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Main fusible link location

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by TonkaTruck, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. TonkaTruck

    TonkaTruck New Member

    My hyjet is dead and I think I probably grounded the battery when i was working on the alternator and fried the fusible link. There is a 30 amp fuse under the drivers seat that is good, but does anyone know if that is the main fuse or is there another one hidden somewhere?
  2. TonkaTruck

    TonkaTruck New Member


    I think i might sell my truck just so i never have to change that again...
    Ok maybe not, but seriously daihatsu could you have picked a worse spot for it? After much searching I finally found it in front of the rad on the drivers side. To get at it you have to remove the rad overflow tank which is a pain if you have a/c.
    Anyway, judging by the lack of response i figured most people haven't seen it so i thought i'd do a follow up.
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  3. Acerguy

    Acerguy Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for doing a follow up, TonkaTruck. Glad you're back in business!
  4. larryn2o

    larryn2o Member

    good to know!
    bad to be the first one to know it!
  5. Griz

    Griz Member

    My Hijet was one that arrived dead (only the dump bed works) and I have been looking for the main fuse link. One of my problems is that I have no idea what a Daihatsu fuse link looks like.
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  6. beerwagon

    beerwagon New Member

    yep wiped mine out using the wench what a crock of poo have to have mini hands to change that one
  7. Daihatsu Main Fuse Location & Picture

    The main fuse is 50A and red in color. For 4WD vehicles, lift up the drivers seat. You will see the 4WD control valves bolted under the front lip frame in front of the radiator. Remove the two size 10 bolts and move the unit twards the passenger side. The main fuse has a clip holding it to the front underpanel. Dont try to remove the fuse as is! Remove the clip and pull the unit back towards you. Wiggly the little guy out (Looks like a tooth). See the picture I ahve attached. 50A for non-AC and 60A for A/C. Warning, do not put in a lower rated fuse as it will blow quicky!


    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Mar 14, 2009
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  8. pathot

    pathot New Member

    Is this location true for the models between '94 and '98 because I havenothingunder the drivers side. Any thoughts Thanks for he help
  9. TexAcoon

    TexAcoon Member

    Found my fuse ... It was located under the passenger seat of the JDA version (US).. Which would have been the the drivers seat for regular overseas verstions..

    Now if I knew where you can buy one of these fuses at ...
  10. fupabox

    fupabox Well-Known Member

    pretty common fuse.in the underhood fuse box on a ton of cars.....take it to a wrecking yard and grab a bunch of old ones to have on hand in case they ever blow again..generally at wrecking yards there are 3 things(in my opinion anyway) that I always grab a pocketful of...fuses,small light bulbs and interior trim screws...you never have the proper size of any of those 3 around unless you start collecting them:p
  11. TexAcoon

    TexAcoon Member

    Found the 50 amp main fuse at NAPA ... NAPA Part Number 782-2030

    Here is a picture of it in it's wrapper ..

    Just a slight difference between the original and the new .. The fuse fit just like the original .. Don't be affraid to buy one when needed ..

  12. fupabox

    fupabox Well-Known Member

    Buy one ? yes a good idea;)..sorry my scrounging ways sometimes get the best of me.....my fuse and bulb collection will be the envy of archeologists in some distant future :D
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  13. TexAcoon

    TexAcoon Member

    YUP! .. Bought two ... for the "just in case" ...
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  14. worrall82

    worrall82 New Member

    tanks tonka and texAcoon! changed my battery yesturday for a tractor batt..
    and jumped the pos. and neg. not looking carfully...ahah
    if i did not saw this post, i would be lost.....

    here`s a link to my 1991 daihatsu hijet
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  15. TexAcoon

    TexAcoon Member

    Your welcome worrall82...
    That's what forums are all about! ..

    Glad to see this topic helped fix your electrical issue ..

    Your truck on top of the dune - YUP! Looking good! ..
  16. rwood

    rwood New Member

    New Battery/No Power/Problem Solved :>)

    A million plus one thank you's for this info......tonka & texacoon......correct and accurate down to the wrench size.......very very much appreciated.

    Happy Trails,
    rod wood
  17. TexAcoon

    TexAcoon Member

    Good deal rwood! ..

    Glad this information helped you get your mini back in order again ....
  18. david45

    david45 New Member

    Fusible Link

    Did you ever get a response? I have the same problem with my '97 and none of the usual suspects seem to work on mine. I even bought the English translations of the owners manual and electrical diagram to no avail; including the Daihatsu Help line. Any ideas?
  19. TexAcoon

    TexAcoon Member

    To be honest with you I really don't know ...

    Mine Diahatsu is a LEFT hand drive (US VERSION) verses a RIGHT (JAP VERSION) like most folks have ..

    What is my passenger seat would be your drivers seat ...
    Looking under the seat - toward the front against the sheetmetal of the truck was my fuse ...

    Sometimes it's a bit challenging to see it because of dirt and road grime ... I had to use a flashlight with a rag to do some serious looking when I found it right in front of me..

    If you don't find it .. hopefully one of the others who have your year model will provide you with the info needed ...
  20. kegoangoango

    kegoangoango Member

    S83P 4wd specifics: only one 10mm bolt holding 4wd actuator. Remove bolt and move actuator out of way. The fuse holder is mounted to the shift linkage. It's really too difficult to loosen as I tried. However with a small headed flat headed screwdriver you can push up from the very top of the spilt in the fuse. With patience it will come out.
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  21. david45

    david45 New Member

    Fusable Link

    '97 Daihatsu (JDM) After looking all over the truck and reading the Forum entries - mine turned out to be a fusable wire! One of 2 extra wires inside the conduit for the positive lead between the positive terminal and the starter.
  22. fupabox

    fupabox Well-Known Member

    Really ? wow good job finding those...do you mean just an inline fuse bundled with all the other wiring?
  23. Captain Nemo

    Captain Nemo Member

    Fusible link or another fuse in the box?

    On my S80, Jumbo.

    Engine cranks, almost starts, even seems to run weakly on one cylinder, if you work the accelerator.
    No dash warning lights, no gauges.

    Is this a symptom of fusible link?
    Truck ran just fine up until yesterday evening.

    Today around noon before going out, so I hadn't tried to start it, I was trying to find a energy source for the new radio. I really wanted to listen to Rush bad. I hit a couple of wires together, UNINTENTIONALLY, got a spark.

    Not having any joy with the radio, I decided to put Rush off until I got home. Then I tried to start the engine I got the above symptoms. I was really in a hurry, and Not paying close attention.

    The only one I did notice was the fuel gauge was dead on empty.
    We are still getting used to one another's ways.

    So I thought well if no one siphoned off my 1/2 tank of gas, I must have a leaky tank. I dumped in two gallons. Cranked, got the spotty engine wants to run if I cranked, and worked throttle, but won't fire up and run.

    After I ran my errands about 6:00pm , I came back and dumped in another couple gallons. Only when I had a full tank did I even realize that I had no dash warning lights the tach isn't lighting, and temp and fuel gauges are dead.

    Its gotta be a fuse.
    But is it the fusible link? Tonight, I'm tired, and just not up for chasing it down.

    Anyone who wants to give me a heads up I'd appreciate it.

    If someone tells me to, stand on one foot and hop around in a circle five times while singing "I believe in miracles," and repeat while reversing directions after each set until the HiJet spontaneously starts on its own, or Mr. Good Wrench appears in a cloud of rust to show me the way, I'll probably give it a go until my brain is less whipped.


  24. Captain Nemo

    Captain Nemo Member

    Rest and sleep repaired it.

    After a couple of steaks, and salads, some good wine, watched a repeat of Space Cowboys on late night Ion TV. Amazing how they could stretch that film from two hours into three. I finally turned in about 3:00am. Too many cokes earlier kept me wired until then
    This am, took a walk, came back opened the fuse panel.

    Found a 20amp fuse which the box marks as the heater was blown.
    Replaced it, system came up then blew.
    I disconnected a couple of the wires I had coupled, replaced the fuse.

    Truck started like a champ.

    Now, why is that fuse marked for the heater?:(
    There is one for the engine, a 10 amp and it and all the others were fine.:cool:


  25. Captain Nemo

    Captain Nemo Member

    Fusible Link in S80, 1992.

    Okay. So now I am in the process of repainting the little machine.

    Yesterday I hosed it down between sandings. Or did something else to aggravate its sense of self.
    Today I finish sanding some of my bondo work, and go to move it back so I can wash it one more time.

    The whole thing is as dead as King Tut's Tomb.
    No power. No lights, Nada.

    Came back and read the string on Fusible link, and went looking. Found it.
    My S80 2 wheel drive left hand drive model U.S. has it under passengers seat right behind where their knees would be.

    Hard to get to, but out in the open. Of course I have to pick the afternoon of the hottest most humid day of the year to do this.

    With appropriate wiggling, and implorations to God for a little grace here, it broke.
    Then a little more persistence and it popped out, to elude my grasp and fall down into the engine.
    With a flash light, wondering if I had failed to leave enough in the collection plate this morning I located and retrieved the red 50 amp fuse. It was definitely cooked.

    Pep Boys sells one very similar to the photo, for $2.99/, I bought two. The best way I know to avoid a repair is to have the replacement part on board. That's always the one that doesn't ever go bad again.

    I crammed the thing in, lights came on and the truck was resurrected.

    Its a good thing it didn't happen on May 21st. I'd have really been worried.

    Anyway thanks to the ones who went before for their guidance. It made an unwelcome trial into a relatively easy repair.
    Now back to the paint job.


  26. gromit

    gromit New Member

    Hi Guys, I'm just in process of completely rewiring a hijet, this was to facilitate converting from the duboius 1200cc Piagio diesel engine to the 1300 EFI motor. hence there is very little I have not had to take apart and identify. electically or mechanically. Bitch of a job but looks like I may have some answers to many questions. Seems a shame to have all that info and not share it, so shoot. will help where I can, this forum helped me with a few bits.
  27. 1 albee

    1 albee New Member

    Why did you get rid of the diesel???? My hijet is propane powered but my next choice would be diesel. I dont know much about the disel engines that power the hijet, but have always loved diesel in everything else I have owned
    1993 hijet jumbo
    sacramento, ca.
  28. hi everyone it's been a while :)

    please consider this problem -

    yesterday i took my lifted 4x4 deluxe hijet van down a really bumpy road by accident and then it stalled.

    Turns out the negative battery terminal (i.e. the part that goes on the negative battery post) was loose. So we fixed that but it still didn't start. At this point I still had headlights, stereo etc. but then I pulled the 2 fuses under the drivers' seat (60A main fuse not 50A bc of A/C and 30A fuse for lamp, etc).

    but now when I put them back I get nothing.

    Any ideas are welcome. In a way I'm a noob but I've solved everything in the past few years with your help. Now, I have the electrical diagram for the main circuit and it says there are "fusible links" before these fuses that I pulled. So, should I check these and if so how I can find them?

    thanks everyone
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2012
  29. update - i brought the battery in and my nascar charger said it was at 40%...that should be enough at least for lights yes?
  30. Captain Nemo

    Captain Nemo Member

    You didn't say if it would crank or not?

    if not, is the solenoid clicking?



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