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Main fusible link location

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by TonkaTruck, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. Hi Nemo, nothing happening at all :S
  2. any help is welcome thanks for asking
  3. Captain Nemo

    Captain Nemo Member

    Go buy a new box of fuses.

    Then pull out each one and replace it with a new one. Label each old one. Use a sheet of paper, tape each old fuse to it and make your note.

    Test it after each fuse is replaced.

    If you find it, you'll have a bad fuse to toss. If not, you'll have replacements when you need them. And you will be pretty sure its not a fuse problem.

    How is your battery's ground to the truck?
    Take it off, clean it up till it shines. Same at truck's terminal.

    Pull the positive terminal. Clean the post shiney clean same for terminal. Reconnect, make sure both are tight.
    Trace positive to its next connection. Take it apart, shine them up and reconnect. Be sure that it's tight.

    Pull the fusible link, go buy two replacements, try one, put the other in the glove box.

    What about the battery? It could be dead.

    I tend to use a sharp pocketknife to clean up contacts. But a piece of medium grit sandpaper works really good.
    Wipe down every wire you can find with a clean cloth, Including battery terminal wires.
    The manufacturer didn't design the wiring bundle to be coated with grease or mud, or dirt and water.

    Old wires leak through the insulation. A little here a little there, and pretty soon the machinery comes to a mysterious halt.

  4. Captain Nemo

    Captain Nemo Member

    By the way new good batteries are cheap!

    They not only solve some of these problems, they also eliminate worries over the battery for a couple of years.


  5. Ay Captain I have done some terminal cleaning and fuse checking and will get more fuses for us

    Please pardon my nooblyness what does a fusible link look like :)
  6. Oh yes and my battery is a decent NAPA one I bought less than 2 yrs. ago. My stereo has been testing it but I have a charger as well
  7. Ellyka89

    Ellyka89 New Member

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  8. OutdoorsNS

    OutdoorsNS Member

    i understand this thread is old, but what exactly happens when this fuse is gone??? I recently fixed my a/c and in the process i found this same fuse, and it was blown, i replaced it and NOTHING seemed to changed? kinda confused me
  9. kegoangoango

    kegoangoango Member

    What was it doing before and what is it doing now? Assuming this fuse has not been by-passed, the truck will not work if it is blown or out, period. The purpose is to save other electrical systems, the wiring and fire. It is possible that whoever owned your truck before didn't know about the fuse, blew it, couldn't fix it and so by-passed it.
  10. Griz

    Griz Member

    My truck was dead electrically and after finding and replacing the main fusible link everything worked.
  11. OutdoorsNS

    OutdoorsNS Member

    hmmmm interesting, i just happened to notice it,if theres one thing i completely cant stand its knowing i have truck that has someone elses redneck enginerring on it, I replaced it, and it changed litterally NOTHING, i noticed a black wire that looks like somone put in from the alt to the battery, im gonna have to investigate, i hope they didnt rig anything up too ghetto. (Adds to my projects list) Thanks for quick reply tho!!1
  12. nbolen

    nbolen New Member

    Main fusible link location...

    I also realize this thread is quite old, but... seems like the thread to go to.

    Left my headlights on, got a jump from a stranger, i busted out my cables and was going to hook both vehicles up, started with his connections to the battery, he grabbed the other side, a couple of sparks flew and he said oops. I chuckled and figured no big deal... Well... then it wouldn't start... battery tested good, tightened all connections to the terminals... my dash lights and running lights come on, but no headlights, heater,a/c blower won't come on, nothing from the ignition. The starter doesnt crank... I checked for voltage at the starter/selenoid and its good there... pretty sure i blew the main fusible link... my problem is i've spent 7 hours looking. Ive checked behind the fuse panel, under the driver and passenger seats.... i don't think its been bypassed, all of the wiring is in the factory conduit and nothing looks rigged... any help would be great.

    1991 Daihatsu Hi-Jet Mini truck, 4x4, A/C.
  13. Following this helped me find it. Hope it helps ya
  14. nbolen

    nbolen New Member

    Thanks for the reply, I have checked that spot so many times it borders on insanity/determination... I bought 2 of the fuses to replace it, 60 amp fuses should be yellow. I know that doesn't mean that is what is in it right now, ive looked for anything that would be a fuse that was shown in the picture and havent found anything like it yet :frustration:
  15. nbolen

    nbolen New Member

    If anyone could look at this pictures and tell me if they see anything that would be the main fusible link, I'd be greatful...going crazy here. Also, would be great if someone with a 1991 Daihatsu Hijet could post a pic of where their Main Fusible Link is.
    image.jpg image(2).jpg image(3).jpg image(4).jpg image(5).jpg image(6).jpg

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  16. kmh038

    kmh038 New Member

    Does anyone have any idea how to help with this? I am having the same issue and have looked for several hours now for a main fuse. The only place I haven't looked in great detail is between the battery and main starter lead. I am going to look at that tomorrow. I have looked for the 50/60 amp fuse for hours though and havent seen it anywhere on the truck.
  17. It took awhile but I found mine.I have a van but it's the same I think. Under the left seat you will see a vacuum assembly for your 4wd. Unscrew that from the chassis and you will see it
  18. To be clear, under the left seat towards the front and middle
  19. kegoangoango

    kegoangoango Member

    IIRC, mine was under the seat towards the center cross member next to the front firewall at the top and just under the lip of the edge. It was difficult to get out because of the location (used needle nosed). Your photo #4 is getting close.
  20. Ya what he said. Sorry I don't know all the technical terms I work in IT
  21. kmh038

    kmh038 New Member

    Man this issue is creating a bad taste in my mouth. I checked for a fusible link between the battery and starter and everything was good. I will look some more up front for a fuse. I have not seen any vacuum bottles on this truck yet. Is it going to be between the radiator and motor or the radiator and front grill.
  22. nbolen

    nbolen New Member

    Hey, sorry i dont check my personal email very often, I know its been almost a week since you posted. When mine fried I literally spent 30 hours and had my mini truck in all kinds of crazy pieces to where I felt like I might not get it back together. I was scared, frustrated, had the bad taste in my mouth and a wife that switched from glaring at me to smirking at my misfortune.

    I found my "Fusible Link" which was in actuality just a wire that was designed to melt easy to stop an electrical backfeed in case of someone putting the jumper cables on backwards... The wire that had melted was literally less than 12 inches away from the battery. Take out your battery... Follow the lines that led to the + terminal, it will be 1 of the larger gauge wires. I wish I was a mechanic and could give you some mechanic terminology, but I'm just a regular joe shmoe that likes to take this truck fishin'. If you still need help, repost and I will be more timely in my response. I will even take my battery out and take some pictures of my repair and post it if necessary. Good luck, I still love my mini truck and drive it all over the place. They are legal to drive in oklahoma unless you are on an interstate highway... I drive the regular highways at 65 mph.
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  23. TRAX and HORNS

    TRAX and HORNS Well-Known Member

    Im in the same position as you were. Parking lts, and door open signal(beep) come on. No dash lights, no ignition. no crank.
    Ive been looking for the big 50amp and havnt found one yet. This truck has the 12valve engine and be a little different set up from the 6 valve.
    You mind taking a picture of your fix?
  24. TRAX and HORNS

    TRAX and HORNS Well-Known Member

    Well, this was a interesting task. 4hrs. This truck is a 1998 Hijet 4x4. Hibird, You could call it. I would assume a later 1998 because it has a carb. and coil packs instead of Dist. Cap. 1999 went all in on the EFI with coil packs.
    So the folks that owned the truck said they had problem with Alt. not charging battery. Rebuilt alt. then a few weeks later battery went bad. The folks tried to jump it off and nothing happened. Truck only had power to running lights and door beeper when key was in ignition. Nothing else, no start, no horn, no head lights. ( I assume when jumped off the battery was hooked up wrong).
    First thing was check battery, tested low but ok, charge battery, 2nd. then check fuse box under dash(lower steering wheel) couple of fuses missing(folks admitted to messing with them, No help, 3rd checked for other fuse under seats, found a small box next to coolant resivoe tank passenger side, fuses in that box checked ok. Battery fully charged. Sill nothing. 4th. Looked for a couple of hrs. for a large 40/50 amp fuse, they aint one on this truck!!! 5th started at battery with ohm meter. (So this truck being a carb./coil pack system not only do you have + cable running for starter you also have 3 more wires coming off battery, two of the wires are in one plug. From the battery + post to the plug these wires are fuseable link wires. They are designed to burn into if to much voltage, Like hooking up battery wrong when jumping off).
    These two wires look good (1st picture) but are bad when looking at second picture. The yellow wire when connect to other plug is a biger white wire that powers everything but running lights and door beeper. Built a new wire with fuseable wire(parts house) hooked up and BAAAAM. Truck fired right up.
    So some of these trucks will have the 40/50 amp. fuses and some will have these fuseable link wires . You cam tell the difference between a fuseable link wire and regular electic wire. The fusable wire will be rubbery feeling where as a regular elec. wire feels like plastic.
    Hopefully this will help out some other folks.
    Another thing this truck has the 12 valve engine. Same set up as the Hijet Vans from 95(?) to 98.

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  25. Brennon Quebedeaux

    Brennon Quebedeaux New Member

    Hey guys I need a little help my mini is dead also but I don't know the model I know it's a 1994 that. Was running but touched two wires and nothing
  26. kegoangoango

    kegoangoango Member

    Sounds like an S83P. Mines an 94 and an S83P model.
  27. Brennon Quebedeaux

    Brennon Quebedeaux New Member

    Ok thanks mine is also an extra cab if that makes any difference
  28. Brennon Quebedeaux

    Brennon Quebedeaux New Member

    My main fuse was burnt got it going again
  29. WesCarlson

    WesCarlson Guest

    Hi, please to help someone? I took the battery out for a charging and when installing it again i did accidentally cause a short with the wrench. I replaced the 30A fuse that is behind the 4wd actuator in my Hijet van but when I try to start it blows again? There is no sound from the solenoid when I turn the key. Please and thanks anyone :)
  30. TRAX and HORNS

    TRAX and HORNS Well-Known Member

    Later Dai. Fuseable link were the second or third wire on positive side battery connection. I have a post a long time ago that shows the wire inside the rubber casing was burned up but the rubber casing on outside looked fine. Took me a couple of days to find it.
    Feel free to call after New Year.
    Terry 512-217-7456

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