........later,slim
  5. MelFranklin

    MelFranklin New Member

    Can someone please tell me where u are finding the info that tells you which U series ur truck is? i have searched everywhere and nowhere on my truck or any paperwork does it say anything about U### i am now 36 hrs into getting no where w this question

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