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Mini Truck in Louisiana News

Discussion in 'Mini Truck Spottings' started by Radar, May 26, 2008.

  1. rfirth

    rfirth New Member

  2. larryn2o

    larryn2o Member

    if this passes then when i get to the state line , will i have to get over on HWY51 to keep driving south? or will i be exempt since my truck is tagged in Mississippi?
  3. jtpc

    jtpc Member

    not sure what you are asking, are you asking if you can drive your mini-truck into a state that has not passed legislation to legalize them? If so, then the answer is no.
    Mini-trucks are only allowed on the strees/highways of the state in which they were made street legal. (at least that is how Oklahoma's law is written)
    And no interstates no matter what state you are in.
  4. larryn2o

    larryn2o Member

    as an example . we don't have to get any car inspected here (Mississippi) made before 1960 . when driving out of state I've never been ask for one.
    as it stands we have no laws for or against these trucks , so they are driven everywhere. it looks to me like when we get to the state line we will have to get off the interstate. not a big deal but good to know about.
  5. Bwing96

    Bwing96 New Member

    Now it looks like the Bill has passed the Senate and The House here in Louisiana
  6. Clifford

    Clifford Member

    In that case, I hope the Indian is in a good mood!
  7. Radar

    Radar Member

    Jindal is always in a good mood and he is smart. I expect to be on road (legally) soon.
    He hasn't disappointed me yet
  8. Clifford

    Clifford Member

    McCain has been talking to him. You figure him to go for VP?
  9. rfirth

    rfirth New Member

  10. jtpc

    jtpc Member

    so if it gets signed by the governor when will it become effective?
  11. rfirth

    rfirth New Member

    "so if it gets signed by the governor when will it become effective?"

    Effective August 15, 2008.

    As a side note, I don't think Jindal will leave to run for VP with McCain. Since it doesn't look like McCain will win the election (it could happen, we re-elected Bush), it could do Jindal more harm than good by attempting to abandon Louisiana so early.
  12. Clifford

    Clifford Member

    Not so fast...
    McCain has an excellent chance of winning!
  13. Muse

    Muse New Member


    Hey Larryn2o,

    Just go on over thar any way. Whether or not they have the governor with the wherewithal or not, state's have to recognize the legal decisions of other sovereign states. Gun licenses and license plates on there vehicles are legal in your state, so goes the same way. Whether they don't want an UTV/ATV on their highway system is mute. Legal in Mississippi, and licensed. Legal there. Yah, may have to put up with a few stops and talks by the local federalies, but they need edumicated, too.

    This here not driving on Federal Highways is for 55mph and under vehicles, my opinion. The banal, backwards legislation of the land that shouldn't be governing beyond the beltway, threatens to withhold funds for repairs and such to get it's own way. Like, who's monies are they, anyway? My 1700lb 70mph ATV has enough safety features for me and the spouse, and is no less safer than any crash-tested 2 ton safety cage at that speed. If something happens at 75mph, your injuries and their injuries are just as life threatening.

    I like the fact that I am more maneuverable, and only 4'4" wide, with the likely hood of being able to avoid perhaps altogether an accident. The truck stands taller than most cars, so not likely no one is going to see ya. If any threat, it's from rubbernecking drivers staring at me while I pass there gas guzzling, wasteful safety cages.

    Really, who uses the power potential after 80mph anyway. Are you going to haul a 5th wheel with your truck at 120mph? What car rightfully needs to go 30 to 100mph over the speed limit in USA anyway? Who want's to pay for that kind of coin to just have the ability to go that fast, or haul that fast and never use it? Why do I need to spend 5x the money for that kind of vehicle over what I need? What American with his money needs to pay for vehicles that go 120mph to 180mph, and no where to use it? All that gets you is a date in Traffic Court with a lawyer and your pocket book.

    I mean, c'mon man, so what if it has that kind of horsepower, and towing capacity and gas guzzling stupidity. When are we going to remember back to the 70's and get a grasp on reality and quit falling for the same old bag of tricks they played us suckers for last time? Quit riding what they dish out, and if they won't make it, then buy it somewhere else or make it yourself. Self reliant individuals tamed this'er land long before our pampered butts were diapered, and provided most of the luxuries we take for granted today. This country was founded on the principals of governing ourselves and limiting our own freedoms to not infringe on the rights of others. If my vehicle can drive 75mph, than let me drive it wherever there's a road that I can match that speed. I have all the required seatbelts, turn signals, roof roll bars and what all. Stop outraging us with ridiculous, incredulous, childish protections that are just straining at gnats and making mountains out of mole hills.... Oh well, likely I am just talking to the choir anyways...Rant off.:frustration:
  14. Colin

    Colin Member

    I understand the discussion of pending legislation is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from talking politics, but let's try to stay on topic. The last thing we need around here is a giant political pissing match.

    ...and that's all I have to say 'bout that.

  15. gregw98

    gregw98 Member

    Being from Louisiana and now in southern Mississippi, where can I find a dealer in the coastal region. I know Shreveport has a few, but with New Orleans being a port city, you would think there would be a dealer within a 75 miles radius. There was a dealer in Kiln, MS, and I taliked with them. But they got 1 container in and sold all but 1 or 2 and are not selling those or ordering more. So I am still looking. Anyone have any leads?
    BTW: Larry, thanks for the contact, she was at Hancock Metals.
  16. larryn2o

    larryn2o Member

    pm me and i'll hook you up. i try not to bust to many forum rules ;)

    BTW: Larry, thanks for the contact, she was at Hancock Metals.[/QUOTE]

    i'm lost ?
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2008
  17. Radar

    Radar Member

  18. jtpc

    jtpc Member

    Wow, I don't like how they worded that-- in that all the Fed gov has to do is say, "hey Louisiana, we don't approve of mini-trucks, we are going to take away fed highway funding."
    And the whole legislation is wiped away.
    Its like they created a self-destruct button on this new mini-truck act.

    The Oklahoma legislation is much more permanent and doesn't give the fed government any right to take it away. Because they aren't allowed on interstates, the fed gov has no jurisdiction to remove them from Oklahoma highways seeing how they are classified/acknowledged in Oklahoma law now.

    So it disappoints me to see LA's law already giving up the new act to the Fed gov's choice.

    Fed gov should stay out of the states' business, but the only way for this to happen is if the states know their own power/authority and tell the fed gov to back off.
    If not, the fed gov. will start slowly taking away the authority of the states on various issues of guns, hunting, and so on.
    But this won't happen in Oklahoma anyway.

  19. Radar

    Radar Member

    yeah she was looking for oklahoma's law to try and match that one but said she couldn't find it. got a link to Ok's law?
  20. jtpc

    jtpc Member

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