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Minitruck Channel

Discussion in 'Mini Lounge' started by kmoneil, Feb 18, 2010.


Start a Minitruck Channel?

  1. Yes, lets do it.

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  2. No

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  1. rpm

    rpm Member

    That is the key. It would be tough to come up with enough material for a full season of 30 minute shows, let alone a network.

    There is definite potential here, just limited content and audience.
  2. Badr Fawzy

    Badr Fawzy New Member

    Domingo E12 1999

    Hi everyone,

    I just found my my way coincidently to this thread, and it's great to know.

    I have a Subaru Domingo E12 year 1999. I got it bout 3 yrs ago, had never give any problems, until since 4 months ago, I'm having this jerking problem.

    It cuts off for half a second and back to normal wild driving. I'm having a tough time to detect and rectify the problem. Not sure is it electrical or fuel.

    Please advice. thank you:confused:
  3. caddiman

    caddiman Guest

    I've got a sick Honda HH3 street it was shutting off after about 20 sec of idle . I just took it out of winter storage and it won't start at all.
    Does anyone know where I can get an igniter and coil?:frustration::frustration:
  4. Ironraven

    Ironraven Active Member

  5. Ironraven

    Ironraven Active Member


    Another... I almost didn't make it out of this one. Watch how the truck slides to one side at the end :D If you turn the volume up you can hear me wondering if I'm gonna be able to get through :cool:
  6. Captain Nemo

    Captain Nemo Member

    Iron Raven,

    I don't know.
    It could just be me, but
    It didn't look very exciting to me.

    Sounded like you had someone riding along, couldn't tell much, but just saw a tire going through muddy water.

    I may be getting old but I'm guessing that if you'd have gotten stuck, you could almost have picked her up and put her up on the grass and driven on.

    Or maybe I saw the wrong video?


  7. Ironraven

    Ironraven Active Member

    Maybe you had to be there? I had a passenger the 5 year old who shot the other video... the "muddy water" the tire went through was a 4' deep puddle, the truck slowly sliding down the 40 degree incline (yeah, that wasn't me coasting that was brakes on and the truck sliding down) of Midwest clay mud and the nose digging into the other side of the hill so hard it threw the truck sideways might not have been exciting to you but it sure got my heart pounding.

    Maybe you're old??? Hells, maybe you're superman... because I sure as F**K can't lift 1300 pounds. Did I miss something or have you not posted any video of any of your adventures here? Put something up for us to see before you criticize too hard.

    Regardless of if you enjoy them or not, I'm going to try and keep shooting more video and with any luck my cinematography skills will improve to the point where they meet up with your high expectations of quality :rolleyes:
  8. Captain Nemo

    Captain Nemo Member

    Criticism isn't bad

    Iron Raven,

    You are a touchy one aren't you.

    I just went out and measured the height of my Hijet.
    It is just over 2' (feet) from ground to truck bed.
    4' (feet) of mud puddle would put the steering wheel under water.
    Assuming that such an event were to occur, I can only imagine that I wouldn't be worrying about driving the kei, since the entire electrical system would have shut down. I would be looking for a flotation collar to bring it back to shore.

    But it may be that you meant to say 4" (inches).

    My only thought was it isn't very interesting to look at a tire churning through a mud puddle. I understand your adrenalin was up and it was an event to you.

    But I did spend enough of my time in a career as a prize winning underwater photographer to know that any picture you have to explain to the viewer is a pretty poor photo and reflects on you. Thus it is that I stopped showing pictures I had taken of shark's tails and fins as they ripped past me, and started taking photos of them.

    Most people are too polite to ever criticize.

    Remember the shark movie "Jaws" where the mayor and town council tell the sheriff his photo of a Great White Shark's fin could be anything? Well, that's what I had to face too. And now its your turn.

    Because a person makes a constructive criticism isn't bad. It is how we learn to do better. Otherwise we are all sitting around telling one another about how big the shark was, but never getting the pictures to show them.

    If you are still feeling the same way after this note, I am truly sorry.


  9. Ironraven

    Ironraven Active Member

    Wow, I totally forgot about this...Sorry man I had 2 hours of sleep and 4 shots of whisky :eek: And this is literally the first video I took with my new camera so I'm not surprised it wasn't the greatest.

    Have you any advice on building a weatherproof camera box? With your kind of experience you probably do... I want something that'll protect the camera but allow me to mount it in the back of the truck on a rig so it captures a little more of the action.
  10. Ironraven

    Ironraven Active Member

    Oh, and FWIW we were WAY out there. I wish I had captured it better on video, here's a still:

  11. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member


    This is THIS, it isn't something ELCE....RD

    Looks like fun, nice shot...
    It's all about the fun and excitement, when "out and about" in these little trucks and I find, that we get a lot more excitement, with less...compared to say, a timberjack; there is no challange, no excitement. Is it about getting to the other side, or finding excitement?

    Like going to a knife fight with a deserteagle; no challange, no excitement and the fight has no meaning. I'd go bare handed, now the fight is a challenge and has meaning, excitement.

    I never go riding with full size 4x4ers, they always want to show up my little truck, prove that they can go "deeper", climb faster etc.

    That's not what this is about. When I do go out, I make all my buds take their ATVs and side by sides; no one "trys" the 3 foot deep holes:D

    Just my 2cents, to correct this incorrect definition of a "challenge".;)

  12. Captain Nemo

    Captain Nemo Member

    Iron Raven,

    I like your machine. I wish I had your wheels and front receiver. I'm still looking for some I can afford.

    To waterproof a camera won't be a problem for your purposes.
    If I'm reading you right, you want it to be mounted on the truck so you can get the action, like looking over the top forward, etc.

    Any optically clear material will give you a good case.
    The problem will be the controls. If they are manual, like my little video, I actually have to activate the shutter and zooms on the camera. It does an excellent job, but I can't do it remotely.

    If you have a remote, then that makes a case a snap.
    Think peanut butter jar.
    What do you have like a jar which has a screw top with a rubber or vinyl gasket to seal it? My favorite brand of Safeway Crunchy peanut butter comes in a potentially great container.

    (Some Experts disagree but, I would recommend eating the jar's contents before this part)

    By cutting out the bottom leaving a generous flange, then using a piece of Lexan or Plexiglas which should be bedded pushed from the inside of the jar into a thick layer of silicon rubber cement you will end up with a jar whose bottom is optically clear and waterproofed probably to sixty feet of water depth or so.
    Figure out how to brace the camera using sponge rubber which can be cut to shape and strategically glued inside at the points of contact or holding, and then slip the camera in, screw on the lid and you are ready to figure out how to mount same.

    Another way would be to just construct the whole thing into a box which fits your camera using Lexan and glue which is available at Home Depot. Its tough stuff. I had to replace a metal radio mast (antenna) on my outboard. The original part had rusted out. I couldn't get the replacement, so I bought Lexan, and did my thing. That was five years ago, and its still hanging in, with the antenna whipping like crazy every time we hit a wave.

    Whatever you finally do, resist your impulses, :frustration:before you put the camera into it and go out and try it out in the field without the camera in it. Beat the stuffing out of it when its empty.

    If it works, then you are in business. If not, well you still have the camera, and you start on Mk-2.

    Good luck, I look forward to seeing some great videos from you.


  13. Ironraven

    Ironraven Active Member

    I never thought of a peanut butter jar... that's an excellent idea! I had looked at some other suggestions online in the interim and found someone suggesting a Pelican case with foam cut to the size of the camera too, but using one of the dozens of empty jars I have laying around seems to be a much more economical solution to me! Do you think I need to worry about it overheating at all?

    Unfortunately my camera doesn't have a remote, so I'll have to just set it at the start and do some heavy editing when I'm done. I have a line on some sweet trails to try this weekend so I think I'm gonna have to stop by Menards on the way home and get some heavy duty plexi glue and silicone sealant, maybe some big hose clamps and whatnot as well. Hopefully I'll have some good footage...
  14. Captain Nemo

    Captain Nemo Member

    Keeping the camera cool

    You probably won't have a over heating problem from the equipment operation. The new videos don't seem to have a shutter or motor, (I'm probably wrong, and but it hasn't been a concern of mine and I haven't bothered to look into the question.) Without a motor generating heat, the battery discharging shouldn't cause any.

    This all ignores of course videos that use tape, or dvd's as their recording medium. These will generate heat.

    My personal preferences have been to go to the SD card machines. First I went through a plethora of Musteg SD machines. One DV9300 is lying here on the desk next to the computer. Its missing its battery cover. Other than that its in great shape. I've smashed them, lost them, given them away. They are really cheap and great quality for what you pay.

    Last year I decided to move up, and went to a JVC. It was great, and is still doing fine. But, I just bought my second JVC Everio GZ-MS120BU because its so nifty to simply dump the cards into the computer.

    A second one? I'm too damn lazy to remember where I put the thing, so I just put them where I think I'll be. Sometimes I stick them in a pocket and forget where I left the pocket. And since I come from a generation when my first serious underwater still camera was a Nikonas, and I forked over $800.00 for it. (That's about $4,000.00 in today's bucks.) I still have it, thirty years later. It has as much salt corrosion on the case as my bones do.

    Anyway, in spite of the fact that I have several of the older medium videos. One a Sony dvd which I have made only one dvd with it in two years of ownership. My wife says I should get rid of them, but it amuses me to stack things like this up. You never know when they'll come back.

    But back to your problem. The question the hot house properties of the case. If it is in the open, and the camera is predominantly black, the sun will warm it up pretty good. But how much of a problem it is depends on what your camera manufacturer says the operational range of it is.

    Obviously, if you were to wrap the camera in foam rubber, and to fill the case as much as possible with the same material, (I imagine something sliding in and out of the case with the camera.) then there is considerably less solar heat build-up, with all that insulation and shock absorbing foam. And too if it did crack or leak, the foam would give the camera some protection from flooding. But that still leaves the mechanical generation of heat from the camera. If nothing else, at home on the kitchen table, put the camera running inside the case, and observe its temperature for fifteen minutes to half an hour. That should give you a definitive idea of what to expect.

    But there may be someone out there who can tell you whether its a worry or not. Then remember Ronald Reagan's famous words. "Trust, but verify!"

    Here on my bee farm, I use Plexiglas or glass sheets on a closed box with a black container sealed inside to make a solar beeswax melter. It doesn't take much sun, and the wax is soon flowing.

    One way to offset this heat would be to paint the case, white. That should have a shading effect, and keep the heat inside down.

    One tip I would give you from my diving days.
    Day-glow florescent paint. Orange seems the best for visibility.

    I would make sure to stripe the case in white with highlights of day-glow orange.

    That way, when you have the case ripped off by a thick growth of blackberry briars or other vegetation you can go back and recover the camera with a minimum of aggravation.

    This color is especially good in low light conditions, like at dusk.

    Good luck.

    On the receiver, let me know when you do it. If it can fit a HiJet S80, we might do a deal.


  15. Bro JJ

    Bro JJ Guest

    Just got my first Minin Truck & I have alot to learn .
    I have just got on the Fourm great site .
    Headed to church be back later
  16. Bro JJ

    Bro JJ Guest

    I washed my mini truck got the motor wet I was spraying off the motor just got it now It runs funny & want start good help
  17. Captain Nemo

    Captain Nemo Member


    Been there, done that too.

    Towel with dry paper towels the spark plug and ignition coil wires.
    If its got a distributor, pop the cap.
    Take out the rotor, thoroughly dry out condensation from the heat steam, on it and inside of distributer.
    (This is a good time to check condition of both for eroded electrodes. You might want to brush these up with some fine emery cloth for better spark.)

    You probably have some over spray or even condensation from your wash job which is interfering with the spark.

    Or just let Nature dry it out. She will in her own time, and the problem will go away.

    Last edited: Jun 1, 2011
  18. Ironraven

    Ironraven Active Member

    Check your air intake hoses too. My secondary one where it pulls warm air off the exhaust was cracked and sucking water into the engine.
  19. Ironraven

    Ironraven Active Member

  20. downhere

    downhere Member

    Ironraven, why don't you buy yourself a Go Pro HD? They already come with a waterproof case, a variety of mounting brackets and will record in 1080. We have one and use it for quadding, at the lake, strapped to the dog, on the bikes and works very well. Over the next while I am hoping to buy a Daihatsu deck van and really like the tires you put on your truck! My question is how are they on the road or highway? Are they aggressive enough for offroad?
  21. Ironraven

    Ironraven Active Member

    Because I got my camera for free and a Gopro is F@#$@# expensive! I made the case for under $15.00... can't beat that :) My camera records in HD although I'm not sure if it's 1080 or 720...

    I haven't run into a problem with my tires yet. They aren't super aggressive but that's good as far as I'm concerned. I don't really go mudding hardcore and my main focus is low impact since I use my truck primarily for my cattle operation... and being 10" wide means VERY low impact.

    On the highway they are LOUD but handle pretty well. I want to get different rims because the ones I'm using now require me to use spacers so balancing the wheels has been difficult.
  22. Captain Nemo

    Captain Nemo Member

    Nuf said

    Well done!!!;)
  23. downhere

    downhere Member

    Free is good!!! Keep up with the video's! Just missed out on buying a deck van locally! Kind of sucks but I'll find one and be able to post some of my own adventures! Again love the tires.....
  24. Ironraven

    Ironraven Active Member

    Thanks man! I'm hoping to get out for some good tearing around this weekend... but work comes before play, I have some fencing to do and hope to get some welding done on a brush guard/skidplate combo thingy not to mention I have some work to do on the house and a billion other things lol. I'll get out a little bit regardless though :)
  25. erixun

    erixun Member

    Way cool video! I think I need to get my camera out and take some video! You have inspired yet another one, keep em' coming.
  26. Ironraven

    Ironraven Active Member

    MORE!!! This is some pretty sweet video... I'm still trying to find the best mounting point. So far I think I like the "right behind the battery box" mount the best. Gives a pretty good overview of the action IMO. Warning, I get SERIOUSLY stuck at the end and there's some winch work. And profanity :D


    In spite of my best efforts most of my time was taken up with fencing and other stupid projects so I barely got a start on my skid plate... nothing noteworthy there. Oh well, at least I spent a couple hours out playing in the mud.
  27. fupabox

    fupabox Well-Known Member

    sweet vid...don't know how it missed it when posted??....the cam mount works good:)
  28. Ironraven

    Ironraven Active Member

    Thanks :) Yeah it works pretty darn well eh? It was totally underwater when I got stuck lol
  29. christophergaines

    christophergaines New Member

    turbo busa suzuki mini

    recently swapped in turbo busa into suzi and am looking for a body kits for it, any help
  30. Ironraven

    Ironraven Active Member

    Post up some vids of drifting that bish :D

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