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Mini Truck Carb Issues - Probably never heard of!

Discussion in 'Mitsubishi Minicab' started by Jack3laynee, Aug 26, 2019.

  1. Jack3laynee

    Jack3laynee New Member

    Hello everyone, I need help with my carb. It idles perfect all day long, when you start to give it gas it goes for a few seconds and starts to choke out. Like it’s flooding out or running out of gas. Now here the kicker. If you pull the breather off and look at the front of the carb, you see the butterfly for the choke and above that you see some jets in an accumulation of three holes. Two little small holes on the upset sides and a bigger oblong hole in the middle. If I plug the two smaller holes, it runs like a scalded dog with no problems. I would leave it like this however when it goes back to idle it will start to flood out at idle. Pull the plugs out and it’ll idle all day long but will not rev and keep up. I’ve cleaned the carb twice. Float seems to be in a good working location but I’m at my wits end and really don’t want to fork out 500 bucks for another carb. I’ve taken pictures so everyone can see and am open to any suggestions. I need to get this thing right. Thanks for any help.

    This is without plugs...

    This is with plugs...

  2. Jack3laynee

    Jack3laynee New Member

    Forgot to mention, this is a 1993 Mitsubishi MiniCab.
  3. VanOne

    VanOne Member

    Checked the distributor to rule out it being a carb issue? Faulty distributor can cause issues when you press the pedal.
  4. David Ogden

    David Ogden Member

    Those holes are air passages into the low & high speed jet towers, what you are doing essentially is enrichening the mixture by stopping the air flow. Either the float is set too low or as VanOne said it has an ignition problem.
  5. Jack3laynee

    Jack3laynee New Member

    Thanks guys for the info. Will look into this topic of the ignition and will test what I can. Will also pull it down again and look at the float level. I figured by plugging these I would be “flooding” the carb hence needing more fuel I suppose. Will look at both of these Andrés what I can and report back this weekend. Thanks again.

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