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Mattruck coming to US

Discussion in 'Mini Truck Spottings' started by dwink, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    Just got back from Mexico. I saw plenty of these Hyundai's. They look similar in size to the Tiger Truck.


  2. Micah502EFI

    Micah502EFI New Member

    Wow! All this Negativity......
    You wouldn't know a good thing if you saw it cause you will Immediately Slam it in to some Stereotypical catagory! "Chinese"
    I do my homework before making a decision about a new product......Some of you fly off the handle,jump to conclusions, and just assume! My wife does that Too
  3. JRinTX

    JRinTX Moderator


    My comments above concerning equipment manufactured in China is not based assumptions or stereotyping. My "Negativity" is based on current, actual experiences with Chinese equipment. Their engineering, manufacturing and quality control practices are FAR behind those of the US and Japan.

    All I am suggesting is that you use caution until you have experience with Chinese equipment and have done some long term testing.
  4. gbrecke

    gbrecke New Member


    10 or more years experience here, I have studied Japanese QC for 40 years, Chinese and Indian QC for at least 10 years. regardless of price, I'll take the Japanese made stuff even with lots of miles on them over new Chinese or Indian, they'll catch up.. but it's a ways off. With their QC practices; you can get a decent one, or a really bad one.. you just never know..

    Passing that bad one onto your customer, let me tell you, there's no reward there.
  5. Well if these trucks are manufactured similar to their Farm TRACTORs...Run for the hills...:D

    My buddy bought a Chinese special against everyone's advice and the best story I can tell here, is that when he changed the oil, we found chinese newspaper in the filter container...:D
  6. jimhammer1

    jimhammer1 Member

    I purchased a chinese tractor four years ago. It arrived in crates and required putting it together. I joined the chinese tractor owners association forum (CTOA). I changed all fluids, battery, and filters before I started it. It has run strong ever since with a lot of use. 28 hp, 4x4 diesel, FEL, brush hog, PTO chiper, auger, gannon, ROP, sun shade and wheel weights. Total cost delivered less than $12,000.00. Here in San Diego County a Japanese tractor with just FEL was $22,500.00. The Chinese filters, fluids and batteries are not as good as American, but that was easily overcome. Their wiring harness and gauges can be changed if you want an accurate reading. It was a good buy for the price.
  7. gbrecke

    gbrecke New Member

    Lack of QC, or poor QC practices does not mean they're all bad, it means they're not all good. Example: Bearings are a problem in China right now. I'm starting to see Japanese bearings used in product assemblies out of China, the failure rates of Chinese bearings were too high for some Chinese companies to bear. China makes a lot of really good bearings, with a few bad ones thrown in, that's the problem, you don't know which ones you are getting. Replaciing the bearing is little problem, paying to have it replaced, now that becomes a logistical nightmare for a dealer. Some address this problem by passing on the factory warranty, just return the item to QZ, China and we'll take a look at it, they might say..

    I know of one Chinese tractor engine used in a generator set that has a repported 30,000 hours on it, no bad!
  8. Yeah, but there are thousands of Onans chugging along without a second thought about their reliability...:rolleyes:
  9. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    This thread is a little old but I have an update.

    MattTruck is now the Sarge Truck. :eek:

  10. Delorean

    Delorean New Member

    Still like the sambars and what not better.
  11. hootmaan

    hootmaan New Member

    poet1 msg

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  12. fupabox

    fupabox Active Member

    my tinfoil hat is at the cleaners..can someone interpret that for me?:confused:

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