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Minitruck Channel

Discussion in 'Mini Lounge' started by kmoneil, Feb 18, 2010.


Start a Minitruck Channel?

  1. Yes, lets do it.

    102 vote(s)
  2. No

    6 vote(s)
  1. o8k

    o8k Member

    Get Jesse James to make one into a street legal DOT approved vehicle!!!! <giggle> sorry couldnt resist...
  2. DannyM

    DannyM Member

    Seriously guys, all these ideas are great. I do think that some where in the show we should always stress that these are off road vehicles. The uses of these vehicles are many, and show these trucks doing the different jobs that have been mentioned. From the dealers and importers stand point, we should always stress that they are for off road;but; as an on road vehicle their job usages increase many times. I think we should always stress safety, in some sort or fashion, as many times they are used in dangerous situations.
    With a positive and progressive safety attitude, showing how much work and fun these trucks are, the many jobs that can be done, it won't take to long until a lot of political figures are interested and helping the cause along. Especially if we are giving them what they really want to see. As an added attraction, showing a "local politician" who has an interest, and they can help there a lot, having them involved with showing the trucks, would really be positive advertisements for them.
    The guys who have built the snow plows, blowers, lifts, hunting vehicles etc, a whole show could be done. Adding in dealer and part people ads, wow, what an impact. What I am trying to say,these trucks will literally sell themselves, we just need to get them out there in the public eye, in a tasteful way and see what happens. Who ever does the video editing will have a ton of fun, and someone selling ads would be a great idea too.
    As for the swimsuit idea, I ran that one by my wife, she said if tastefully done, (remembering that young people and kids will also be watching) at times could actually help, if the sex idea is not the first thing you notice. She also said it would keep us married guys out of a lot of trouble too.;)
    Kevin, any ideas on a "host" or voice in the back ground ? Or am I to far down the road?
  3. country24

    country24 New Member

    I think it would be great. Are you talking about a cable/satellite channel or an internet channel? If it's a cable/satellite channel, my only concern is that there are so many channels ahead of us that it would probably wind up in packages that offer several hundred channels for high dollars. It would be a while before I could contribute any video since I don't own a minitruck yet. But I might be able to help some by contributing audio. I have some radio experience. My voice is far from great, but it's acceptable on small town radio.
  4. fupabox

    fupabox Well-Known Member

    Yes ..I had just assumed something like a you tube channel..wasn't thinking TV show...I think we need Tater Green:p
  5. TexAcoon

    TexAcoon Member

    Enjoyed the video! ... Good job! ...
  6. kmoneil

    kmoneil Administrator Staff Member

    I don't have any ideas for that yet :D
  7. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Active Member Staff Member

    A youtube channel would be nice. if you do enough videos and get enough audience you can get "show" status and be all professional like
  8. kmoneil

    kmoneil Administrator Staff Member

    Once we get a log of everyone that wants to put their videos up, I will start something a little better than youtube, it will be little more custom to our forum. Then hopefully we will get the audience and be able to do more than just a internet show.
  9. kmoneil

    kmoneil Administrator Staff Member

    I know there's probably not enough content of mini trucks. We've discussed about adding hunting and fishing in the mix, what about farming equipment? I'm just brainstorming here... :D
  10. erixun

    erixun Member

    As long as the brainstorming switch is on,

    I know some on here rock crawl on the side, so 4X4 videos?

    Favorite camping destination vids?

    I think once it gets up and running more and more clips might be submitted, I know I would be more apt to get camera out and shoot some video if I could be famous for 2.3 seconds:D :pop:
  11. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Active Member Staff Member

    biggest thing for you guys to remember. try to avoid the less then 5 minute videos yet keep it exciting. thats the key to a good audience for a clip.
  12. Ironraven

    Ironraven Active Member

    It's a cool idea... but will definitely draw unwanted attention from the EPA. After all, as soon as they see people driving around and shifting out of first gear (how DARE they???) and going over 25 mph (oh the NERVE!!!) the'll be sending out SWAT teams and bill collectors issuing their $250,000.00 fines for removing or disabling speed limiters.
  13. DannyM

    DannyM Member

    Actually, if the trucks are shown, AND it is mentioned several times that the trucks shown are off road, speed limited, and meet the existing guide lines, it could work to our advantage. I would not like the EPA (and who in the world gave them so much power and why?) bringing their swat team to anyone. However, we could do our own politicing in a positive way, and could actually sway the "right" people to our way of thinking. Would take time, but could work for us. I still think the Mini Truck Channel would be a great idea. I believe the mountains are climbable.
  14. Ironraven

    Ironraven Active Member

    I would imagine that the vast majority of trucks are not speed limited anymore... right? If I buy one I certainly won't keep the limiter on it; it'd be useless to me if it was limited like that.
  15. rightdrive

    rightdrive Member

    Im looking to make a vid with our Acty dump in the next few weeks. Wouldnt mind submitting.
  16. renchjeep

    renchjeep Member

    What an awesome idea! I only knew of kei's because I saw them at zoos and other attraction sites when I was younger. I always wanted one, and now have one! It needs a bit of work, but I am up for it. I have 2 short vids of mine getting a bit of air at 25 mph (or close to 25) that I would share. For some stupid reason, I can't upload it here. Will try youtube, and post a link if successful. By the way, if you need a voice for a "host", I may have it! I had an ad agency that wanted me to do voiceovers for their customers about a year or so ago. My wife worked for them, then she was laid (layed? whatever! still bad!) off! So, I said "no, thanks". I'm no Brad Pitt to look at, but I apparently at least SOUND interesting!

    I say go for it.
  17. Mr. Obvious

    Mr. Obvious Guest

    I vote no. There wasn't enough money among anyone and everone to fund an association KTA that was going to work directly to help further minit truck causes how do you figure threr would be enough to put together more than one camera jerky horizon jumping video that motivates people to buy the product.
  18. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Active Member Staff Member

    i think a 'shade tree mechanics' version of mini trucks might be a good hit lol
  19. rightdrive

    rightdrive Member

    Whats this KTA?
    Kei Truck Association?

    How come this never took off?

    This intrigues me!
  20. Mr. Obvious

    Mr. Obvious Guest

    search Kei truck association and find the old posts. Lots of fighting over everthing. No agreement on $ contribution purpose representative for action or anything. I gathered noone trusted anyone involved to represent them. Much resentment all around.

    Lots of members to this site 5000 I think but majority just want toknow what oil filter sparkplug or air filter will work inthere truck that they just bought. Very few come back to contribute over time. Just the way it is I gess.
  21. No reason to dig up dirt. This is a new year. New opportunities. New people. Take a chance on the channel. What can you hurt?

    You cannot make the minitruck look any sillier than it does. Some people will like, some will not.
  22. DannyM

    DannyM Member

    Gung HO, I agree. No need to dig up dirt (except with agressive tires) I think we should go ahead. Kevin, what do we need to do first? Write up a pilot show, get sponsors, edit some videos, what do you want me to do to help get this started? I am ready to do my part, just give me an idea.
  23. kmoneil

    kmoneil Administrator Staff Member

    I think the first part is to see where we are with content (video). Once we an idea how many hours, minutes we have we'll move the the next step.

    I've got a farming equipment person that I've been talking to. They have good videos about farming equipment, this could be added in as extra. I don't think we have enough mini truck content yet.
  24. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Active Member Staff Member

    ya i think we should try starting by getting attached to a show as a segment or something. would be cool to be on the prairie farm report :D
  25. acidgear

    acidgear Member

    More marketing! Yes...good idea.
  26. DannyM

    DannyM Member

    Kevin, if we can get some video together, with some advertising sponsors, a great place to show a segment of the mini trucks would be RFD TV. Patrick requires it to be a clean show with family values in presentation, but, it would be a great place with all the farm equipment and tractor pulls etc to show off. patrick@rfdtv.com is how to get in touch with him. Just a thought, and would reach a lot of people. If we can get stuff together would be a great contact, at least to think about sometime anyway.

  27. wapples

    wapples New Member

    Videos on this site yes!

    I dont want to publish stuff to do with my van directly to my youtube site as thats a separate thing but I have vids of my little van smoking out those pimped out sports cars at several sound off comps. And would love to compare footage to do with things like does this sound right and how to.. so cant wait for it to come online soon.
  28. newsfox

    newsfox Guest

    foxnews interested in mini truck story

    hi folks... im orlando with fox newschannel/fnc... im interested in knowing more about the 'mini truck' interest.

    i saw an article today may 23 'mini trucks drawing scrutiny' and im wondering if this is just another thing for big govt to stick its nose into and then-- screw it up.

    im looking for the part of the state has thee most mini truck sales, and am wondering if your community would be interested in chatting with me... maybe coming up with a story pitch for the national news?


  29. DannyM

    DannyM Member

    Hey newsfox,
    welcome aboard the forum. If you spend a little time of reading you will find we are a group of people who own, or wish to own Japanese Mini Trucks, and we trade all kinds of ideas. We work on them, modify them, and talk about all the ways we use them, from hunting, camping, working, fishing, showing them off, and just having fun and enjoyment in owning them.We are blessed with site sponsors who sell them, sell parts, and also give owners all the information available and coming available about these jewels. A lot of us are also interested in putting together a Mini Truck Channel to further the intrest and knowledge about the trucks. We are mixed from all kinds of backgrounds as well as from literally all over the world, we just share a common interest, the mini truck. Again, welcome aboard, our site administrator, moderators, site sponsors, and all members can and are more than willing to answer questions you may have. DANNYM
  30. o8k

    o8k Member

    You’re from fox news? And YOU'RE accusing the government of sticking its nose into something then screwing things up? Anyone else see the irony in this?

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