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Minitrucks Philippines

Discussion in 'Mini Truck Spottings' started by kargador, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. kargador

    kargador New Member

  2. Meesho

    Meesho Member

    Wow, sweet trucks. I really like the mystic paint on the first one.

    I can't imagine how much bondo will be needed to smooth out the welds on that last truck!
  3. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Active Member

    the first and third pictures are the same truck
  4. canadian1

    canadian1 Member


    do you know who is doing this in the philippines?

  5. jtpc

    jtpc Member

    :) Its interesting to see how these little trucks can be fixed up so differently depending on use/purpose.
  6. kargador

    kargador New Member

    hi paul,

    modding Carry (and other Jap minis) is practically a craze here in RP and every city has two or three good shops but the best are in Cebu City (lots of surplus shops with lots of relatively cheap kits and parts).


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