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Metro Edmonton Kei Meet?

Discussion in 'Mini Truck Spottings' started by Psycho Mike, Nov 30, 2015.

  1. Psycho Mike

    Psycho Mike Member

    Not sure if we have enough folks from the Edmonton, Alberta area to make a go of one, but if there is interest, perhaps we can do a Kei meet. Nothing fancy (not like we're going to show up the 780 Tuners meets or anything), but a place to come together, swap ideas and tips, meet others...

    If interested, let me know and we can try to set something up :)
  2. DutchWillis

    DutchWillis New Member

    Id be interested!! I just ordered my truck from Japan.
    Already have my camoplast tracks and fully hydrolic snow plow for it!!!
  3. pollykook

    pollykook New Member

    where are you getting parts, direct from Japan?
  4. Tony Evers

    Tony Evers Active Member

    yokohamamotors.jp pollykook they have everything you would want
    pollykook likes this.
  5. pollykook

    pollykook New Member

    thanks a million, i'm like a kid at xmas right now!
    *blows kisses*

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