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Manual For S80 Hijet S80LP S81

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by MetalMania, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. MetalMania

    MetalMania New Member

    I bought this English manual for my S80lp, the copy quality is not very good but it does have some decent information. If any body was interested.


    I am currently looking for a new carb for my Hijet. Mine has an automatic choke that runs off of the coolant temperature. If you guys know where I could find one that would be sick. I can find the ones that use a manual choke cable for 150ish bucks, but cant find an auto choke version.
  2. AngusII

    AngusII New Member

    Hello, What is wrong with the one you have?
  3. MetalMania

    MetalMania New Member

    The truck was running, it would start right up but had zero power, it could not even climb its self onto a trailer. But it doesnt smoke or anything, so I'm pretty convince that its a carb issue. So I'm looking to replace it.
  4. Wild Bill

    Wild Bill New Member

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