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Miles Per Gallon?

Discussion in 'Honda Acty' started by SeattleActyVan, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. SeattleActyVan

    SeattleActyVan New Member

    Hey Everyone,

    I've had my Acty Street Van for about six months and have found that the gas mileage I'm getting doesn't match up with what other people are saying. Are they really getting 50+ mpg?

    I tend to get about 280ish KM per tank, and with the tank being 8 gallons I'm getting around 35 KM per gallon, or 21/22 miles per gallon. One time last summer when I went camping (50 miles per hour speed limits, running high in the RPM band) I was getting 25 MPG - which I'd expect to be low because of the "highway" speed, but around town I seem to get about the same or worse.

    What are other folks getting for MPG in their trucks/vans?

    Thanks everyone.
  2. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Active Member

    Daihatsu S110, scissors/Dump. Summer, I get around 23-25-mpg around town. But, I can’t get out of 3rd gear due to the speed limit.

    Winter, with the plow mounted, and five hundred pound in the back to balance the weight of the plow: I get around 15-18-mpg. Lower when I lock it into low range to plow.

    Off road, when I’m in 4-low it drops down to about 5-10-mph.
  3. fmartin_gila

    fmartin_gila Active Member

    Reading this post and thinking in conjunction with your other post, it would be assumed that you are flogging the little bugger pretty hard in order to try to run with traffic which is not conducive to good mileage. Personally, I don't track fuel mileage, just get some when the gauge shows low. I have also noticed over the years that some figures quoted by owners seems to be a bit of a stretch.

  4. shogun

    shogun Member

  5. DWils

    DWils Member

    Could it be that vans and trucks have different fuel efficiency?
  6. Keys

    Keys New Member

    Wow. I have a '91 Acty pickup that has gotten a low of 40 mph and a high of 53...depending on wind, how I drive and hills...
  7. Lee17

    Lee17 Member

    My 90 acty van gets around 32mpg cruising around the streets
  8. DWils

    DWils Member

    I finally filled up for the second time and was able to calculate my fuel consumption. I drove 308kms/191miles and filled up with 24.22L/6.4gal, which, according to my math (which could totally be wrong) means I got 12.71kpL/29.84mpg. Seems about right, considering about 129km/80miles or so were right around 100kph/62mph with RPMs possibly hovering in the 6000 range. Most of the time I had the windows cracked or down all the way without using the air conditioner. I only had a passenger for a negligible amount of time and distance without anything else in the van but a full-size spare tire.
  9. DWils

    DWils Member

    Yup. Still getting about 28-30mpg when I fuel up.

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