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Might need help !

Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by Michel Leclerc, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. Michel Leclerc

    Michel Leclerc New Member

    i justbought my mini truck (91 Suzuki Carry, 4speed manual, 4wd with manual hubs lock) yesterday and right away it was driving funny (lot of revs not much speed) I checked to make sure the emergency brake wasn't on and went a little further. Then as it didn't seems to get much better I stopped again. The driver wheel was quite hot so I assume that the brake was seized. So I turned around and went back to where I bought the truck and the guy told me it was most likely the cause since it had been sitting for more than 6 months. Since I have tool and don't mind getting dirty and want to know my truck I decided to slowly crawl back home and fix it then. When I got home it was still quite warm although not nearly as hot as before. I had pumped the brakes quite a few times on the way back. So I took of that wheel quickly inspected the caliber and pads without removing them and proceed to bang on it with with a hammer to loose the calliper and it sorta worked since the wheel was now spinning more freely. So I put it back on took it for a short drive pumping the brakes again and went back home. This morning it was feeling ok although it is still a lot of revs for not much motion imo I seem to start in 2nd since 1st is a crawl and then quickly move to 3rd at around 30km and then to 4th shortly after to avoid excessive engine rpm bot for noise and safety. I still haven't pass the 70km mark with it as it seems that over 60km it is already running fast (the engine not me) and then there was a hill that I had to attack in 3rd almost all the way crawling at 35-40km and also whenever I release the throttle is slows right down even with the clutch depress although not as fast. To me it still feels like something is ol ding it back. I will put it up on jacks tomorrow and give both front brackets a good look and try to loosen the callipers if possible (it might just be a rust spot where it sat for awhile) anyway I'd like to hear what you guys think since I not familiar with these trucks and their manual locking hubs. PS: I do not hear any squeek while driving so I don't suspect the wheel bearings yet.
  2. Michel Leclerc

    Michel Leclerc New Member

    Little update... The wheel bearing is fine as I thought. The culprit seems to be a very stiff moving calliper piston and slide pins. Which brings me to my next question... Anybody knows why only one slide pin is removable the other seems to be connected to the hydrolic system via the back of the piston ? What is up with that ?
  3. Tuskano

    Tuskano Member

    Hmm... glad you figured out that. I actually have not had any brake issues like that... When I get home in a few months, I'll have to check if my 94 Hijet has it like that.
  4. KCCats

    KCCats Member

    I have a 91 5 sp 4X4 and I believe that removing the one pin, the caliber should swing up and then wiggle back and forth to slide off of the stationary pin?
    Ultra Hytemp anti seize is what I use!

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