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Mini Medic .5

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Bones13, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. Bones13

    Bones13 New Member

    Hello from the Buckeye State. Planning on purchasing a mini that has been updated. It is a 1990 Mitsi Autozam with dump. Planning on adding a light bar, decals and siren. Also, would like to fabricate something to back rails (that is easily removable) as a makeshift canopy to keep rain off. Decided to go with the mini to allow us to use it to transport patients back to the squad due to accidents at the motocross/hare scramble races we cover. Will be a daily driver and look forward to using it around our property.
  2. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Active Member

    9E5F143C-5F74-46A6-9220-02291D553088.jpeg There are factory canopy setups made out of canvas. But, I’m not sure how you would find one in the US. If I wanted one, I’d talk to the local guy who does tents, saddle bags, etc. I could bend up Some hoops myself out of laminated wood.

    I have a Hijet Pick-Lift/Dump which I welded up a set of 42-inch high safety rails which have 10-mm steel rods utilize the factory mounts for the normal bedsides. It should be pretty straight forward to do something similar on your Mitsi, and then add a canvas top. See above with Smokey in the Christmas parade.
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  3. Bones13

    Bones13 New Member

    That's really awesome. I appreciate the feedback. I have a few ideas but going to talk with some guys too.
  4. Bones13

    Bones13 New Member

    Well kicked in the gut again. Ohio doesn't allow mini's on the road, unless approved by the municipality or government body and then only on roads 35 or less WTF? I have been running FF/EMS going on 18 years and have seen my share of accidents especially motorcycle. So in Ohio I can put a helmet on my kid and have them on my motorcycle anywhere I want but as an adult I can't drive a mini on regular country roads, in a cab with a seat belt? I think I should charge triple when transporting politicians and make sure to send them to collections for anything over what insurance doesnt pay.

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